Chapter 13 – Part 2

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Georg looked up silently as I swept away the miasma with each wing strike and descended slowly.

The quality and vigor of the fighting spirit he was clad in feels different from last night. I acutely felt the aura peculiar to someone who had decided on a certain kind of resolution.

「Your comrades and all other Demon Realm gates have been eliminated from this world, Georg」

「If that was what awaited them at the end of a deadly battle in which they expended all their strengths, then no need to mourn them. We are demons who are fascinated by the harmony and brilliance of life and death which equally glitters in conflict」

「If we were able to make use of that integrity in a different way, we would not have been hostile to you lot right」

「Is that so? Be that as it may, it was the result of the choices each of them made personally. Please bear in mind that your sympathy or compassion are unnecessary」

「In that case, I’ll respect your wish. You are an enemy I have to slay. Nothing more than that」

「That’s the spirit. I had the opportunity to etch your* fight I had the privilege of witnessing into both of my eyes, even till now it never fades or loses its vividness in my memory」 (TLN: Respectful way of addressing someone of very high status, like your highness)

「To challenge me to a fight despite knowing where my soul derives, are you a race of battle junkies? You’re beyond saving.
Only annihilation as you reflect on your powerlessness is what you’ll get. Just like I did numerous evil gods and demons once before」

「Fufu, it’s actually because of that you’re unable to understand that there’s worth in this battle. Exactly because you’re an opponent I’m unable to rival despite expending all of my power, I will be able to ignite my life and soul.
Even more than when I witnessed your battle with the god of war Aldeath-sama whom I once served, I hoped that I would have the opportunity to cross swords with you someday you know」

「I was thinking I remember having seen you somewhere before, so you are an ex-retainer of Aldeath huh. To have become a battle junkie that had fallen to the Demon Realm, from being a retainer of a virtuous god although imperfect. It seems Aldeath sucks at holding the reins of his retainers」

「Being intoxicated with blood in the midst of battle, and because I only found joy during mortal combat with our lives on the balance, I was driven out of the Divine Realm.*
Imagine now, in an unexpected place, at an unexpected time, I get the chance to fight with you, something I’d dreamed of countless times, and having a battle with you at a place where I can only summon insufficient strength isn’t exactly what I was looking for.
So it might be extremely inconvenient for you, but I will have you fall to the Demon Realm together with me」 (TLN: Heavenly world, divine world)

At the same time as Georg’s voice, pillars of light that change color instantly in four directions centering around the Demon Realm gate extended to the sky, and when they reached the clouds above, the four pillars of light linked to each other, and trapped me inside a luminous cube.

But Georg’s aim is not to trap me inside this luminous cube.

The Demon Realm gates, which had been closed till now, slowly opened to the left and right, and the passageway leading to the Demon Realm became visible.

The Demon Realm wind containing miasma blew outwards, and I could feel the inside of the luminous cube gradually starting to seperate from the normal space.

「Now, shall we cross over to my domain, the Demon Realm, oh ancient dragon god! 」

「To invite me forcibly even though I didn’t agree, you really are lacking in etiquette」

Immediately after the groggy sensation and anacatesthesia associated with crossing dimension, the atmosphere of the world surrounding the cube was clearly different.

Looking up, I could see a wide range of dimensions that changes to a variety of colors as far as the eye can see.

They are Sub-Demon Realms, or the suns and galaxies that exist in this Large Demon Realm.
Looking at the surface, the only thing visible is a desolate wasteland that spreads infinitely.

「Though you called it your domain, what a desolate place you’ve gone and invited me to. Not even a castle」

Transported by wind with little to no white dust, it flows smoothly through our feet. Before long, the luminous cube of light was dispelled, only then did I realize I was now in the Demon Realm completely.
It’s been a long time since I came here, but to think that I would step foot in this place even after I’ve been reincarnated as a human, sheesh, one really can’t predict what could happen in the future.

