Volume 3 Chapter 5: Encounter in the City


Translator: “Pink Tea” Editor: ”Ryunakama”

「Each building around here is quite huge.」

That was my first impression upon entering the district neighboring the God Tree.

While the outer district had lots of small houses or shops standing next to each other, giving off a lively impression, in the inner district the lively atmosphere was brought down a notch, as it felt that the number of more refined buildings were here.

「Well. The God Tree researchers or complex housing for the staff from the magic science guild are located in the vicinity of the God Tree, along with the people who set their eyes on the God Tree in the ancient times and took residence here. And I guess some of the rich people, who want to live where the God Tree’s blessing is the strongest.」

「I see. ……But it feels that even inside of the buildings there is hardly any human presence, it that how it is usually?」

「No, it’s usually pretty quiet here, but not this quiet. There is usually a kind of mild and harmonious atmosphere of which there is none right now……」

Only a few sounds of daily life can be heard in the surroundings. Berzelia, that walked behind us, strained her senses, but—

「Even my ears hardly pick up anything. It looks like no one is walking around this area.」

「Same as Hydra. I don’t dislike such silence, but this is bizarre.」

It looks like they can’t pick up any signs of human presence either.

……Cecile and George seem to be completely baffled, what is going on here.

While thinking so, I once again set my course on the God Tree.

That moment.


In front of us.

From the shadows of an alley adjacent to this street resounded a voice. Furthermore—

「Ahead of here, is a DEAD END…!!!」

With clanging noise, from the alley appeared a four-legged beast of grey steel.

「—?! Is that the metal monster that the merchant was talking about? ……Could it be some kind of golem?」

「I feel dangerous magic from it……!」

Seeing it Cecile and George promptly readied their weapons.

Indeed, a dense magic power was coiling around the metal quadruped beast with something like metal spears floating near it.

You can’t blame them for being cautious. However—


From our point of view that metal beasts weren’t something to be wary of. And it seems it was the same for the other party as well.

「Ah……? That voice and face, could it possibly be……!」

With those words, the metal beasts dropped the spears that were floating near it on the ground and approached us.

In turn, I did the same.

「Eh, wha, Axel-san?! It’s dangerous………」

「No, it’s probably okay.」

Saying that I and the beast stared at each other for a few seconds.

「Yes! As I thought!」

Came a cheerful voice from the metal beast— Or actually, from inside of the metal armor.

Following those words the armor started to fall apart, soon revealing its contents. Then—

「My dear friend! Isn’t it my dear friend Axel—?!」

Someone jumped out of the metal armor and grabbed my shoulders.

「Yeah. Seems that the armor was you, the hero of training, Daisy.」

With the physique of about a half-sized fox and a shining jewel on its chest, the yellow four-legged animal, carbuncle— It was the hero of training herself.



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