Chapter 14

Translator: Jay_Samuel

Editor: Ryunakama

The function of Demon Realm gate gradually stopped as Georg collapsed, and the section centered around me and the Demon Realm gate soon returned back to the surface*. (TLN: Earth/ Mundane world)

Since it was a technique that temporarily summoned the Demon Realm, it explains why it would automatically return to normal if Georg fell.

After experiencing the groggy sensation and anacatesthesia associated with jumping through space and dimensions again, opening my eyelids, I had returned to the surface where the atmosphere was clearly different from that of the desolate Demon Realm.

I looked back at the Demon Realm gate that stood behind me, I used a single-flash of the dragon-claw sword along with a thin sigh like that of a thread.

The Demon Realm gate, which has been severed along with the atmosphere filled with miasma, begins to gradually shift along the trajectory that runs from the lower right to the upper left in my view, and the upper half falls to the ground while making an earth tremor sound.

I carefully confirmed that the function of the Demon Realm gate had completely halted, and that the passage transcending the dimensions was completely closed while dispelling the smoke that rose up at the same time as the crash of the upper half of the Demon Realm gate with my hand.

「It’s regretful that the lingering miasma won’t just clear away immediately just because I’ve severed the connection to the Demon Realm」

Due to the physical destruction of the Demon Realm gate and the disruption of the dimension passage, no miasma or magic power from the Demon Realm will flow into Ente forest anew. But, the amount that has already flowed in is a different story.

All that is left now with this deformed environs, is for it to quickly regain its former richness and beautiful appearance as soon as possible through self-purification activities and the inhabitants of the forest, but restoring the lands and trees that have been encroached by the miasma is not as simple as it sounds.

There’s also the matter of sustained casualties, so I went and applied barrier magic around the Demon Realm gates for the time being after which, I made a triumphant return to Cywest village.

After we had returned to Cywest village, we were greeted with cheers by everyone who was waiting for our return.

The families of those who lost their lives in the battle with the Demon Soldiers, crying with sorrow, raising their grief, being encouraged and comforted by the people around them, seeing such a thing, I couldn’t really immerse myself in the aftertaste of victory.

We offer help to the trio of chiefs Deo, Vlaicu, and Alsienne, we got their permission as they felt much obliged, assisted with helping the injured, investigating the deformed forest, putting the damaged forest in order and so on.

Then more than a thousand Wood elf reinforcements that came through the Fairy Way came noon two days after we destroyed all the Demon Realm gate.

The Wood Elf reinforcements arrived, and after some time when the aftermath tidying up was already looking good, we departed Cywest village and were seen off by Olivier, Diadora, Gio, Fio and Marl.

In addition to the baggage we originally brought, as gratitude for the assistance in the battle this time, various items were given, and our baggage was about twice as much as when we left Bern village.

In particular, Christina was reluctant to part because she had gained several followers in the short period of time she stayed in Cywest.

「Onee-sama*, please accept this. It is a shirt I knitted with my thread」 (Revered sister -not necessarily blood-related)

「Christina-sama, accept this too. You can eat it on your way home. It’s a fruit tart I baked myself! 」

And just like that, surrounded by a number of women, Christina-san looks pale as if she could drop any minute.

Fu-mu. It seems enviable, but because it’s troublesome you’d like to refrain, such a complicated feeling indeed. On the other hand, Selina, who tormented me throughout yesterday, the alcohol still hasn’t left her system yet, although she has taken sober pills, it seems she still has a hangover, so she’s a bit quiet.

「Selina, are you alright? Marl slept partway through yesterday so she doesn’t know, but it’s not good to drink too much alcohol you know」

「Exactly, if you see Selina, she was entangled with Dran in a double meaning*」 (TLN: I believe it meant that she coiled around him physically and also troubled him)

That damn Fio, with which mouth did she use to say that despite being the one who stirred things up. Should I make it so that Spirits don’t talk to her for like a month, thus thinking that nobody would blame me for holding such resentful complaints in my mind for like a second.

