Volume 2 Chapter 8 Hero’s Actions Generally Unpredictable


Translator: “Pink Tea” Editor: ”Ryunakama”

After finishing a request in the City of Water, I returned to the pirate’s inn, and while drinking tea in the corner of the first floor, was studying the map.

「The road before this river was easy to pass.」

「It’s more of a roof than a road though. But sure, it was wide enough even for me to jump without any problem, and I was able to take some run-up distance.」

And in such a fashion Berzelia and I were recalling the roads we took while referencing the city map.

It’s very easy to remember the roads in the city this way.

「It’s not as complex as the City of Stars, but due to its sheer size, it might be better to learn it a bit better by taking some more requests or walks.」

「Yes. Ah, I saw them baking delicious bread at this house.」

「Oh, that’s good information. Let’s make a note of it.」

Departure can wait until we went through landmarks, specialties, and delicious food of this city to our heart’s content.

It feels very nice finding such points during walks or work.

And such peculiar stores are also useful for grasping the position of structures relative to each other, so it’s killing two birds with one stone. And as I was placing a mark on the map while having such thoughts—


Chimed the bells attached to the entrance door of the bar.

Looks like another customer came.

Casting a sidelong glance at the new guest, it appeared to be a petite person in kimono, a type of clothes loved in the eastern region, across the seas. Although the face concealed with a black hood made the person look a bit suspicious.

……It’s a port town after all. All sorts of people can show up.

And after I gave it a passing thought that this as well is something rare for the City of Stars and tried to resume my conversation with Berzelia. That moment.

「——There is a carrier named Axel here, right?」

A woman’s voice was heard from the counter.

When I turned to take a look, the woman in kimono, that just entered, was talking with an employee at the bar and then began to turn towards me.

「Do you need something? More or less I’m the carrier named Axel…?」

Since she seemed to be looking at me I decided to respond, then, the woman in the black hood started to tremble.

And in unison with that trembling, her black hair that revealed itself from under the hood began to float up.

「Huh? You are——」

「——Aah, so you are. That《Carrier》that goes by the name of Axel …!」

Then, she took off the hood and with eyes full of power began approaching me at a fast pace.

「——Boss! Marion-san! The hero of magic came to our store!」

While Marion and Lilac were having a discussion in the private room of the pirate’s inn, they received such a report from a member of the Marine Guild that suddenly came into the room.

「Wha, What did you say?!」


Surprised, Marion and Lilac jumped off their chairs involuntarily. After all, it was contradicting the previous information.

「Wait a second. I didn’t get any reports about her coming back to the city? It was just yesterday that she went out on a civilian ship!」

The eyebrows of the man who came with the report jumped up after he heard her words.

「T-That is. According to the report from the person in the harbor… It seems that she froze the sea and came back by walking on ice. And just like that she went to hand over the merchant group, that was involved in fraud, to the city guards.」

「She froze the sea and walked on it? Heroes really like doing unpredictable stuff! And on top of that, she came here?! How was she able to pinpoint his location in less than two days…!」

With a frown, Lilac was grinding her teeth. It’s her we are talking about. She surely was suppressing information seriously. The fact that the hero of magic came here must be baffling to her.

But there was no time to think about that mystery.

「More importantly, are you positive that she is at this inn?」

「Yes! When I received the message and came here, she already was in front of the store.」

「Then, she is inside—?!」

Marion said, but feeling a sudden tremble she stopped.

This is to be expected.

On the other side of the door was a corridor leading into the hall of the bar. From there, a dreadful chill crept its way inside of the room.

Furthermore, something akin to a black mist was visible on the other side of the door.

「Just… What…Is…That?」

「It’s the spell of the hero of magic…」

Said Lilac, who was covered in goosebumps.

「You are familiar with it?」

「Yes. I have seen it several times at a guard station. It seems that the hero of magic has the skill that allows her to emit magic power in this way when she gets agitated. According to her own words, the stronger her emotions get the wider the area along which this gets scattered, it often could be seen when she throws her rage at villains.」

According to Lilac’s explanation, this black stuff means nothing good.

And if this has reached all the way over here—

「She must be getting very emotional, I guess… 」

「So it seems… 」

Receiving such a reply, Marion exchanged glances with Lilac. Then, both nodded at the same time.

「Let’s go to the hall!」

「Yes. A trouble brewing right in front of our noses. And it’s related to our important guest, we have to stop this……!」

Axel is a former dragon knight and although he is extremely strong at the moment he is a carrier.

And the hero of magic is a combatant that viciously beats bad guys. A battle would be quite dangerous.

But that is why—

……We have to stop it.

I cannot allow my benefactor to get hurt.

With that feeling shared by Marion and Lilac, they rushed out of the private room and went through the corridor to the bar’s hall, reaching the door leading there they put their hands on it—

「——Axel-san! We came to assist you!」

「Axel-san, are you okay?!」

And with that momentum burst through the door leading to the hall.

And there—

「Axel! Axel!! Finally, I finally met you——!!」

A dainty black-haired girl, who emitted sparkling and twirling black magical power, was hugging Axel with a full-blown grin on her face.

「Oh, long time no see. But it’s dangerous to jump at people with so much force, Saki.」

「That’s right! You are clinging to master too much, hero of magic!」

And then there was Axel, who was looking at her awkwardly. And also Berzelia, who was angrily puffing her cheeks.



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