Chapter 13 – Part 1

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After confirming the complete disappearance of Georude’s body and soul, I looked back at Diadora in the recovery and defense formation.

By staying in the formation filled with my Dragonkin magic power and vitality*, Diadora rapidly recovered her magic power and vitality that she had lost, and was almost in a state of having fully recovered. (TLN: Vitality / Essence/ life force, used interchangeably)

「Last night I said you were a weird human, but I didn’t think you were this weird」

「Oh you mean this?」

I lightly moved the folded wings on my back. Diadora doesn’t hide the curious gaze in her eyes as she watches as the wings make flapping sounds.

「That’s right. There’s that too, but, I mean the soul of a Dragon race in a human body, come on, it’s the last thing that’d ever cross my mind. Even though I have never even seen a real dragon before, and before I get to see one, here I am with a reincarnation of a dragon reborn as a human, wouldn’t you say that is even more unusual」

「I won’t deny it, but unexpectedly, the memories of your previous life were just cleaned up, so you can’t exactly write off the possibility of you yourself being a dragon in your previous life you know. That’s what the so called circle of transmigration is」

「Really. It must be so, if it’s coming from you. Recalling the battle from just now, I get the impression that if it’s you Dran, you won’t lose to anybody whoever they might be, so I will redirect my worries to something else. Please do not use too much of your power and destroy the forest okay?」

I was overwhelmed by Diadora’s joke so much that I could clearly feel that I was smiling broadly. It was a rare thing for me if I do say so myself.

「I will keep that in mind. If I end up being a destroyer despite being the one who proposed to offer help, that’d be like putting the cart before the horse wouldn’t you say. Now then, let me get going」

「Okay, I pray for your good fortune, Dran」

「Thank you」

I offered words of appreciation and spread my wings. First off, I broke the surrounding walls, demolished the auxiliary* Demon Realm gate stationed here, and then proceed to destroy Georg and the Demon Realm gate that Georg protects.

Christina, who was concerned about Dran’s safety, continued to advance smoothly after Dran left, and defeated the groups of demon soldiers she encountered.

However, as Dran feared, the invaders from the Demon Realm were not limited to the demon soldiers alone. They were proceeding smoothly, and at last they reached in front of the Demon Realm gate, and now they’re being obstructed by their greatest enemy yet.

「Come on, come on. Inhabitants of Ente Forest, is this the extent of your attacks, huh! ? FUHAHAHA, at this rate no matter how many days you keep up this lukewarm attacks, it won’t even leave a scratch on this great Gelen!!」

Black giant Gelen, who looks as if he had become darkness itself, struck down the arrows and magic rushing towards his giant body with a single stroke of the huge axe in his right hand with appalling ease, mowing everything down.

In the midst of the warriors of Ente Forest who were gritting their teeth, Christina stood steadfast in front of Gelen, blazing in flames of unwavering fighting spirit. Frantically mustering courage behind her, is Selina who also appears before the demons of the Demon Realm.

The Demon Realm axe knight clasps the axe with both hands, holds it horizontally and begins to talk to Christina and Selina with a voice revealing his unconcealed delight. Treating formidable enemies and friends alike. That’s the kind of man he is.

「Oh, Christina or whatever. Did you eat enough, sleep enough, and restore your energy?
I was looking forward to my battle with you. I also made sure that the demon soldiers won’t interfere. So, why don’t we have a go at mortal combat to our heart’s content, woman from the superhuman tribe*」 (TLN: Race/ tribe)

「I’m honored to hear that you’ve been waiting for me in anticipation, but it’s a little troubling pushing words like superhuman tribe which I have never heard before unto me.
However, this time around I can’t possibly let it end without settling the score right. I will defeat you with all the power that I possess」

「Hahahaha, yeah, you’re goddamn right, I won’t have it any other way. It would be easy to destroy the Demon Realm gate here if you defeated me. But defeating me is the most difficult hurdle of all just so you know.
That’s right, if you don’t defeat me as soon as possible, this forest will continue to change more and more into the Demon Realm. As time goes by, the homes of the inhabitants of the forest will be lost. Now bring it on while keeping that in mind」

「It’s just a matter of defeating you and that will be all! 」

She turned her pure silver long hair over, the brilliantly shining sunlight broke into her silver hair and turned into countless pearls.

Over Christina’s head, a giant phantom* serpent rushed to attack Gelen together with a razor sharp long breath. (TLN: Illusion/immaterial)

Selina, who was behind Christina, invoked the unique magic of the Lamia race with silent breath*, as Christina dashed out.


