Volume 2 Chapter 36: Arrival of the Awaited One


Translator: “Pink Tea” Editor: ”Ryunakama”

The bullet-crushing competition by Saki and Berzelia continued even after approaching the city.

「Yes, I destroyed another one. Now I’ve shot down fifty of them!」

「Oh my, how few. I’m already past sixty.」

「…Ahaha, don’t get so full of yourself over a mere dozen of difference, Lysnoir, I still can continue.」

「…It’s not a number to get all triumphant about anyway. Yup, since it’s still going to grow.」

Both had no injuries. And there is no problem stamina-wise if all they going to do is crush them. Meanwhile—

「W-wow……Those two are breaking all of the stones coming towards the city while chatting……」

Such voices could be heard.

The town residents and the crew from the survey ship were now hiding behind the sturdy walls in the harbor. Looks like everyone managed to evacuate to the city without anyone falling into the sea.

But the fact that they could hear voices of the townsfolk meant that the black tortoise has come that close to the city—

「Hmm, since it seems that everyone safely reached the city, how about we switch to the offense? But Dragon Monarch Hydra, don’t get too far ahead.」

「I know even without you telling me!」

After hearing Berzelia’s response Saki replied 「Good」, and went forward herself.

Leaving the crushing of incoming rock bullets to Berzelia, Saki gracefully raised her leg high and—

「【Freeze・Grand Field】(Ultra wide range freeze).」

Along with those words she slammed the sea surface with her foot.

A moment later and the sea was frozen.

But instead of creating a mere trail of ice, all of the sea surface in the wide area in front of her was now frozen.

Cliffs that touched the sea also turned in glaciers. And naturally—


The black tortoise, that was pressing through the sea, was no exception and was enclosed in ice.

As its whole body was frozen, the magic formations that shot rock bullets also ceased to exist.

Seeing that—

「Th-They did it! They defeated the black tortoise……!!!」

「…Whoa… That scale… And power…」

「This is the hero’s magic…」

Then, many shouts of relief, joy, and admiration resounded.

They likely thought that the battle is over. But—

「…No, it’s not enough.」

「Yup, it’s a bit too big.」

Saki and Berzelia didn’t lose their focus.

「Heh… ?」

The moment the people of the city raised their voices while looking at the two—


The ice on the head of the black tortoise cracked.

Not only that, but the ice covering the shell also shattered and the magic circles became active again.

「No way! After taking that it’s still alive!!!」

With the scream-like shouts of the town folk in the background, Saki calmly analyzed.

「Only the surface was frozen. It didn’t reach the insides. I guess at best this can hinder it. The ancient monsters like this black tortoise have a core deep inside of its shell, but we cannot suspend it for long enough to break it.」 「Wha… What…」

A cold sweat showed up on the faces of the city’s residents when they heard Saki’s words.

「So unless the shell is broken there is no chance to win…」

「Yes. In other words, the scope alone is not enough, we need more firepower. This ancient monster is a little bit sturdy.」

「How can it be… If it’s impossible even for a hero… What should we do then…」

Despair could be seen on the faces of the people in the port. However—

「There is no need to lament like that.」


Saki and Berzelia were completely calm.

As for Saki, she still had an option of permanently freezing the ancient monster, but that would also mean to some degree of sacrifice in this whole area. However, there was no need to produce such damage. Because—

「He will come soon, the one who carries the victory.」


And at the same time that people started questioning those words, a figure fell from the sky.

That was the person they’ve been waiting for—

「Fufu, so you came after all—— Axel, we’ve been waiting for you.」

「Master, here, here.」

「Ah, I kept you two waiting……!」

Axel descended with the sword and spear in his hands, just like the old times, but unlike then, now he also had a transportation bag with him.



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