Volume 4 Chapter 3-1: Hemp


「Sorry lad, for taking the four gold as well…that’s a half month of profit for me.」

「Well it’s an appropriate price. Of course I would have to pay a certain value in order to do business in such a location.」

「Okay alright! Then for the next two days ya can do as you please.」

I was paying 2 gold per day to get a location right next to the rich district. The shop-keep was also strangely macho.

In the commercial city Erin, there were many people who wanted to open a store. Even if you only wanted to open a stall you needed an expensive title deed. You couldn’t buy such a prime spot even if you threw money at it.

Erucy’s business was irregular in that it would only take 3 days in a month so it wasn’t worth the price to obtain a deed, and even if we did apply it would take too long to get approval.

That’s why I called out to shops in good locations that didn’t seem to be making much profit. I asked for two days of business rights and was finally able to find this spot.

「So, what will ya be selling lad?」

「Something like sugar, delicious snacks, and some alcohol.」

「Yer’ selling high class stuff boy, well it’s good to stretch yer wings.」

「And so I’d like to give you a small gift for our acquaintance.」

I smiled and took out some Erucy wine before offering it to him.

「Well that’s mighty kind. Can I take a sip right here?」

「Go ahead, please tell me your opinion.」

「Well then, I won’t be holding back.」

He took a hearty swig of the bottle and downed nearly half of it in a single go.

「Damn that’s good. I’ll pay cash so could ya sell me some? One bottle ain’t enough for me. Here, how much can I get for this?」

He asked and held out 20 silver.

「I’d advise you to stop. This is high quality alcohol for rich people so just a bottle is 20 silver.」

「Ahh, well that’s a bit tough for my income…but, it’s worth the price…damn you should’ve told me first…I would have drank it more carefully. Still, give me one more!」

「Well I don’t mind….but is it alright?」

「Yeah, today’s my wedding anniversary. I thought it’d be nice if I brought some home to my wife. Just this half a bottle ain’t enough for the two of us, plus we gotta be fancy once in a while. I got some extra cash too.」

I smiled and handed him the new bottle and accepted his payment.

「Have a nice night.」

「Sure will. Ah, are you married too boy?」

「Well I did just recently. I came here to get supplies and items for the ceremony. Once I head back to my home we’ll definitely have the ceremony.」

「I hope yer business goes well. Do your best in both business and your home life. If yer wife gets hold of the reigns in the marriage they’ll never let go…」

I smiled wryly and transcribed the permit while also getting his contact info in case I needed the real article at some point. Finally I had him introduce me to the best tailors in town, but I couldn’t help but laugh when I saw it was the same store we had bought our clothes in on the last trip here.


「Chief I’m sick of waiting in lines…」

「Yeah. We got to Erin a little after noon, but the sun is almost about to set. I should have gone ahead with Cyril too…」

Roleau and the rest had finally gotten through the line and the customs check to enter the city.

We had been taxed 2 gold to bring in our goods. We had brought 150 bottles of maple syrup and 50 bottles of Erucy Wine. The tariff was all for the alcohol.

Two gold for tariffs, 10 copper each for standard tax rates, and renting a stall cost another 4 gold. So everything cost us over 6 gold which was quite a lot of money for just starting to do business.

If we add the accommodation fee for 2 nights and 3 days, we will be in the red if we don’t earn 12 gold coins (720,000 yen) within 3 days.

We used the same inn as last time so stabling the carriage was included in the costs.

Although it was expensive there, they provided a warehouse, took care of the horses, and had good food and perfect service. I didn’t feel like choosing another inn.

This time we have 3 rooms. Me, Lucy, Kuu in one, then Gray Firefox Rera and Kona in another, and finally Roleau.

I had considered dividing rooms based on male and female, but to be honest I’d much rather stay with Kuu and Lucy than with Roleau.

「So Cyril-kun. What are you going to do today?」

「First, I’ll order food. I’ll be gone til the evening for the next two days so I’ll have them deliver it. Then I’ll go to a clothing store. I have to buy Lucy and Kuu’s wedding dresses and some clothes for Roleau.」

When I said that, Lucy and Kuu’s eyes glittered. Both of them like fashion, so I think they are looking forward to their wedding dresses.

「Oi Chief, I understand why you’re getting the wedding dresses, but why are you getting me clothes?」

「Well even if you stand around in that outfit you won’t sell anything. Don’t you remember what I said before we left? Bring your best outfit on the carriage and change into right before we enter Erin.」

Following my instructions Lucy and Kuu had brought along the high quality outfits I had bought for them and wore them, Rera was wearing one of the good outfits that I had bought for the Fire Foxes, and Kona was wearing a nice outfit crafted out of the new cloth I bought before winter hit but she looked a bit countrified.

Except for Kona, everyone was gathering attention because of how beautiful they looked.

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