Volume 2 Chapter 35: Saki side, To Satisfy Desire


Translator: “Pink Tea” Editor: ”Ryunakama”

Saki shook her leg as if to confirm the feeling of the boots she created with her own magic.

「Hm, so that’s about it after all. No problem.」

 The greaves didn’t have even a scratch on them and neither did her legs take any damage. Which means nothing could hinder her in what she was about to do.

「Good grief, just when I thought that after surveying the beach and lightly checking the sea I finally will be done with this observation task and will be able to cling to Axel as much as I want, chatting and filling my brain with his scent…… But you really, really have to do this.」

 After saying this much Saki sighed and let out a series of eerie laughs.

「Well, they say that obstacles make love stronger, so I’m fine with this. ……But anyway, no one got heavily injured, right?」

 Saki looked over her shoulder.

 There was the officer in charge of the team that she pulled out of the water a short while ago, who was now staring blankly at her—

「Eh…? You smashed that rock……?」

 He seems to be completely stunned. If he is going to just stand there like an idiot it might be a problem for me, so I called out to him once again.

「Hello? Can you escape?」

「Ah… Y-YES!」

「Good then. Then, everyone, please get out of here as fast as possible, I will shatter all of the incoming rocks.」

 Hearing that, the officer in charge and even all of the crew lowered their heads.

「S-sorry, Hero. We will do as you say.」

「No need to apologize. For now please focus on escaping.」

「Y-yes——Hero! Above!!」

 As we were speaking, the stone rain once again came upon us.

 Saki was about to raise her leg to intercept it, but before she could do that— 

「——【Enchant・Fire Punch】(Dragon’s flaming fist)!」

 Berzelia jumped high into the air and knocked away the boulder with a giant blazing fist.

「Hehe, you should pay more attention, Lysnoir.」

 And spouted this with a bright smile after landing next to me.

「I could defend even without looking, so it wasn’t even a problem Dragon Monarch Hydra.」

「I wonder. Ah, everyone, run away, run away.」

「Y-yes. Understood. Please be careful……!」

 Now, prompted by Berzelia’s words, sailors finally ran away towards the port. For the time being it looks like we sent everyone that was in the sea towards the town.

 …To be honest I also would like to hurry to the town and meet up with Axel, but…

 With those thoughts, Saki shifted her gaze from the running sailors to Berzelia that stood beside her. And then fanned herself.

「But my goodness, it’s really hot. I might get sweaty. I’m not really fond of hot places.」

「Eeh, is that so. My fire and your ice really have bad compatibility. Complete opposites, just like always.」

「Oh my? I don’t have particular complaints about compatibility though. My ice won’t melt with such puny flames.」

「……What a coincidence! My flames also won’t lose to such weak frost!」

 And after glaring at each other with smiles, they both snorted at the same time.

「Since we both have no issues with our abilities there is only one thing for us to do. Dragon Monarch Hydra.」

「Yeah, one thing. I can completely agree with you on that. Lysnoir.」

 And then, both of them faced forward.

 Saki crashed into the frozen sea with her boot, hitting a couple of times, as if probing.

 And Berzelia bumped her fists that are enveloped in flames together.

 After finishing their respective battle preparations they looked at the enemy and incoming stone projectiles, and showed full-blown grins—

「Stomp the hindrance in front of me that is an obstacle to me meeting Axel!」

「Knock out the hindrance in front of me that blocks me from going to Master!」

 Produced roar-like shouts.

 Then, one after another they knocked away incoming stone projectiles, Saki with her boots of ice and Berzelia with burning fists.



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