Volume 1 Chapter 33 From ((Dragon Knight)) to Full-Fledged ((Carrier))


Translator: “Pink Tea” Editor: ”Ryunakama”

After releasing dragon knight’s skills and collecting the remains of the ancient dragon into the transportation bag I head for the hill slightly removed from the battlefield.

 At the strategy meeting prior to the battle, we agreed that that would be the place to assemble the wounded. I was wondering if it went as we discussed but—


 From the high-ground came the running Marion, with bandages at various parts of her body.

「Oh, Marion? Are your wounds from fighting the dragon going to be fine with you running so hard?」

「Y-Yes. The wounds were shallow and I already received treatment from the members of Starlight. Kaufmann-san is also over there.」

 Saying that she looked in the direction from which she ran from.

 There was Dort, wrapped heavily in bandages, and Starlight members, who were attending him.

 Everyone is waving their hands energetically. A shade of fatigue can be seen on their faces but they look fine.

「Well, for the time being, you appear to be safe.」

「Truly so. It’s all thanks to you that we pulled through it with zero losses. Thank you.」

 Having said that, Marion bowed down. After then—

「And, this. We recovered this on our way here. I feel a tremendous power from it… It’s yours, right?」

 She took the engraved sword out of her correspondence box.

 That was the dragon knight’s sword that I just threw.

「Oh, thank you. I thought about collecting it later, thank you for picking it up.」

 I tried to take the sword from her hands—


 And noticed that for the last few seconds she was moving her lips as if she was hesitating to say something.

「Hm? What’s wrong?」

「Ah, nothing, I just thought that Axel-san really was 《Invisible Dragon Knight》. I had a hard time confirming it before, but looking at your movements from earlier I understood that you were the real one. …Although I totally can’t understand why you became a《Carrier》…」

 She says that a bit nervously.

 I don’t know what she is so nervous about, but for starters, I say, while receiving the sword—

「Well, it might be a bit difficult to explain. For now, I’ll just say that after defeating the Demon Lord I had to resign as a dragon knight, so I underwent an ordinary job change.」

 I just normally answered Marion’s question. Then—


 Her eyes became wide open.

「Huh? Did I say something strange?」

 I simply said that I went through a normal job change. What is she so shocked about? And as I was wondering—

「Ehm, you know, Axel-san. I know I was the one who asked so it might be a strange thing for me to say but——Aren’t you talking about important events of the past WAY TOO CASUALLY?!」

 She told me in a pretty loud voice.

「I simply answered since you asked. And it’s pretty trivial details.」

 It’s not like I revealed my status and neither did I say anything important or rude. What she is so puzzled about?

「Trivial… Normally one wouldn’t be able to talk about having to resign from the high-tier job?!」

「Eh, really?」

 Well, I do think that it’s something I wouldn’t talk about unless I was asked, but.

 Isn’t it a topic one can freely discuss if questions about it came up?

 And when I said so—

「I didn’t think that there was such a difference in our perception of the importance of this topic… Yes, considering your positive character, I should have just asked you straight about it during the work.」

 After dropping her shoulder with resignation, Marion took a deep breath.

 And looked at my face with a fresh expression.

「……Well, right. Whether Axel-san was the invisible dragon knight or not, for us you are Axel-san the《Carrier》. Calling it a trivial detail isn’t wrong.」

 Looks like she regained her composure. Well, if she acted all depressed it would be hard to talk, so it’s more than welcome.

「Ah, that’s right. Speaking of《Carriers》, my current request was supposed to be my final training, right? I’m thankful for the experience, but aren’t there too many irregular factors to it? …Does it count as success?」

 The original request was to work as the support role in the extermination of large scale magic beasts, in fact, the beasts are no more, but asked if I acted my part in that as a transporter then it’s somewhat questionable.

 Thinking so, I asked, then—

「Fufu, to be concerned about something like that after defeating a dragon. You really take your transportation work seriously.」

「Well, I’m a《Carrier》after all. Since the city and the people are okay, I would worry about that.」

 When I answered so, Marion showed a powerless smile and shook her head in exaggerated movements.

「Of course, and it’s a great success. I already heard the story from Starlight’s members during the treatment, and I cannot evaluate your performance in any other way.」

「Oh, I see.」

 There were a lot of irregular circumstances, so I’m glad that my final training as a carrier was acknowledged to be successful. And as I thought that, Marion took a ring out of her pocket.

「Here, this is a present for you. S rank Guild『Sagittarius』’s certification ring.」

「Certification ring?」

「Yes. This is the ring, we, S rank guild, transportation guild『Sagittarius』give to accomplished individuals with transportation-type jobs, whom we acknowledge. ……Though, considering your outlandish strength, it is a bit of a wild talk for me speak of acknowledging Axel-san.」

 After laughing mischievously, she, with a serious expression, stares at the ring.

「But with this, your transportation abilities won’t be doubted. I don’t know how you will act hereafter, but please, feel free to use it for your backing.」

「Are you sure about giving me such a nice thing?」

 To my question, Marion responds with a delightful look.

「Of course! Congratulations on your graduation, Axel-san. Now you are a fine transporter, perfectly ready to stand on his own.」

 Thus, it seems that I have grown as a carrier to the stage where I can act independently.

 Which brought me extremely close to the original goal I had since the very first day of the job change, life in travel.



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