「Well, originally we were just a bunch of vagrant mercenaries. Stuff like lifestyles or etiquettes of royals or nobles has nothing to do with us.
Besides, this is the place where we’ll be having our private battle you know. Please forgive the unsightly appearance.
Then, please accept my hospitality. Heart of the ancestral dragon, the seven primordial dragons are one god, the god-demon slayer, the calamity of seven colors, the destruction of the rainbow, the most feared dragon than even the evil gods!!」

The miasma and magic power of the Demon Realm was overflowing from Georg’s whole body, and like lava coursing through a rift, his red-hot body internal structure peeked out from his whole body.

It looks as if the wounds are still intact without blood overflowing from the countless lacerations, but Georg’s transformation progressed further, his giant build got a little bigger by one size, and the fighting spirit from the rift coursing throughout his whole body, was erupting with such density it was visible to the naked eye.

Twirled horns extended from both shoulders, head and elbows, revealing Georg’s original form and power.

「Look at you all pumped up. I will grant you your wish. But the price is the extinction of your very existence」

「If it means I can exchange swords with you, then I won’t hesitate paying such cheap compensation. Even so, don’t think I have the intention of losing. Allow me to deny that arrogance with my sword!!」

Georg after shortening the distance between us in the blink of an eye, swung down three large swords from an above-head sword stance. The force behind the blade, would shatter even a mass of mythril like sand.


「Huh! 」

My long sword――dragon claw sword repels all the large swords back altogether.

At the same time, mine and Georg’s force collide against each other, and it becomes a shock wave that spreads to the surroundings, and the ground of the wasteland where the Demon Realm gate stands collapsed, and the whole area centering around us caves in heavily.

Georg pushes a large sword he is holding with both arms toward the sky. Then, black clouds formed at the tip, and spread quickly, completely covering the sky of the wasteland.

「Oh heavens cry, Sky Roar Kill! 」

The sky occupied by the black clouds as Georg commands gave a thunderous roar, and dark thunder sparks within the black clouds.

Furthermore, the large sword in his lower right arm is thrust to the ground. A huge amount of power flows from the large sword into the ground at his feet, and the earth* too quickly surrenders to Georg’s control. (TLN: Earth: Ground/land)

「Oh Earth howl, Earth Howl Kill! 」

With the spot where Georg’s large sword is stuck as the epicenter, an unnatural earthquake occurs where the devastated land lies.

The earthquake loses its meaning to me flying in the sky with my six wings, but I doubt it would stop there.

When I was about a hundred steps away from Georg, the number of black cloud thunders increased and the trembling of the earth increased infinitely.

Georg then pulled the large sword that pointed to the heavens and the large sword that had been set up on the earth, and turned the tip of each of them towards me.

In Georg’s eyes shining behind the helmet where laceration courses, there was no longer any hint of reverence for me, only the will to slaughter an enemy with full strength shines.

「Take this, Heaven-Earth Kill!!」

Along with Georg’s screams, countless black thunder pours down from the sky like rain aiming at me, and the earth shatters countlessly and turns into a gigantic earth shell shooting at me.

The black thunder released by Georg’s will deviates from the normal laws of nature, and even after I avoid it, it draws an arc and keeps on pursuing me with its thunder fangs.

The same goes for the shells of the earth, and the shells ignoring the laws of gravity are released over my head and follows me just like the black thunder.

「Cleave them altogether! 」

My dragonkin magic power sword, which stretches as if it were a bundle of a million thunderbolt, is swung down from the sky to the earth at once, and the black thunder and earth shells following me, as well as the the dark clouds overhead and even the shattered ground beneath my feet, were sliced―― or rather, were swallowed altogether.
At the end of the thunderous roar that pierces the eardrums and jolts the brain, the black clouds above and the ground at my feet were split into two by my dragon-claw sword, not only that, but as a result of my overflowing magic, the earth collapses to the extreme without stop just like that, and falls into a dimension of myriad of colors that spreads out infinitely.

