Chapter 12 – Part 1

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Editor: Ryunakama

「It’s my long-awaited bloodbath with you after all. It’ll be boring if there were any unnecessary hindrances」

With a confident attitude, Rafflesia stretched her left hand to the side, and as she turned her palm which was facing the ground upwards, conforming with that, a wall with myriad of demon realm flowers and tree roots entangled all over, an enclosure around Rafflesia and Diadora appeared from below the ground and surrounded them.

It’s shaped spectacularly in a circular manner like a Colosseum, just like castle walls made of trees that protect the village of Cywest.

「With this, you can focus on this battle without worrying right? I am quite a considerate woman if I do say so myself」

「You’re right. It’s a pity that I won’t be able to show your unsightly death to everyone」

「Ahahahaha, you don’t say」


The killing intent between Diadora and Rafflesia that are clashing against each other, collapsed as soon as Rafflesia laughed more happily and projected both her hands towards Diadora.

「My mist isn’t just for taking a life. It can also do something like this」

On the right hand of Rafflesia with her palm up, as the blue mist swirls and concentrates, the mist changes color from blue to red, and Diadora was keenly aware of the enormous power that began amassing within.

「You bitch, are those the lives you sucked from everyone?」

Rafflesia slammed and clapped her hands towards the words that dropped from Diadora’s lips.

「Cor~rect~. I can convert the lives that I’ve sucked thus far into power, by breaking them in this manner, and releasing them outwards!
Life, just like the soul, is something that possesses great power, especially in this world. If it’s demolished and converted into power, it becomes something like this」

Rafflesia’s right palm changes direction from aiming at the sky to Diadora, and the red life crystals that form a sphere on her palm is released towards Diadora at a speed close to that of light.

Diadora was able to evade by moving her body at high speed, tangling a black rose thorn stretched out of her black hair on one of the rocks, evading the photosphere of life generating enormous power all around the surroundings.

The ground where Diadora was standing on just a moment, was turned into a huge crater from the impact of the photosphere of life roaring like a hundred lightning strikes weaved together.

「See? Pretty amazing right. The one just now might have even included the life of your friends mixed within. If your friends are as important as you claim, shouldn’t you be accepting the power of their lives? Ready, next one is here! 」

「! 」

As Rafflesia puts her small hands together in front of her meager breasts and opens them to the left and right, several red glowing lights of life are generated between her hands.

Each one possesses a destructive power comparable to that of high-level destruction magic, and it is a threat that Diadora cannot afford to be hit by even one.

「If you give up and die like a good little lamb, now that wouldn’t be interesting, let’s see, how about we have those two long legs cut to half for now. Yeah, that sounds good! 」

「Even if you beg me to be your plaything, I would rather just die. But don’t you worry. I won’t even treat you as my plaything, because I’ll destroy you completely soon enough」

As the photosphere of life approached Diadora at close range, a dense darkness suddenly covered Diadora’s body.

It was such a darkness that even if one were to wave their hands right before their eyes and nose, they wouldn’t see it. No, rather than darkness it’s black, it may be more accurate to describe the darkness as black light.

The Blackness that flutters around Diadora like a high quality fog of clay swallowed the optical sphere of life that came in contact with its edges, and those reds of life sucked by Rafflesia were painted by Diadora’s black.

As the optical spheres of life were disappearing, and the surrounding miasma and magic power were being absorbed by Diadora’s black light, Rafflesia who understood what Diadora had done, wipes the rificule off her face, and squinted the corner of her eyes.

「Honestly, I just can’t help being irritated at you. So what, you, a mere flower sprite living on the surface* is doing the same thing I do?」 (TLN: Surface as in mundane world, earth)

「Black is a color that swallows everything. Black is the color that is produced at the end after everything has been mixed together. A rose with black petals is a devilish flower that lusts insatiably for every other color apart from its own.
I sealed the power because I would have no use for it since I will be living in this forest, but since I am facing vile demons like you, I am sure you’d agree there’s no need to pull my punches.
I will do you a favor and suck your filthy life along with the lives of everyone you sucked, so be grateful」

As with Rafflesia, Diadora also emitted black light that swallows everything from her voluptuous body, and both released fog and light in order to suck each other’s lives completely.

Each of them were greedily consuming every life apart from theirs indiscriminately like hungry ghosts, blue mist colliding with black light, and should the mist absorb the black light within the blue and assimilate, the black light also paints over the blue mist and dyes it in black.

However, whether it was the difference between one that was bred in the harsh demon realm and one bred in the bountiful world above ground, the speed of the blue fog swallowing the black light gradually increased, and the two colors that shines in the world suddenly began to increase in blue.

Once the balance collapsed, as if it was a cue, it was almost laughable how the scales of victory and defeat turned in the blink of an eye.

「What do we have here. Turns out you’re just all talk. I guess this is also the end of your last struggle.
The small fry that you brought along with you, has her hands full with just the magic soldiers. And doesn’t seem like she has the luxury of coming to your rescue, oh that’s right!
When I break your hands and feet, I will then break those children one by one right in front of you. Ufufu, I am sure the face you will make then will be so exhilarating. Fufu, Fufufufu, so lovely」

「I see that you’ve sucked quite a lot of my life. Aren’t you practically overflowing from every corner of your body right now?」

「Fufu, damn right. Of the lives of the flowers that I sucked in this forest, your life has the most depth and contains very strong hatred.
And it ’s very delicious. I was thinking that it might be a good idea to make you my meal so I held back a bit so that you don’t die off, fufufufu」

「That so, then, I’m glad that it’s to your taste. Because it ’s the last thing you will taste in this world, it won’t be long now so be sure to enjoy whatever is left to your heart’s content」

「Ara, finally gone crazy are we? With which eye did you foresee victory in this situation?
Don’t tell me, you think someone will come rescue you? I wonder if perhaps that human male who got in the way of our fight yesterday is the one you’re expecting.
Don’t worry, I will be sure to show that man some love too just like I did you, so you can look forward to it」

Diadora suddenly laughed lightly, and pointed at her right cheek. It was the part where she inflicted the scar on Rafflesia’s cheek last night.