「Nuhahaha, of course, the Lamia girl, Selina I believe. I remembered you too.
The purpose of this is to pick up where we left off last night with the two of you. We never said anything about it being one-on-one afterall. Just the way I want it! 」

Although it is a phantom formed with magic power and curse, a huge serpent that can easily swallow three to four people altogether, Gelen sticks out his left fist that looks like a rough rock that was carved out, and responds to the huge serpent by whacking it in the head.

The head of the phantom serpent blew off as if an explosion had occurred inside its head, and suddenly it vanished as it dissolved into the atmosphere.

Christina ran as the splattered blood of the serpent melted away. It is extremely difficult to make the blade reach Gelen’s waist upwards due to the difference in body size.

To respond to Christina who was approaching directly with a frontal attack in a fearless manner, Gelen too, honest to a fault followed suit, and struck with his axe directly from the front like a bull.

Christina, after the momentary clash with the axe, ran through relying on the momentum of the dash, and forcefully slashed the shin of Gelen’s left leg.

If it was a human torso, it would cut it in half like slicing water even if it was someone wearing armor, which is Christina’s non-human slashing attack.

However, Gelen avoids Christina’s blow by pulling his left half of the body with the right foot as the axis, and after the blade has passed as if following her trajectory, he lets loose a left roundhouse kick.

Gelen’s left roundhouse kick, which was released accompanied by the cry of the wind, Gooo, mowed down the space where Christina had been just a second ago, without turning his body part into a lump of meat that can’t retain its original shape.

Christina was barely faster in running through than Gelen’s roundhouse kick.

「To pull that of so easily!!」

A moment before swinging Elspada, Christina noticed that Gelen was about to swing his axe, and she commanded her body which was already moving to attack, to switch to evasive maneuver with all her might.

Gelen swings his axe with a trajectory depicting a crescent moon, causing the tip of the axe to scrape the ground.

「I won’t let you! Titan Fist! 」

The instant Selina’s angry voice echoed through the battlefield, a huge fist rising from the ground before Gelen, rivaling his giant body was formed in the blink of an eye, and hits Gelen who was still swinging his axe from the front.

「Muu, so strange. The magic power of the dragonkin, although miniscule, is mixed with the magic power of the demon serpent. Fufu, it would seem the opponent I chanced upon is far more interesting than I thought! 」

Christina was also surprised by Selina’s use of magic, unlike Gelen.

「That’s quite something. I was already abundantly amazed yesterday, but it’s like you’re a different person today, Selina」

「I really don’t understand what’s going on myself, but for some reason, I feel really really good today. There is also thanks to the Magicite and Gnome Stone* I received from Dran-san! 」 (TLN: Gnome stone/ could also be represented as Earth Spirit Stone)

Saying so, Selina showed Christina the Magicite and Gnome stone she had in her hands revealing the secret behind her being in perfect form.

Magicite is a crystalloid magic power of the Dragonkin extracted from Dran’s own soul, it’s a special item that for the time being should probably be called Dragon Magicite.

「I still have a lot left! Thou venom blood of the demon serpent that flows through my blood, thou curse of the demon serpent that binds my soul, ooh, I beseech you abominable lot for a request, Raise thy roar of curses, Scatter thy venom, Detest life」

Christina and Gelen both gathered their attention to witness the might of the purple-red magic power that spouted out of Selina’s body.

At this moment too, an enormous magic power was being provided from the Dragon Magicite to Selina, and Selina was almost equal to a dragon in Lamia skin.

The red-purple magic power forms a multi-headed serpent with eight heads on one body.
An even more superior Lamia race unique magic to the seven heads multi-headed serpent used in the combat against Gelen last night.

At present, it was one of the strongest chants among the unique magic that Selina can handle.

「Eun Jaraam!!」

Boasting a real Hydra-like giant frame, Eun Jaraam is a multi-headed serpent, exuding the magic power of the dragonkin, and approaches Gelen while the breeze and land that have been transformed to that of the Demon Realm are being eroded by the curse of the demon serpent.

Even Christina, who is not the target of the magic, in front of Eun Jaraam, which is a mass of curses and such intensity, a shudder reflexively ran down her spine, but Gelen held up his axe with tenacious spirit like a humanoid mountain range and faced it head-on.

Eun Jaraam attacked Gelen by dripping liquid of venom from the eight heads, while releasing dark red magic power from its dark red scales that looked like dying embers.


In contrast to the fact the previous phantom serpents were easily shattered by Gelen’s axe and fist, Eun Jaraam has a blend of dragonkin magic power in its composition, and now by possessing a density that is no longer considered a phantom, receiving a blow or two, will no longer shatter it.