「I should have known it won’t be that easy. This is why, this is exactly why it was worth my anxious wait. The flash of my three swords, are you able to withstand it, Three-thousand Huge Flash Kill. Keeeeeaaaaahh!!!」

The moment the three large swords that had been sticking out toward me emitted a dazzling light, the large swords turned into a thousand flash pierces per each swing, and the tips that turned into flashes in front of me became a wall and began approaching me.

The tips of the flashes that penetrate everything physically and spiritually, I stand with my long sword over my left shoulder, likewise, I unfolded my left arm with the five fingers and hold it over my right shoulder, thereby crossing both arms.

I proceeded with the dragonkin mutation on my left arm even further, and my left arm transformed to that of a dragonkin’s arm from the elbow down to the fingertip in the blink of an eye.

The skin turned to white scales, and thick, sharp claws grew at the fingertips.
I swung the crossed arms downwards faster than the flashes, depicting an L-shape, I smashed the three thousand flash piercings that were approaching very close to my eyes into fine particles.

Even after I squashed Georg’s certain death secret technique, he wasn’t disturbed, instead he quickly swung the swords on both upper arms forward, and an L-shape rift accrues in the distorted space.

Georg leaps without hesitation into the slowly expanding rift. And without any delay, a spatio-temporal tremor occurs over my head.

「Did you just jump over here?」

My eyes, which radiate in seven colors, captured Georg’s body falling from the back, with the overhead space being ripped in a L-shape.

「I’ll be taking your severed head now! 」

「It’s not so cheap that I’ll be handling it to you」

Georg’s large swords drew near me, ripping through the atmosphere with trails of three lines. Each blade had the swiftness, destructive power, and sharpness befitting of a demon who was a household* deity of the god of war. (Household/ Retainer/ Follower…)

From my throat, which has has been dragonified*, a dragon’s growl emitted. (TLN: Transformed to that of a dragon)


A single flash of the dragon-claw sword. Georg’s upper left arm sword, which was aiming to smash my right half, crumbled into smithereens from the middle of the blade.

「Nuuu, there’s still more! 」

Subsequently, Georg’s large sword in his upper right arm that comes falling like a meteorite, I repelled it with my left arm that had completely dragonified.

With this being a real dragon claw, along with five line traces, Georg’s large sword was cut clean in 6 pieces. Furthermore, reversing my left arm with the five fingers, I cut off Georg’s upper right arm from the elbow with the dragon claws arranged like swords.

And the third strike. From Georg’s stance pulling the large sword in his upper right arm backwards, it comes flying at a speed faster than a sword flash, with momentum that can blow even a sword flash away.

I responded with a faster single flash and lopped off Georg’s large sword along with his wrist that was holding it.

Georg’s right hand, which was slashed by me, flies into the void tumbling around while still holding the large sword.

Even faster than blood squirting from the severed right elbow and right wrist, Georg strikes with the shield on his lower left arm without minding the pain.

I swung down the dragon-claw sword which I had re-gripped with both hands, as Georg’s shield covered my vision.

「My entire soul……」

Along the trajectory of my dragon-claw sword, Georg’s shield, the hand holding the shield, and also Georg’s large body from the top of his head to the crotch which lies beyond the trajectory’s path, began to shift up and down along the straight line that flashed through the shield.

Slowly after that, black blood overflows as if it was water oozing.

「Never stood a chance! 」

The overflowing black blood dropped like a waterfall, wetted the earth, and Georg’s body, which was cut into two by my single flash, fell down on his back, splitting in half to the left and right.
I breathe out slowly.

The technique that Georg used to drag me into the Demon Realm, was based on the Demon Realm gates and the lives absorbed in Ente Forest as well as Georg’s own soul which he used as fuel.

Now that Georg has fallen, I was only temporarily dragged into the Demon Realm, so the technique will be undone, and over the course of some time, the whole area within the Demon Realm gates will likely be reverted to Ente Forest.

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