Goodbye Dragon Life, Hello Human Life

Author: 永島ひろあき Nagashima Hiroaki

Original Web Novelさようなら竜生、こんにちは人生 (Complete)

Alternate Titles:

  1. さようなら竜生、こんにちは人生
  2. Sayonara Ryuusei Konnichiwa Jinsei

The oldest and strongest Dragon who grew tired of living chose to die when the Heroes came for his life. When the Dragon’s soul was waiting to drift toward the Sea of Souls, that was when it noticed it had been reborn into a Human baby.

The Dragon then decided to live a life as a Human to the fullest, and regained his will to live. The Dragon was born as the child of a farmer and lives his life in the frontier possessing enormous amounts of power due to his soul being a Dragon’s.

He then encountered the Demon of the Lamia race, fairies, Black Rose, and later entered the Magic Academy. The man whose soul is of a Dragon lives his life in joy going to Magic Academy, spending time with an old friend, The Earth Goddess, meets beautiful girls, strong classmates, the Dragon King and the Queen of Vampires.

Volume 1

Chapter 1
Chapter 2
Chapter 3
Chapter 4 (Part 1, Part 2)
Chapter 5 (Part 1, Part 2)
Chapter 6 (Part 1, Part 2)
Chapter 7
Chapter 8
Chapter 9
Chapter 10 (Part 1, Part 2)
Chapter 11
Chapter 12 (Part 1, Part 2)
Chapter 13 (Part 1, Part 2)
Chapter 14
Chapter 15 (Part 1, Part 2, Part 3)
Chapter 16 (Part 1, Part 2)
Chapter 17 (Part 1, Part 2)
Chapter 18 (Part 1, Part 2, Part 3)
Chapter 19 (Part 1, Part 2)
Chapter 20
Chapter 21
Chapter 22
Chapter 23 (Part 1, Part 2)
Chapter 24
Chapter 25 (Part 1*)


  1. Finally, I have been waiting for someone to translate this novel.

  2. Hou, nice I read the manga, sadly it has stopped the translation group that done it.

  3. Thank you both! Sorry please be patient a little longer, the translator has IRL commitment at the moment and I need to take it off the menu first for a bit. Once we are ready to launch I will add it back to the menu 🙂

  4. Thank you for picking up this…. read too ch16 till the previous tl dropped it just like the manga

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