Chapter 10 Part 1

 Translator: Jay_Samuel – Editor: Ryunakama

Soon after we were led by Gio and Fio, we were then guided to the village of the Wood Elves that has regained some peace temporarily.

The village of the Wood Elves far in the west of Ente forest, is called Cywest.

「It doesn’t seem like we are receiving much welcome」

「If you just think about the bad timing then it can’t be helped. We will just make them acknowledge us by our actions. Gio, where are you guiding us to, do you mind telling me?」

「It is to the Chieftain’s place. There are also warriors of other races gathered there. I want to introduce you all and also about confirming the current situation it is faster this way」

「Fumu, that is very rational」

Diadora occasionally turns her eyes towards us while we talk with Gio, but doesn’t particularly strike up a conversation and just silently kept walking.

As we walked through the village that doesn’t seem much different from inside the forest, a thick gigantic tree came into view.

It is so magnificent that it would take thirty adults with their hands stretched to fully encircle it, and this tree growing such deep green leaves in abundance is emitting quite the grand presence.

Under the tree there is a house, by far the largest of all that I have seen, an emblem every Wood Elves tribe has is embroidered in the flag erected by the entrance.

I could not see it on other houses, is this flag the proof of chieftaincy I wonder.

Gio walked into the house of the chieftain as if he was quite familiar with the place, and exchanged greetings with some Wood Elves that passed by, and then led us to the big room at the far end of the house.

It is probably a hall or something to use during emergencies. As we pass under the tree that pierces through the sky and the pieces of cloth containing embroidery donated by different inhabitants of the forest gathered there, there were people surrounding a large round table that appeared to have been cut out of the trunk of the gigantic tree.

A Wood Elf with wrinkles on his handsome face that clearly depicts his age, and a Wolfman covered in fluffy fur about three times my size, an Arachne with red shell and modest body hair in its lower body of a spider and on its upper body is a beautiful young woman.

These three parties are seated in the center with the Wood Elf, the Wood Elf is the chief that Gio talked about, and seeing the other two, there is no mistake that they are also the chiefs of their respective species.

While the three parties were piercing us with their gazes, Gio and Fio quickly moved to the front and bowed down lightly.

「Chief Deo, Vlaicu-dono, Alsienne-dono, I have just returned」

Deo is the Chief of the Wood Elves, Vlaicu is the Wolfman, while Alsienne the Arachne is their names huh. In the Wolfman’s gaze there is quite strong  suspicion, while in Alsienne’s gaze there is a strong feeling of observation as if she is evaluating something.

Chief Deo completely unlike the gazes of the two just kept looking around our faces. And then he looks at Gio and opens his mouth, and starts speaking in a heavy voice.

「It is great to see you back. I heard that Marl was found safely. That is great to hear. I also received news of the fight in the northern barrier. Diadora you fought well. I heard the enemy was a Spirit of Flower of the Demon realm」

Diadora who had kept her mouth closed till now abruptly opens her mouth. Even for Diadora she is probably not someone in a position she could just remain silent.

「Yes. I was finally able to face the fiend who sucked out everyone’s lives. I could not defeat her though, but next time I will definitely be sure to put an end to her life」

「Don’t be too hot-blooded. Even though you are usually calm, once the blood gets to your head you become narrow minded」

「I will keep that in the back of my mind. Though whether I will remember it or not I cannot say」

「Good grief…….. By the way Gio, Are you going to introduce us to the people over there? Vlaicu and Alsienne also appear to be curious they cannot help themselves」

「I am not that curious you hear」

「I am quite curious. Because I do not want to invite unnecessary confrontations in the fight against the magus soldiers and the others」

「They are the ones who rescued Marl who was being chased by the magus soldiers. I think the chiefs already know this as well but, they hail from Bern village, they said inhabitants of this forest appeared in the vicinity of their village, they thought it strange and thus came to investigate.