Gelen uses his axe to parry one of the heads that was trying to bite him, while exhaling the curse venom, he strikes the heads of several that were trying to coil around him to restrain his limbs with his hands, and kicks them with his feet to keep them in check.

Gelen’s armor-shaped body spouts pitch-black smoke from the end touched by the curse venom and it erodes and decays in an instant.

Gelen puts his strength in one breath as he wraps the three heads that have been trying to stick their fangs into his head and neck, under his left armpit altogether, even as his skin was being burned by the dark red magic power of the serpent.

Gelen’s left arm was clearly enormously enlarged to go around, and the dark red scales and bones were crushed continuously, not only that, the three heads were severed from where Gelen was holding them.

The three heads that were forcibly cut off from under his arm fell to the ground as is without being disintegrated into magic power, and red blood overflows from the section that was messily ruined.

When Gelen, who had released the three heads that convulsed heavily, turned his glare filled with bloodlust on the remaining five heads, Christina ran up Eun Jaraam’s back and leaped in.

The magic power of Eun Jaraam, which functioned as a deadly venom for Gelen, did not harm Christina due to Selina’s precise manipulation.

Gelen tried to swing his axe to smash up Eun Jalaam together with Christina, but Selina did not overlook that action, and two of the remaining serpent’s heads coiled around Gelen’s right arm, one of which was deeply thrusting its curse venom fangs into Gelen’s upper arm.


Christina, who powerfully kicked off Eun Jalaam, flew in the air like an arrow from a string, and slashed Gelen’s neck on the right.

Gelen couldn’t endure the intense throe so much that he stumbled forward, and ended up creating a deadly opportunity unbecoming of a battlefield. And Christina wasn’t generous enough to miss it.


「Eeh, too shallow! ?」

Christina kicks the ground and wears the wind, temporarily gaining flight force, and proceeds to assault with her sword.

Her aim is Gelen’s head. Fully indulged with the choice of either splitting it in two, or chopping the head off. Anything less, would be ineffective in putting an end to the fate of this Demon Realm giant knight.

Gelen, even after losing balance, embraced the wind then spun around, and swung his axe towards Christina who was approaching from the back.

Gelen, after completely swinging the axe that would have scattered the body into a thousand pieces, and broken it into tens of thousands, felt uncomfortable with the feedback of simply cutting through the air, and the realization that the weight of the axe was slightly heavier, and he immediately realized why.

Christina did not evade the axe in the air, nor did she receive it with Elspada, but landed on the blade of the axe, pulling such a risky stunt featuring her clinging onto the slight unevenness of the delicate decoration on the axe with her fingers.

Even as her left hand grabbing the uneven area was burning from the fighting spirit and magic power pervading Gelen’s axe, Christina gnashed and endured the burning pain, as she dashed off in one go.

Last night she ran up Gelen’s left arm, but this time, Christina ran over his right arm from the axe.

Not missing the perfect opportunity, not idling while Gelen is unable to move about, and while getting burned by Gelen’s fighting spirit with every step she takes.

「Resign yourself! 」


Gelen, who was unable to even make a slight movement, however, appeared from the inside of his forehead a horn reminiscent of a knight lance that couldn’t be wielded by riding any kind of warhorse.

The horn that broke through his forehead, while dripping black blood, extends to penetrate Christina’s approaching face.

The spine chilling moment when the two sides approach each other and clash finally came.
Christina avoided the horns clad in Gelen’s black blood with a half-length stance, and several silver hairs bundled with blue ribbons were pierced by the horns and drifts in the air.

Christina, having avoided Gelen’s last resistance by a hair’s breadth, swings Elspada without any hesitation.

Thick iron, elastic meat, and the feedback of cutting through bones altogether was transmitted through the blade, and Gelen’s head that was sent flying, reflects in Christina’s sight.

Gelen’s head, which was slowly falling, crossed Christina’s eyes, and Christina felt the sign of Gelen’s head smiling.

「Nice, nicely done! 」

Gelen’s head fell to the ground with a very hearty and satisfying noise, and immediately he began to lose shape and crumble in order to welcome death in a world where he shouldn’t be, and at the same time he started crumbling, after Christina jumped down, not even a handful of dust remained.

After Christina sees Gelen’s last moment through, she leisurely breathes loosely like a thread.
Even though the demon soldiers still remain, Christina allowed herself to relax her mind a little now that their biggest enemy at the moment had been defeated.

Of course, it’s only a matter to an extent where she never withdrew her conscious awareness of her surroundings.

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