Volume 1 Epilogue: A full-fledged ((Carrier)) is being relied upon


Translator: “Pink Tea” Editor: ”Ryunakama”

Two days have passed since the ancient dragon attack.

 While the center of the city was heavily devastated, it seems that they were used to attacks from monsters, so the repair was advancing quickly.

 As a result, in just a few days, they succeeded in restoring the overall look of the city.

 Merchants guilds and even adventurer guilds were providing help in assembling materials, a number of requests for craftsmen were circulating, despite the catastrophe, the town was full of life.

 Among all that, I stood in front of the Sagittarius store with the transportation bag in my hand.

 Beside me was Berzelia and to the opposite of us were Marion and Dort.

「Axel-san, since you took this request, it means that you are going to leave already?」

 While saying that, she was holding the request form for the current work. The contents are delivery of goods to『the City of Water』, and providing combat support to the group until we reach the town that serves as a relay point.

 And red letters on it were stating《Disband on-site》.

「I wanted to take a proper look at『the City of Water』once. They also say that seafood there is pretty good, so I wanted to try it as well. ——And so, this request is completed upon delivery of the package?」

「Yes, this package has a spell on it that allows confirmation of the delivery. As soon as you transport it to the destination, the magic will be canceled, so there is no problem with leaving on the journey after that. However, if you are going on a journey, I think it would be better if you packed a somewhat large amount of provision in your transportation bag.」

「No problem there. I have enough provision packed to last us three months.」

 And I also had packed there gold and dragon knight’s weapons from our house, which was a bit broken after the last attack on the city.

「We’ve taken everything we could use, so we are perfectly good with our preparations.」

「Axel-san is responsible so I wasn’t really worried about that. Well… It will be a bit lonely.」

 To Marion’s words, Dort, who was standing next to her, heavily nods.

「Umu! Truly so. Thinking that the Flying Carrier is leaving the City of Stars fills me with mixed emotions. However, this is also a happy departure that marks a new beginning, I will celebrate it, Axel-kun.」

「Haha, thank you. Well, it’s not like I will never come back, so I will come again. …And I’m really in your debt. Thank you for giving me your support after I just changed my job.」

 When I expressed my gratitude, Marion and Dort looked at each other with awkward smiles.

「Fufu, it’s us who are indebted to you.」

「Umu, you really saved us with the dragon. ——And, it’s a little late, but I’ll give you this. These are the profits from the scales of the ancient dragon that you gave me to use in repairing the city.」

 What Dort pulled out was a leather bag packed to the brim with money.

「Isn’t this a whole fortune? Are you sure?」

「What are you saying! What’s wrong about you, the one who took it down receiving a fortune. Besides, I spent plenty of money from it on the repair of the city… It was a really big one after all. And we still have a lot left for sale. It was on a level when we couldn’t get it off our hands all at once.」

「Hee, so after all, quite a lot of parts that could be sold remained.」

 My skill completely erased the upper half of the dragon body, but it seems that it fetched a lot of money anyway. While I was thinking that maybe I should have picked them up during the war with the Demon King, Dort pointed at the bag filled with money.

「So, here is an idea. I would like to give you your profits in the future as well… Only if it’s fine with you, but how about creating an account for you at my Merchants Guild Gemini and depositing the remaining funds there? What do you think? If you are fine with it I can handle all of the paper work.」

「Yeah, your guild was also doing some bank-like stuff.」

 Most of the reward for defeating the demon lord was given in gold, so what I couldn’t carry away was entrusted to the royal capital and could be delivered upon contacting, because of that I completely forgot about creating an account.

 It doesn’t matter which guild I’m going to pick for that, but since he will take care of formalities, let’s roll with it.

「Then, please do.」

「Understood. Then, this is the verification card for your account. Don’t lose it. A picture would be needed to reissue it.」

 Nodding, Dort handed me over a single card.

「……Uncle Dort, could it be that you already prepared this in advance?」

「Using my power as a submaster a bit. If you were to decline I would have made it like I never created one, so please forgive me. I thought that this would be smoother and thus better.」

「Well, I’m not really convinced… But it’s time for departure. Receiving it immediately like this really helps.」

「I’m glad that you think so. We have branches in most cities of this country, so when you need to withdraw funds you will be able to do it almost anywhere. And beside this card, there is something else that I want to give you…」

 After saying that, Dort once again stuck his hand into his pocket and pulled out a small rod.

 Then, he pointed at the ring that I received from Sagittarius.

「……Axel-kun, can you bring the ring over here?」

「Yeah, sure.」

 When I turned the ring to him, Dort pressed with the small rod on the metal part. Then, in that area appeared a mark that looked like two hands locked in a handshake.

「This… There are more emblems now?」

「This is the mark of approval of my S rank Guild, Gemini. This is proof that we guarantee your ability, it will serve as a tool to prove your capability.」

「Eeh, so your place was also an S rank Guild.」

「Umu, that’s right. Both Sagittarius and Gemini are a pride of this country, two of the twelve S rank guilds, that are said to be closest to the Gods——Cardinal guilds. And among them, two recognized you as an excellent carrier, so no matter which town or which guild you go to, you won’t be turned away.」

「Are you serious? My sincere thanks, both of you.」

 Not only did they teach me on my work, but they also provided me with such amazing gifts. I’ve really got good support. And as I thought how nice it was, the church bells slowly tolled eight.

 It’s eight o’clock.

 It’s about time, I pushed everything I received into the transportation bag. And—

「Time for a meeting for this request is near. I will be going to the east gate… Goodbye, you two.」

 Although I was a bit reluctant to say goodbye, but along with Berzelia I tried to head out for the next request, however—

「Ah, wait, Axel-san. The meet up is here.」

 Marion stopped me with those words.

「 Hm? What do you mean?」

 Since I didn’t understand what she meant, I made a question, to which she laughed a bit mischievously.

「Because the ones who made that request were Kauffman-san and I.」


「We snuck our way into the current request. Thinking that would be the most comfortable route for you.」

 While wondering what they are talking about, I looked at Dort’s face. Then, he showed a pleased expression and nodded.

「Eh, for real, you are the two who made this?」

 I took a good look at the contract form, where the name of the client was stated.

 But nothing was specified there other than that it came from the merchants guild. That’s why I asked once again, to which Marion gave an explanation with a smile.

「Yes, and we do have a good reason for it. We are going to buy the supplies required to make repairs at the City of Stars.」

「Umu! And we also didn’t want to bid farewell to you. So we thought that we can accompany you, at least for a short while until we reach the relay town on the way to the City of Water. And if we cover for cooking, then it also can serve as a celebration for your departure!」

 Dort being Dort said those words forcefully and gave a thumbs up.

 Looks like those two intend to help me until I leave on my journey.

「This is a bit of a surprise present, huh. ——Well, since that’s the case, let’s travel together part of the way.」

 To my words, Marion and Dort reply with delighted expressions.

「Yes, we will be in your care, Axel-san.」

「We are counting on your support, Axel-kun.」

「Haha, Got it. ——I shall fulfill my part as a carrier.」

 And after a casual exchange with Marion and Dort, we head for the eastern gate that was connected with the road that led to the City of Water. At that time, Berzelia who walked beside me while also having a happy expression, said to me.

「Master, you look kinda happy.」

「Well. Well, it’s not like I consider my previous job to be a bad one. ——But I think that the job of a《Carrier》is a really fun one.」

 And so, along with lively comrades, I leave the City of Stars.



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