Galactic Navy Officer Chapter 37 Part 1

Chapter Count for the Week: 1 out of 2

Hi guys. Here’s our first chapter for the week. And it’s the turning point of the arc. Yay.


Enjoy folks!

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  1. Yeh, this is what we (should) have been waiting for. Finally, the plot advances. But why no comment section on the actual post?
    Thanks for the hard work! God bless you!

    • We’ve been having trouble with it recently. Unfortunately, I can’t do anything about the comment section on my own since I don’t have access to it, so I’ll try to get a hold of Nef so it can get fixed asap. Probably tomorrow though. Sorry about this guys.

  2. Short Barrel Raifu

    Thanks for the TL SFBaka … It’s really an enjoyable story for me, this is the first JP Novel that could made me read straight from 1st to 37th chapter without made my yawn even once, minus the excessive use of food stuffs by the Author-kun.

    Finally, I can’t wait to read Claria & Elna shocked face when MC forced to tell them about the existence of Galactic Empire, It’s Navy, and also the imminent Bugs threat.

  3. Thanks for the new chapter. I was looking forward to read it.

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