They really helped us a lot in the battle at the northern barrier. If they were not there, many lives would most likely have been forfeited」

「Bern village huh, that is a nostalgic name. Certainly considering the position of that village it is not surprising that those who were chased by magus soldiers would show up there huh. As the chief, I express my gratitude for your assistance in the battle against the Demonic forces」

「Hm, it was something we did due to our own circumstances. I would be glad if you do not care about it too much. Sorry for the late introduction, I am Dran of Bern village」

「I am Selina. I am freeloading at Bern village」

「Christina. I am not of Bern village but, due to a certain circumstance I am acting together with Dran and company」

「What a calamity to be caught up in huh. Why not sit first」

Chief Deo urged us to sit, we obliged and sat at the round table and an Elf waitress appeared from the back of the room holding a wooden tray with drinking cups on top for several people.

The liquid in the cup is slightly greenish, it seems to be squeezed fruit juice. When you take a sip, you experience an exhilarating feeling as the invigorating fragrance overflows from the mouth to the back of the nostrils.

「You came all the way down to Cywest. We cannot send you away without telling you anything. How much did you hear from Gio?」

「The gate of the Demon forces appeared north of Cywest, beginning with your people slaughtering the inhabitants of the forest all around, and also that the neighboring races are planning to join forces for a counteroffensive against the Demon forces, that is about it」

「Yeah. If you have heard up to that extent then there is not much I need to tell you from scratch. But it is not that there are no issues. Due to the influence of the Demon realm gate appearing, the space around this vicinity is distorted, delaying the arrival of our Wood Elf reinforcement」

「Then you cannot use the path of the fairies?」

Un un, Deo nodded repeatedly. The fairy path is a special path that is used to travel to a place far away neglecting the distance by passing through the fairy world which is a different world from this material world.

Some eminent Fairy species from the beginning have high affinity with the forest so a few Elves and others are able to open it but, if you cannot make use of that to get reinforcements then you will have no choice but to exterminate the Demon forces with the war potential you currently have in hand.

「It seems that one who called himself Georg set a deadline for three days, but we have no intention of complying with this」

「Even in three days the reinforcement won’t make it in time. Therefore, we consolidate the remaining fighting force, destroy the gate of the Demon realm and drive away those bastards from this forest and Earth」

Not following Cywest’s Wood Elves, though it will be a battle that involves the fate of the neighboring species, Deo’s grim expression deepened, Alsienne who had been there for a while without any change in expression opted to make a recommendation.

「The Denizens of the Demon realm are able to manifest on Earth because they are supplied with the power to maintain their presence from the gate.

If the gate is destroyed, it will also prevent the leakage of the miasma. If we did that next will be the forest’s self-purification operation, and after a while things should return to normal」

「I understand your circumstances. I also talked with Gio but, we intend to join forces and fight alongside you.

Pardon me for saying this but, if it comes to a battle with the Demon forces, depending on the circumstances there is a possibility that the implication may befall my hometown or even the kingdom. We cannot avert our eyes from that」

It is something that has already been decided between myself, Christina-san and Selina. There were no complaints raised from Christina-san and Selina to me who declared it, there is no need to make any reaffirmation.

Even though Deo is not hesitant to cooperate with the inhabitants of the forest to fight, but to get assistance from outsiders of the forest, just like Gio he seems to be hesitant he groaned lightly and refrained from giving a prompt reply.

When I thought the curtain of silence would drop, surprisingly the Wolfman Vlaicu voiced his approval of fighting alongside us.

「Are you looking down on our abilities, is what I would like to say, but, from what I hear about your people’s battle at the barrier, it seems you have the abilities to support what you are saying.

Listen Deo, they are offering their assistance on their own. It is a bit pathetic but in the fight thus far, our warriors have been drastically decreased. It is a situation where we have no choice but to use anything usable that is available to us」

Deo was in a state where his expression shows he was considering Vlaicu’s words, Alsienne opted to speak as if pressing for an answer. Her eight eyes gleaming with shrewdness were all looking towards Deo’s face.

「I also agree with Vlaicu’s opinion. Dran, Christina, Selina, your proposal is an unexpected boon to us.

