Goodbye Dragon Life, Hello Human Life 001

Hi Guys,

This is Jay_Samuel, and firstly, I would like to thank everyone who has been anxiously waiting for the release of this novel; Goodbye Dragon Life, Hello Human Life! I have to say, it’s been a long time coming and finally, with this chapter, we are officially commencing its release. Although we have yet to determine its frequency since we’re still just at the beginning phase (Volume 1), but for now the releases has been decided to be 1 chapter every week.

This is a very interesting novel, although not as gruesome as Nidome, or maybe because we haven’t gone far yet, but it’s a very mature novel, with a feel of reality. Oh, and DO NOT mess with the MC🙅‍♂️, he is a nice guy, but he is not a stranger to killing if you mess with him.

Check out the prologue!👏👏👏



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  1. My god, it has finally been picked up!!!
    Thank you very much!!!
    I don’t mind for a restart from chapter 1
    I am grateful for this!!!!
    Here, except my gratitude (even if it’s just a comment with words)
    Greetings fromout the netherlands!!!

  2. btw did you translate the LN or WN ? since the ‘Sayonara Ryuusei, Konichiwa Jinsei’ is translated till ch 16 for the WN
    i just wanna know

  3. Light Novel or Web Novel Translation?
    And thanks for picking up this novel! Good luck!

  4. Excelent, I have been waiting for someone to pick this one up since the previous translation stopped.

  5. I used to read it from Binhjamin, but he stopped it few years ago and no one picks it up until now. Thanks.

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