Chapter 1 – Digest Replacement~~

 Translator: Jay_Samuel

Chapter 1 – Digest Replacement

What a beautiful moonlit night, so I thought while looking up at the sky. Thinking back I realized it’s been a long time since I was able to look up at the sky with a calm feeling like this.

Lowering my eyes that had been fixed to the sky, i can see seven figures who impolitely stepped into my lair.

Well to slay a monster a single hero is better than a thousand soldiers, and these people are all heroes who displayed prominent power and intelligence.

I looked at the young man leading the humans, and opened my mouth. Based on his appearance, he, who is still a boy, has a strong sense of remorse and guilt.

At the same time the taste of blood spreads through my mouth, and the overflowing blood drips from my mouth forming crystals as it drops to the ground to form several red pools.

Oh, it’s been so long since I last tasted blood. Strangely enough, that little thing made me feel happy. The fact that I am able to feel something, that alone is an experience I haven’t had in a very long time.

「If memory serves, I haven’t done anything to require being subjugated, but quite the contrary I recall being an ally to humans, so what could possibly be your reason for this act?」

The young man who holds the sword that just pierced my heart — the most famous hero in the world, who possesses good looks worthy of being handed down in a heroic tale, further makes an anguished expression on his face.

With that I could at least tell that it wasn’t his will to slay me.

If so is it an order you cannot oppose from a human in a position high enough to order a hero? For humans who are at the height of prosperity, my existence is no different from that of a pain in the butt.

「Without having to go through this trouble of subjugation, if you had just asked me to leave it’s something I would have been more than happy to oblige. Tell me hero, how much time and fortune did you spend to make that sword in your hand?
Do you ever wonder how many human beings could have been saved, with the time and resources spent to make it?」

I am acquainted with heroes, once upon a time we struggled together against a common fate, so I am very much aware of the fact that heroes and their comrades are virtuous by nature.

If you are such a person, you’ll endure this. I mean you robbed me of my life, you should be able to permit this much rattling.

Hmm, my eyelids are getting heavier.

Is this effect of the life force draining magic deployed before the beginning of battle by the hero’s sorcerer comrade, and the hero’s dragon-slaying sword strike that pierced through my heart?

Although the fact that I took that is also a little extreme……..

Good grief, just to kill one little old-fashioned creature like me, you all went through the trouble of such intricacies, to be honest, I’m so astounded I’m at a loss for words.

「Heed me, Hero and his comrades. The human heart is precious and beautiful. The human heart is crude and ugly. I guess even now, compared to Beasts you’re all still human.
Should you all no be longer useful, then just like me you will all be purged. As people who once stood shoulder to shoulder with me, it would pain me greatly if you end up the same way as me.
The last advice of this old dragon heading to death. Take my heed, my little friends」

Although theatrical speech isn’t my strong suit, it seems to have moved my little friends because of the painful content that influenced their ears and hearts, with feelings of regret and guilt more or less showing on their faces.

Well, after teasing you this much allow me to forgive you.

I guess it’s not half bad, if I am dying under such a beautiful moon. Because there’s no doubt that my spirit will pass away calmly.


I uttered one last thing, and closed my eyelids.

For a dragon that has lived since the age of the gods to spend his final moments like this is a little stupefying, but I think it’s not bad if there is at least one dragon like that in the world.

I had a premonition that in eternal sleep there is comfort and satisfaction.

In that case, I guess it’s all good. I think I’m an eccentric dragon if I do say so myself, at the very least I do not have any complaints about the end of my life at this time.

Oh, death gods, safely transport my soul to rest in hades. Or even put me to eternal slumber. Otherwise with my breath I will turn hades into ashes.


And I muttered. No In actuality I didn’t move my mouth to mutter. I tried to move, but couldn’t move neither my tongue nor lips properly, I couldn’t speak words very well.

Confusion quickly spreads through every corner of my mind. From my last perception, my body should have been robbed of life, and should only be awaiting death.

Then, how am I still alive?

I forcibly opened my eyelids which feels so damn heavy, then observed my surroundings with an absent-minded and blurry vision.

What reflected through my field of vision, I could not suppress the new feelings of confusion welling up within me. My slightly opened eyes reflected the image of a human man and a woman smiling gently.

Judging from the appearance of the man and woman reflected in my eyes, it might be the giant species with sizes that exceed even mine as a dragon, but there shouldn’t be any giant species boasting of such size.

Besides, my sense tells me that the man and woman are not giants, but genuine, ordinary human beings.

While I am still feeling confused, the woman who is feeling joy from the bottom of her heart while smiling moves her mouth.

「My, this child has already opened its eyes. Hehe, Hello there, my baby」

Following the woman, the man too utters a short word from his mouth while smiling. In the eyes of the two looking at me, there is a mutual unconditional kindness in them.

「He’s not crying much. A baby is supposed to cry a little right」

Hmm? Wait, what did these two just say. My baby, an infant? Those words were without a doubt definitely aimed at me.

So then right now, I am not a dragon but a human baby? Why is my soul inhabiting a human baby, when it should have fallen into the nether and in eternal slumber?

Before finding the answer to that question, the woman gently stretched her finger and poked my cheek.

Apparently, it seemed the me right now is a baby who can’t do anything by himself and is being held by a woman.

「Your name is Dran. I am your mother, and this is your father. Welcome to our family」

The woman who gently pokes my cheek is my human mother, and that makes the man my father?

The fact that I now have parents connected by blood, made me feel a strange sensation that I had never felt before.

As the oldest dragon, I have neither a father nor a mother.

Although there once were existences I could call older brothers and sisters, there was never at any time anyone who I could call parent.

Maybe that’s why. To me who had just become a baby, and the man and woman showering me with warmth and kindness without seeking anything in return, I started feeling comfort I had never once felt before.

After living for far too long that I got tired, and even purposely chose to be killed by human heroes, just so I could find peace at the bottom of the nether in eternal slumber from which I would never wake, and now with the warmth I’m being given, grants me comfort and a very gentle feeling.

Well, if I will continue to receive this warmth, then it might not be such a bad idea if I try to live once more as a human being.

「Oh, hehe, look dear, Dran just laughed」

「Really? Maybe he realized that we’re his parents」

Oh, am I laughing right now? I wonder how long it’s been since I laughed.

With that alone I guess it’s worth being reborn as a human being, and so I started to discover what it means to live as a human.


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