Volume 2 Prologue: Fang’s Side, Chasing Hero


Translator: “Pink Tea” Editor: ”Ryunakama”

  A few days after the ancient dragon attacked the City of Stars, on the evening of one of the days.

 At the heart of the city was Fang, covered with a hood.

「I came to check because of the attack by an ancient dragon, but it seems to be mostly repaired already.」

 While observing the city in the process of recovery, Fang muttered to himself.

 It would be a problem if a somewhat intelligent enemy were to attack the weakened area, so I came with full battle gear, but looking at how lively the place is it seems it was unnecessary.

 …At the merchants guild, when asked if they needed help, they laughed and replied that it’s fine. I’m glad that it didn’t turn into a serious matter.

 With such thoughts, Fang headed for Axel’s house. That was because he received reports stating that it was Axel who settled the matter with an ancient dragon.

「The matter was solved in a very short time due to efforts from《Flying Carrier》 Axel Granz… When that report came I almost choked. Good gracious, he doesn’t change at all, even with a different job…」

 Hearing of an ancient dragon attack, I started to prepare for departure, by no means did I expect that I will receive the report of it being resolved even before I finish my preparations.

 Laughing bitterly while recalling that, Fang finally reached Axel’s residence.

 Today, he brought top-quality alcohol from the capital city as a gift.

 I hope he will like it.

「Goood eevening. Axel-san!」

 Fang knocked on the door of Axel’s house.

 However, there is no response.


 The presence can be felt inside the house, but no one would show up.

 According to the stories, he is active enough to receive the nickname of Flying Carrier, could it be that he is working inside, and then—

「Ehm… How may I help you?」

 A woman opened the door.

「Eeeeh? Excuse me, but who are you?」

 It’s an unfamiliar face. But she does not appear like a thief as well. So Fang asked, and the woman replied in a nervous but firm tone—

「I-I’m Kohaku from the transportation guild… Sagittarius. I provide Axel-san assistance in his… work. As a part of that assistance, I manage his house while he is away at work.」

 Among the lines spoken by the woman who introduced herself as Kohaku, Fang heard some familiar words. That is—

「Oh. A person from one of the twelve cardinal guilds《Sagittarius of Transport》?」

「Oh, you’ve heard about us?」

「Of course. Due to the nature of my service, I studied the guilds vital for this country.」

 Back in the hero’s days, I didn’t have much time to worry about this, but after I started acting as a military adviser I became quite informed about this country. Naturally, I had knowledge of the twelve cardinal guilds that had the duty of protecting the cities.

「…Still, I see. As expected of Axel-san. Even though there are few transportation guilds, he managed to create connections to the most splendid one among them.」

「N-no, no, we are greatly indebted to him as well. Honestly… he performed way beyond the limits of the beginner-tier. This city was also saved thanks to him. I offered to look over his house because I wanted to repay that favor.」

 Her words confirmed that the report received by Fang wasn’t mistaken.

 Even with the beginner-tier job he just doesn’t change—

「……By the way, what is your relationship with Axel-kun?」

 Was the question that came next. Indeed, we already entered a conversation, but I revealed nothing about my origins.

「I am sorry. I didn’t introduce myself… I’m Fang, formerly, as a hero, I used to be Axel-san comrade in arms.」

 Fang answered, taking off the hood. Which made Kohaku open her mouth wide—

「T-That face and that name, could it be that you are the Hero of the Holy Sword…?!」

 While surprised, she asked to confirm.

「Oh, you also heard about me?」

「O-of course. The names of the heroes have been announced to the public, and with the exception of some people, faces also were shown a number of times.」

「Ahahah… Well, I had some moderate degree of publicity. I am flattered to be recognized by you. Though to be honest, I think it would be more appropriate if Axel-san received more of the attention… Well, that aside, where is Axel-san? From this exchange I understood that he is out for work, so he isn’t in this area?」

 What’s important right now isn’t me but the whereabouts of Axel-san. So, when I inquired, Kohaku replied in a small nod.

「Yes. Due to his work, Axel-san departed for the City of Water, Sylvestre. I think he won’t be coming back for a while.」


 This time it was Fang’s turn to open his eyes wide, raising a loud voice.

「Is, something wrong?」

「The City… Of Water…? He really went there?」

「Y-Yes. Without a doubt, he did. Already a few days have passed since then. …Is there some problem with it?」

 For a few seconds, Fang hesitated on how he should answer—

「There is no problem with that. But at the moment, that woman is in the City of Water——The hero of【Magic】, so it’s in a bit of an uproar. So I wondered if it really was okay.」

 Fang remembered.

 The hero of magic was even more attached to the《Dragon Knight》Axel than himself.

 …Yes. I don’t think any troubles will occur, but just in case, maybe I should head over there as well.

 And since I now knew where he is I also would like to deliver him liquor. I don’t think I can catch up with Axel-san movements, but at least I’ll try.

 And concluding so, Fang thanked Kohaku and left the City of Stars.



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      He at least recognizes that he has a fixation of sorts on Axel, given his comment that the Hero of Water is even worse than he is in that regard.

      He’s been reasonable about it so far.
      He only showed up in the first couple of chapters, and went on his way after Axel got settled in.
      So whatever the actual type of attachment, it’s not at stalkerish levels.

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