「Dran is not a simple guy that someone like you could possibly handle. By the way, aren’t you feeling some kind of discomfort on your cheek?」

Just as Diadora pointed out, she was exactly right and Rafflesia quickly extended her right hand to her right cheek where the scar was already gone.

「What, what the? Ky, kyaaaa, the hell, what is this pain! ?」

Without knowing that itching and aching already set in, the moment Rafflesia reflexively presses her right cheek with both hands, myriad of small thorns grew out from the center of Rafflesia’s right cheek while making motion sounds, and the thorny scrubs breaks through her skin and begins to spread around her face.


As if it were connected to an endless abyss, the black rose continued to sip not only blood but liquid and moisture, and her very life from her body, Rafflesia weakened before her very own eyes.

Thorns extended from the back of her right eyeball, thin roots popped out of her throat, nostrils, and ear holes, and the upper half of Rafflesia was filled with black roses.

「Why, are, roses……blooming from, within, my……body! ?」

「I hurt your cheek during yesterday’s battle, right? At that time, I embedded a small, really small black rose seed you see. Thinking if there’s not much luck from the outside, why not from the inside」

「I, I, had no, idea whatsoev……」

「To be honest, I wasn’t confident that it would work on you. But thanks to you sucking my life and magic power, it seems to have worked out just fine.
Because it is my seed, the best nutrition for it is my magic power and life. Right there, look, the thorns are even already twining around your heart.
Soon a black rose will bloom with your life. At the very least, you may become nourishment for the black roses forfeiting* your life, then return the lives you’ve taken from this forest and everyone」 (TLN: Lit. Scattering- I’m thinking since she’s also a flower sprite with flowers currently blooming on her body using her life, she will eventually scatter)

「Oh no, no way, please……no. I, am a princess who sucks all……life, to…… bloom…………dammit, ah, aah, aaaah, my life, my lifeeeeeeeeeeee…………Ah…………Ah…………」

The scream, of death agony released from Rafflesia’s throat as if squeezing out the last bit of her life, loses her power with an almost gruesome drop after reaching the summit*, and at the end, blurry or say thin voices spills from her mouth, and before long that too came to a halt, and finally Rafflesia’s life in its entirety was sucked dry by the black roses. (TLN: Of her remaining strength/ her life)

Rafflesia’s whole body was filled with black roses with countless large flowers, and it appears to be a black rose statue that looks barely humanoid.

Finally confirming that the enemy’s life had been completely sucked dry, Diadora collapsed to her knees.

「To think it’d end up being this exhausting. Right now, even a sapling Woodman can knock me out cold with a single chop」

However, as Diadora who somehow recovered to the extent where she could crack jokes, got a grip on her knees and stood up while staggering, her whole body was suddenly struck with an intense bloodlust.

In Diadora’s eyes reminiscent of black agate looking at the sky, a huge silhouette with the lower half of a beast falling towards her is projected over the surrounding wall with the sun behind it.

Georude is definitely the person who has the lower body of a beast that has no eyes, and an upper body of red armored figure, as if his whole body is bathed and soaked in his victim’s blood.

「Meeeeeeeii! 」


While maintaining the momentum of his heavy fall, Georude sets the aim of his right arm giant spear to Diadora, and falls like a meteor.

Diadora stimulated her weak legs and rolled over several times before she barely escaped being impaled.

「Ku, why, are you here? You lot should have been guarding the gates of the Demon realm」

In response to Diadora, who spews out blood as she makes the inquiry, Georude responds with an unconcealed hatred in his voice.

「Hmph, that was certainly the case. However, I felt the presence of your fight with Rafflesia, and came rushing over that Rafflesia must not kill you before I do.
That little boy named Dran never showed up in my station either. My thoughts were to begin the bloodbath with you, but who would have thought that Rafflesia would lose to you」

「Is that so. Sorry……haa, haa, to disappoint you then. Your precious comrade, has, been defeated by me」

「Precious comrade, huh? You use such funny words. But you’re right, it’s not like such a lingering sentiment doesn’t exactly exist. Nun! 」

Georude unexpectedly raises the spear in his right arm and swings it downward at the speed of wind. But his target wasn’t Diadora who had her eyes open, but Rafflesia who is buried in black roses.

「Tsk, this feeling isn’t exactly pleasant」

「Fu, Fufu, even though she’s a denizen of the Demon Realm, it seems you can bear the act of desecrating the corpse of a comrade I see」

「Huh. If you were helplessly defeated by your enemy and on top of that left your corpse behind above ground, now there is no greater shame for those who lived in the Demon Realm than that.
In that case, if the body is crushed so that there are no remains at all, now that can also be called compassion for denizens of the Demon Realm. If you want to laugh, laugh as much as you like. Because you won’t be able to laugh anymore soon」

Again, Georude pulled the spear from the ground and heavily shook the spear wet with the blood of his brethren.
For Diadora, who has not yet recovered, there was no way to prevent or avoid Georude’s blow, and it was all she could do to shake her limbs feebly.

「Ugh, Kuu, in such a place……」

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