Volume 5 Chapter 3: Old Acquaintances


Translator: “Pink Tea” Editor: ”Ryunakama”

The first floor of the facility was a foyer with a big long counter placed in the center of it.

The counter was divided into sections, for the library, the museum, and so on, with a few people lined up at each of these sections.

One of them had『Meeting』written on it. That’s where we headed.

「There are quite a few people at the library counter, but not a single soul here.」

「Well, that’s how it usually goes. It makes things easier for us, so let’s just go through with it.」

With those words, Saki stopped in front of a female receptionist of the spirit race.

However, the receptionist was looking down, apparently writing something, thus unable to notice our presence. That’s why—

「Excuse me! We have business here, do you mind?」

Saki said. Then, the receptionist raised her eyes with a bit startled look.

「Ah, I’m sorry. What brings you…… Eh?」

She started speaking in the routine for such cases pattern, but— Stopped midway with a surprised look.

「Ee……Ehm…… Y-you are…… The Hero of Magic, right?!」

「Well, yes.」

「It’s been a while. I’m honored to meet you again……」

And after saying that in a deeply moved trembling voice, shook her head.

「Ah, no no no. Eehm…… Since you came here, it means that you have business with the director?」

「Exactly. Well, as usual, can you call her?」

「Understood. I will call the director right this moment…… Please wait in the room over there!」

After speaking with Saki, the receptionist led us to the reception room past the counter.

And after bringing tea for all of us, left the room.

She seemed pretty used to this. It might be because she is the one responsible for the meetings counter, but there was something that was even more curious to me.

「Saki. The receptionist said 『Again』. You came here before?」

I asked Saki who was sipping tea beside me.

Judging by their interaction they already knew each other. And it seems my guess was correct because Saki replied with a nod.

「Yes, I helped them with research when I was at the University of Magic. I always made direct appointments with the director of this place through her. So me coming here almost always meant that I came to see the director.」

Berzelia, who was devouring snacks sitting to the other side of me, tilted her head.

「Hm? So the person we came to see is the director?」

「That’s right. This facility studies not only sorcery but also geography and lay lines surrounding the City of Spirits. So they should be knowledgeable on the spirit spring as well.」

「Yes. If only I knew about this it would’ve made things a lot faster. But, well, I only know how to repair this thing, not such small details. So I thought we better just rely on Saki’s connections here.」

Daisy, who was sitting on my shoulder, said with a wry smile.

「Fufu, I’m glad if I can be of help to Axel. It means that there was a point to my efforts until now.」

「Yeah, if you didn’t cooperate with them in research, you wouldn’t have become acquainted with the director of this place. 」

「Yeah, but it’s not quite correct, Hydra.」

「Hm? Did I say something wrong?」

「No, I indeed created many connections from my research, but the director of this place was originally on a different post. That’s where we became acquainted.」

「The previous post…… Was it at the university? 」

It’s not like I’m aware of all the people she knows, but during her days as the hero, she barely made any friends.

The only place that comes to mind when I think of the places she was before becoming the hero and after the war with the demon lord, is the university of magic.

「That’s right.」

On the other side of the reception room was an entrance to another room, The voice came from there.

Looking there, I saw a person approaching us.

A girl with a petite build clad in a robe.

「My, I’m sorry for eavesdropping on you. It wasn’t my intention, but I overheard a part of your conversation.」

She walked up to us wearing an amiable smile.

The first one to reply was Saki—

「You are quite fast. We didn’t interrupt anything, right?」

The girl shook her head.

「Hahah, my former pupil and the genius that surpassed me came with a visit. I’d hurry even if I were busy. —But my, it’s really been a long time. Nice to see you again. Please make yourself comfortable.」

Saying that she put both hands on her waist and nodded to herself with a satisfied look.

Looking at her, Berzelia blinked blankly.

「Eeehm, Lysnoir? This little girl is the director? She is saying something about a pupil or something……?」

Saki replied with an affirmation to Berzelia’s question.

「That’s right, Hydra. She is the current director of this research institute and…… And the previous head of the university that I previously attended.」

The girl in the room laughed.

「Umu, umu. Thank you for the introduction, Saki. I’m Cattleya Hundrett.
Though I retired from my post at the university after a hundred years, I’m still a very active young sorceress. Pleased to make your acquaintance, Flying carrier-san, and everyone.」


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