Chapter 10 – Part 2

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「Selina, Christina-san, I am going out for a bit. I will return real soon」

After removing my guard, and dropping my long sword to go out, Selina replied Yeees, with quite a cheerful voice.
My feet advanced as I weaved my way between the big trees, and soon after reached a corner covered with countless flowers.

It seems to be the place where the Wood Elves grow flowers and herbs that are harvested in daily life but I don’t have business with the place but the human shadow that has been loitering there for a while.

In the middle of a flower garden in which colorful roses bloom in red, white, purple, blue, yellow, green and black, even if likened as beautiful it is the foolish Spirit of the Black Rose flower– Diadora, I approach her while being careful not to step on the roses.

「What could I help you with this late in the night, Dran?」

「You remembered my name. I was looking for you」

「Me? What could it be, I am currently not in a good mood. If you are about to start a worthless conversation then count me out. Return quickly and prepare for tomorrow. Unlike me a human like you needs sleep right」

「I am deeply moved by your concern. By the way, are you in a bad mood because you found the enemy who murdered your comrades?」

「Yes, that’s right. Just thinking about that Demon realm Spirit of flower, makes me boil up in anger enough to drive me insane, as I am right now.
So could you not carelessly approach me, I don’t know what I can do. I wouldn’t want to hurt an ally we just acquired」

「Hm, I see」

When I muttered that, I was already beside Diadora. To Diadora who did not notice my approach, it seemed like I suddenly appeared next to her, looking back at me in surprise.

「When did you? No, did you not hear me when I said not to carelessly approach me?」

Diadora’s eyes turned grim, and while staring back into her eyes I replied thus. To Diadora it may sound like a senile way of speaking.

「That is why I prepared sufficiently before approaching you. After then it is fine right?」

「……………..aaah, you, you’re quite weird」

「I hear that a lot. I have completely gotten used to hearing it」

「Is that so? I sympathize with the troubles of the people around you」

I do think you don’t have to go that far but, alright. Then Diadora shuts her mouth, then for a short while we let the time pass in silence.

「Everyone who was killed by Lafrasia were good kids. They were a bit stubborn, mischievous, and were kids who were a little too relaxed but, there was not one kid among them who deserved to die that way.
Not one. That is why I can’t forgive her. I as the survivor have to avenge those children. Even if it costs me my life, I will surely kill that woman」

The rose screamed again and again. The wind was so afraid of Diadora’s hatred that it forgot to blow, the moon hid behind the clouds for fear of seeing Diadora’s horror.
Because the Spirit of the Black Rose boasts a beauty that is not human, when the mind is consumed by negative emotions, a ghastly intimidating air is released in the surroundings.

「I see. Then I have to assist in that effort」

「You just decided that so readily huh. I never met anyone willing to go this far to lend us their strength, or is it that you are aiming for the remuneration Alsienne talked about? Or is it because if this place falls you people’s village will also be in trouble」

「Hm, I will try and be honest. Just as Diadora says the remuneration is pleasant, and it is also true that I do not want the village to be implicated.
But even before that I was taught by my parents if I see anyone in trouble, I should try to assist them to the best of my abilities.
And the residents of Ente forest have a relationship with people in the village, so if there is anything I could help with I would like to offer my assistance.
Even if there is no reward, even if I happen to be on a journey and I encounter this situation, I will still choose to assist you guys. I will leave it to Diadora whether to believe it or not」

「I see. You are, that’s right……… seem believable is what I would say」


「Dran, you are, should I say a weird, or a mysterious person. For some reason when I look into your eyes I feel calm. It feels like I am being seen through right to the depth of my soul, but not in an unpleasant way. Are you, really human?」

「Hahaha~, this body is a genuine human body that was given to me by my parents for real」

「Hmm, the way you laugh is a bit curious」

「You are just overthinking it. Putting that aside I was so into the conversation that I almost forgot, I wasn’t just looking for Diadora only just so I could talk. Diadora, Lafrasia inflicted an injury on you right?」

「………What could you be talking about?」


I did not strengthen my voice, rather I was even gentle about the way I asked but, Diadora who was staring at me slightly shook her head sideways and admitted defeat.

As Diadora’s supple finger of her right hand gently strokes her body from the base of the neck to the navel, the rustling fabric of the dress wriggles like a myriad of small snakes and then retreats to the left and right.

This dress too could also be part of Diadora’s body that changed appearance.

And what became exposed under the moonlight was, as if the moonlight was focusing only on that part, an abundant breast that shines white and an abdomen with a modest hollow navel.

Then from the middle of the breast to just above the navel the skin had completely dried up and turned black. A beautiful skin that if you touch just once, you will never forget the sensation for the rest of your life now appears to be miserably ugly to see.

「You really see through everything huh. Do not worry about it. It has no influence on my ability to fight」

「I can’t accept that. Do you mind if I touched it?」

「Sure. If you are fine with this body」

Diadora lightly shrugged her shoulders, and said with a playful gesture. I don’t know if it is because of her descent as a Spirit of the Black Rose or not but, she doesn’t seem particularly shy about exposing her skin to the opposite sex.

I slowly and gently as if touching a delicate glass work, touched Diadora’s discolored skin.

「You can see there is nothing fun even if you touch it right?」

「That is not true. Diadora is too charming, so much that I am desperately fighting the urge to push you down at this moment. I am also a healthy male after all」

「Oh yeah? You see things like romance and stuff are unrelated to me so I don’t have much experience dealing with that kind of subject. So can I atleast interpret it as you praising me to be charming?」

「I don’t mind you interpreting it as such. However, it would be better for you to be more aware of the opposite sex」

While having such a thought, I switched my energy to that of the Dragonkin and poured its essence into Diadora’s body. Diadora’s body was sucking my vitality like a dry ground sucking water.
Then a faint rainbow-colored light appeared on Diadora’s discolored skin, and the skin that had turned black suddenly returned to its white color before my eyes.

「! This is, I am beginning to suspect even more whether or not you are really human」

「I would be glad if you just think of me as a mysterious human」
While feeling reluctant I removed my fingers from Diadora’s skin, and smiled lightly. Not only did Diadora stop her mischievous enquiry, but even more she didn’t question me anymore about myself.

「A little mysterious person huh. I will leave it at that then. And also thank you. I express my gratitude for healing my wounds.
When this fight is over should I imitate the Dryads to express my gratitude? Human men like stuff like that right?」

「Even if it is to tease me, it is not good to say such a thing. Because I am not certain whether I can keep my composure you see. Well then, I will now return to the lodge」

「So soon? I really enjoyed talking to you. It is quite surprising even to myself. I pray you have a good dream」

「Thank you. Even if you do not need to sleep, it is better if you rest your body and mind」

After saying that the rendezvous between me and Diadora this evening came to an end. My relief of this evening not having to witness tomorrow’s mortal combat deepened even further.

Tomorrow morning which would have to witness our fight against the Demonic forces, will likely resent this evening.

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