Volume 3 Chapter 7: Inside the God Tree


Translator: “Pink Tea” Editor: ”Ryunakama”

With Sidonius in the lead, we walk towards the God Tree.

With Daisy on my shoulder, I listen to the chat between Sidonius and Cecile who walk beside me.

「—But you guys didn’t tell Axel-san even a thing about me until now?」

「Well, yeah. We didn’t want him to think that we gained anything by using your position.」

「That’s right. And even though we didn’t mention our old man at all, Axel-san still took good care of us.」

Hearing their words Sidonius came closer to me and slightly bowed.

「……To think those two brats would get this attached to you. Looks like they received a great favor from you, Axel-san. Let me thank you again.」

「No, I just followed my task, no need to lower your head.」

「You took good care of my precious children, let me do at least this much. Later on, I will compensate you for that work.」

Though polite, he still enforces his will.

This somewhat stubborn attitude reminds me of the people that filled commanding positions during the war. They also had a formal and stiff aura to them, I thought, and replied to Sidonius with a nod.

「Even if your job has changed, you are still the same as before, very good at taking care of others. Since I’m also one of those that were in your care, it stirs some memories.」

Daisy said as she kept rubbing her body on my neck on and on.

「Is that so? I don’t recall doing anything special like that for you……」

「Treating a no-name carbuncle as an equal, like I was in the past, is special enough, didn’t I say so before? Well, thanks to that we are now skin-close, so I’m not going to complain. Hehe…」

Daisy rolled around on my shoulder while saying that.

I don’t feel like I did anything that unusual, but I’m happy that cautious Daisy is this trusting towards me.

「Ah, she is rubbing on Master again……!」

「Since they say that this is a secret matter I volunteered for the rear-guard to keep a watch on our backs but to think she would make such a display……! 」

From time to time, pretty intense gazes can be felt from behind. And while I was walking, thinking that now it really feels a lot like olden days—

「Here, we can see the entrance to the God Tree now.」

Sidonius pointed ahead.

Looking there, a giant root of the God Tree could be seen. And there was a big door, seemingly made from a part of the said root.

「Entrance, you mean we can get inside through that door?」

「Yes. It leads to the passageway connecting the top and bottom parts of the God Tree. I thought of taking our conversation there.」

「Passageway…… There is a spiral stairway inside the God Tree, right?」

I repeat what we had just heard from the friendly merchant. Cecile was the one to answer.

「Yes. And not just the stairs, but a slope as well. A cart often passes there, transporting various items to the research institute on the upper floor.」

「That height, with a cart? That’s a quite plain and simple way of transportation.」

「With the energy emitted by the God Tree you can’t reliably use magic, so there is no way around it.」

Cecile said with a wry smile. Come to think of it, that merchant also said the same thing, and while I was thinking of that Cecile added—

「Ah, but don’t misunderstand, Axel-san. Magic tools can be used to some extent, so they use a semi-automatic cart.」

「Is that so?」

「During the long time of research it was established that the magic power perpetually emitted by the tree prevents people from activating magic. Right, nee-san?」

「Yes. And so the magic science guild developed a cart that moves by absorbing that magic power and propelling itself with it using the basic principles of magic carriages.」

「Oh, they made something like that.」

They say that people make inventions when the situation calls for it, but to think they even made something this convenient.

「It was also found that if you can absorb enough of the God Tree’s magic power, it won’t hinder you anymore. ……Well, though with the way it persistently emits magic power stable use of magic isn’t really possible. 」

「That’s…… A pretty difficult condition. No matter what kind of magic you use, you will have to use it together with some kind of absorption spell.」

Activating two kinds of skills or magic is not impossible. But the bigger the spell the harder it gets to control.

「Right? Even excellent scholars from the magic science guild say that it’s impossible. But even without the magic, both the slope and the stairs are well-made and easy to climb, no problem here. ……Right, father?」

Sidonius nodded in agreement with the words of the smiling Cecile. However—

「Yes, it’s just as she said. It was such a place. ……Until a short while ago.」

He added with a grim look on his face.

「Eh? Father, what does that mean?」

「Enough time has passed since you left the city. Our time here also wasn’t uneventful… Well, you’ll understand once you look inside.」

During our chat, we reached the door in the roots.

A huge double door. Looking from afar I didn’t realize it, but it looks enormous up close.

I wonder how many meters in height it is.

「Please come in.」

Sidonius pushed open the heavy doors and immediately stepped inside.

Following him, we also enter. A way upwards, sticking from the walls, a passageway leading to the top was there, just as described.


「……It looks pretty damaged.」

It’s quite different from what I’ve heard from Cecile and others.

A path made of wood was there, with some parts of it withered away.

「Then, I’ll explain it inside. About the phenomenon happening to the God Tree Aleden. About the wither overtaking it.」



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