Of course I will not do something shameless as to ask you for your assistance for free. Deo, Vlaicu, what do you think? For gaining their assistance, when the battle is over how about we have relations with the people of Bern village?

Until now tacit consent has been to the extent of cutting down trees to get wood at best, but henceforth we the Arachne’s threads and the Wolfman tribe’s spoils from hunting, the medicinal herbs and flowers that the Wood Elves grow will be up for trade?

We will keep the scale to a minimum, but the various items I just brought up surely even among the humans they are all items of rare value. Since it is a fight where your very lives will be on the line, I think it is only fair that we propose at least this much as compensation」

In addition to fueling our fighting spirit, Alsienne’s proposal was also to push Deo who was showing signs of hesitation in the back, the perplexed look then disappeared from Deo’s face.

「Let’s see. It is certain that we are willing to offer that much compensation. Then just like that you people will be fighting alongside us. I look forward to your cooperation」

「We will be sure to meet your expectations with all our modest abilities. By the way, has the preparation to inform the Human kingdom of the present situation been made?

I think you are concerned about the fear of getting organization-like assistance from the humans, but assuming the worst case I think we should consider the assistance of the kingdom……….」

A woman who showed up from the back of the room replied to my question which I couldn’t go without confirming.

「I have made arrangements for contacting the kingdom from my end. Please do not worry and concentrate on the battle with the Demon forces」

We naturally fixed our gazes on the Wood Elf that made an appearance.

I tried asking Gio or Deo who this woman was, but Christina-san sitting next to me raised a voice filled with a surprised sound. It is quite unusual for this person to make a voice that reveals her emotions.

「Academy Principal! ?」

「Christina, you should not raise your voice like that. It is not something a lady does. Also when I am in this place I am not the School Principal, just another Wood Elf. If you must call me something you should call me Olivier」

「Christina-san, who might this person be?」

「She is the Academy Principal Olivier of Galois Magic Academy that I am attending. I knew that she was a Wood Elf but, could it be that this is Gakuinchou’s hometown?」

「It is Olivier not Academy Principal. Regarding your question it is exactly as you say. This Cywest is my birthplace.

I left the village and forest quite a long time ago to live in the outside world but, when I heard of the current situation I came running back.

It is something that I am doing after fulfilling my duties as the Magic Academy Principal, so you don’t have to worry about that part」

「Oh, ooh. Is that so……..」

Selina brought her face close and whispered to me in a low voice.

「Dran-san, what is this Galois Magic Academy that Christina-san is talking about?」

「Hm? The city to the south of our Bern village is Galois, there is a Royal Academy that teaches magic there. And it got its name from the city and that is the Galois Magic Academy.

Galois is even in the northern part of the kingdom has a geography with an intersection of major roads, it is the best metropolis in the northern region where special products, information and money from various parts of the north gather.

That is why many humans gather there, and among those people, some with training in magic are invited, and educated as wizards who serve the kingdom that’s about it」

「Ooh~, then Dran-san too may get an invitation as a student of Magic Academy. Even at the village of Lamia where I lived, there were people who were good at magic but, Dran-san is even more amazing that those people」

「Fufu, Thank you. Let’s see, if I can enroll into the Magic Academy and achieve a good record the path to being a member of the imperial magic division will be opened. Perhaps it is something to wish for in terms of improving ones livelihood. Well then, Olivier-san, then I can leave contacting the kingdom to Olivier-san right?」

「Yes, Please leave it to me. I have also called out to those who left the forest too besides me as much as I could.

Everyone, including me, are willing to fight for their hometown. I will not force the burden on only Dran-san and company」

「Is that so, then that is quite reassuring」

We were then told that tomorrow afternoon about the time the sun had reached its zenith, the entire force will then march for the destruction of the Demon realm gate where Georg and company appeared, then we were put up in a vacant room in the village chief Deo’s house.

We were guided to one big room. It is not ethically permissible for adult men and women who are neither families nor lovers to spend the night in the same room but, in a situation like this it’s different.


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