Chapter 12 – Part 2

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Editor: Ryunakama

As Diadora somehow struggled to move and not wait for Georude’s lance strike, she put strength into her whole body that wouldn’t move as she desires, but even the thorns mixed with black hair wouldn’t move an inch, as if an invisible stake skewered her onto the ground.

「Meet your demise at the hands of my lance attack, black rose sprite! 」

Before a never before seen premonition of death of her very own existence, Diadora’s vision that was narrowing from shutting her eyes, reflected the figure of a back with six wings spread out that suddenly interrupted in from the side.

And the figure with the wings muttered thus, as it received Georude’s very best attack without effort.


「Nuu, you bastard!!」

Georude screams with a mix of shock, perplexity, and delight

「Dran! ?」

Diadora reflexively mentioned the name of the man that shouldn’t be here, at the sight of the man’s figure.

With a long sword in his right hand, Dran easily received Georude’s lance strike, and while still holding him at bay, he looked back at Diadora, who he was protecting behind him, and said with a light smile.

「You’ve really weakened quite a bit, Diadora. That being said, I’m glad I made it in time. I guess this makes it the second time I am rescuing Diadora huh. Talk about a strange string of fate」

「Why, are you here? I thought you were with Christina and Selina?」

「I felt Georude’s presence getting farther away from where he was supposed to be which was my destination. I left the place to Christina and co, then came here.
I also made preparations for them there in case of an emergency, looking at this situation, sheesh am I glad I came」

After talking thus far, Dran puts in more power in his right arm that had been strengthened with Drangonkin’s magic power, he then flips the long sword in one breath.

Georude’s lance, which is far more than a few tens of times his weight, is lightly blown away, and Georude withstood almost bolting upright spontaneously, as he retreats while causing an earth tremor sound.

「Nuu, those wings, this power, like I thought, you really are not a normal human! 」

「Say what, I can tell you that this body is definitely human. Just that, it might not necessarily be the case for my soul, is all. Oh denizen of the Demon Realm」

「Interesting. It just means that I get to have more fun with you than just beheading an ordinary human head!」

In front of Georude who is dominating the surrounding miasma and atmosphere, and releasing fresh fury and magic power from his overflowing fighting spirit, Dran just lightly stabbed the ground, and a magic circle emitting a rainbow-colored light is drawn centering around the spot where the tip touched the ground.

「It’s a defense and healing formation. Until I bury Georude, don’t move away from here Diadora」

「Wait, I ’ll recover soon with this formation. I will also assist you」

「I can’t let you who is already hurt push yourself. Now be good and stay put. Besides, I, alone am more than enough for that dolt」

「Dran! 」

Not heeding to Diadora’s cry, Dran slowly headed towards Georude, while spreading his six wings widely.

Without looking back at Diadora, who was calling my name, I keep moving step by step closer to Georude.

On my way to one of the Demon Realm Gates along with Christina and co, I pulled out the information on wings from my soul, and stretched it from my back, and flew till I got here in one breath.

I have recreated the same six wings as my previous life in human size, and in addition, I am also reinforcing* my whole body with the power of dragonkin simultaneously. (TLN: Strengthening/Reinforcing)

「Oh Dran. I dreamed and waited for the time when I could slay you with my lance along with that black rose sprite. It’s quite convenient for the both of you to show up together.
Is this also due to the guidance of the evil gods of the Demon Realm. I will kill you both together in this spot, devour your souls and make you part of my power. Guhahahahahaha!!」

「Guidance of the evil gods huh. However――」

How many of those evil gods do you think I have destroyed thus far? Rather, if your so called evil gods learn about your fight with me, they will be weeping and trembling while pissing their pants.


「Fuu! 」

With my long sword shining white with dense magic power just before materialization, I repelled the thrust lance head-on.

Georude suppressed the numbness running throughout his body with fighting spirit, killed the shock with complex yet skillful footwork of his four legs, and immediately swung down the lance that was flipped upwards.

I stepped in* much faster than his lance was swung down, and clobbed the head of Georude’s beast with my left fist that I clasped tightly so hard as to make a sound. (Breaking past the opponent’s defense)

My clenched fist, wrapped in a pseudo-dragon scale sunk deeply into the head of the beast, and broke several thicker fangs than my arm, causing it to vomit black blood.

「UGhh, I will draw the curtain to your second life with my lance!!」

「Hate to break it to you, but I’ve left that for my life span to decide. I have no intention of letting a small fry like you draw any curtain, you denizen of the Demon Realm! 」

Georude.s spear, containing his entire magic power, entire fighting spirit, burns brightly as if wrapped in crimson flame, there’s no mistaking the feeling of this attack incorporating Georude’s body and soul, as being the very best of his might.

In order to deal with this, I also poured more dragonkin magic power into the long sword, and the long sword took the form of a magic blade from the enormous magic power that was poured.

The blade, which was formed by my magic power that was once the highest among the Dragonkin, will cleave apart even the soul of a god.

My dragonkin magic sword cuts Georude’s lance from the tip, and with the momentum of the slashing attack, proceeds to slice Georude’s right arm apart in halves as if cutting through water without any resistance.

Furthermore, I drew an arc by turning the tip of the swung long sword around, and slash from the right neck of Georude’s beast to the left neck of his upper body.

「Go, Gooooh! ? Impossible, even if I’m above ground*, me of all people, to be, this easily」 (TLN: Mundane world/ Earth. Implying that he’s power is affected by the environment)

「I think I will call this Dragon Claw Sword. Georude, even though you’re in the world above ground where you’re unable to exhibit your original power, you were by no means weak, just unlucky to have matched with me as your opponent」

「Cu, curse youu. Ughu, even if you’re a reincarnation of a dragonkin, what undignified disgrace to have lost to a human! 」

「I just said you were ill-matched with your opponent didn’t I. Oh little denizen of the Demon Realm」

Suddenly, an evil energy was incessantly being released from Georude’s entire body, and the hatred and curses that dwelled in his eyes recede rapidly.

Georude ceased to move as if he were isolated from the passage of time. The tremors from the intense pain subsided, and even the gushing black blood stopped flowing.

Instead, he was given fear and despair and regret, and negative emotions that defy description that cannot be expressed in words. Georude must have seen it. My eyes turned into Dragon eyes glittering in seven colors.

「No way, impossible, that’s something that shouldn’t exist, it shouldn’t exist! You are, you are Dra……!!」

「Leave at once, Georude. There is no place for beings like you above ground*」 (TLN: Mundane world/ earth as opposed to the Demon realm)

I struck Georude’s head with my last remaining compassion and then slashed it crosswise in midair.

Because granting death to his existence was the quickest way to release Georude from the absolute horror that binds souls.

Georude’s demonic existence was finally lost only after his head was lopped off and cut into four pieces, his remaining body crumbled away as the head that was decapitated in the air turned to ashes, and soon, the ashes too disappeared.

「Farewell, oh knight of the Demon Realm. If you’re going to curse, curse your bad luck. If you’re going to lament, lament the fate that caused you to meet me. If you’re going to swear, you should swear at yourself for having made an enemy out of me」

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