「Yeah…… I’ve really reflected on it. Dran-san too, I am sorry for leaving scale marks all over your body……ugh, my head, is pounding~」

「I don’t mind it. I just hope you’ll be careful from now on. Now then. Let’s be on our way. If we idle for too long, we might go past the promised deadline. I don’t want to worry everyone in the village unnecessarily」

When I called out, Selina replied with a really weak voice with no strength behind it, and Christina-san managed to squeeze the gifts from the girls into her bag and exhaled in relief.

It would appear that fighting demon soldiers might be easier than handling girls for Christina-san.

As we finally stepped out, Olivier and Diadora and co said their goodbyes respectively.

「Christina, it seems like your encounter with Dran is a good opportunity for you. I am delighted that he’s someone who knows you.
Selina, it seems Christina considers you as a good friend. Thank you. But, let’s be careful with alcohol shall we.
And Dran. You are an even more outstanding mage than Master Denzel recommends, and also a warrior. If you ever step foot in Galois, please do visit the Magic Academy. I welcome you」

「Magic academy huh. I am very humbled by your excessive evaluation, Olivier-san. It’s indeed an attractive proposal to be able to meet Christina-san easily」

「Please think about it. I thank you once again from the bottom of my heart for your assistance」

After saying such, Olivier bowed down elegantly, Diadora who was holding a small pouch in her hand stepped forward, whether she was hiding her embarrassment or being a little curt, she opened her mouth.

「You guys, especially Dran, you came to my rescue countless times, so it’s my own way of saying thank you. Accept it」

After saying thus, I received the small pouch she handed forward, wondering what was inside and took a peek, there were quite a lot of rose seeds in it.

「This is, I see, seeds of black rose huh」

「Yes. My seeds. I heard that black rose is a rose that rarely blooms, and is also useful as ingredients for magic potions. I made it especially easy to bloom, so if you cultivate it in your hometown, it should bloom somewhat. You can sell it, and can also use it as magic potion ingredient」

「Hmmm, I got something quite unexpected with this. I didn’t help you because I wanted your gratitude, nevertheless thank you, Diadora. I have certainly received your consideration.
Please come visit me occasionally in Bern village. It’s not exactly a special place or anything, but I promise to welcome you as best as I can in my own way. Simply put, I’m just looking forward to being able to see Diadora」

「Re, really? that’s true, I’m also looking forward to seeing Dran. One more thing, this is my gratitude to you personally」

Suddenly, Diadora took one step further and when I thought that the scent of black rose was tickling my nose, Diadora timidly placed her lips on mine.

The soft and wet sensation of her lips came along with the scent of black roses, and I opened my eyes to the unexpected action of Diadora.

Diadora’s lips did not separate immediately, and continued to overlap with my lips for a while amid everyone’s astonishment.

Christina-san, who saw my and Diadora’s kiss flaunted in front of her eyes, had become all red like an octopus in hot water from the top of her head, and was opening and closing her mouth up and down like a fish.

Apparently, my long kiss with Diadora was too stimulating for Christina-san.

She seemed like a grown up from the somewhat reclusive aura in her outward appearance and demeanor, but looks like she is still as innocent as they come. This is also unexpected.

It wasn’t until Selina screamed out loud in spite of her headache from the hangover, that Diadora’s lips finally separated from mine.

「Wha, wha wha wha, whaーーーーーーーーーー! Di, Diadora-san, wha, what are you doing! ? Even I myself haven’t done that with Dran-san yet!!!」

「Wh, what do you mean what, it’s just a thank you. I owe Dran my life, th, this much is only natural right」

Diadora replied. Selina who shuddered all over as she shouted in a trembling voice, with her face turned away, but I could see the nape of her neck and ears turn red, I couldn’t help but see this Spirit of Black Rose* who looks like the very embodiment of the word Bewitching as simply cute. (TLN: Interchangeably – Black Rose Sprite)

When I see the interaction of Selina who was making a clamor repeatedly, and Diadora who was feeling bashful from her actions and instead turned her face away, I was able to forget the tinge of anxiety on my mind since my battle with Georg.

At that time, although temporarily, by wielding the power of the past dragonkins in the Demon Realm, thinking that the evil gods with whom I have connections with in my previous life perhaps may have detected my reincarnation or not, and was feeling anxious that from now on, they may bare their fangs at me now that I have been reborn as a human.

―――――Found you. Found you found you found you. Hahahaha, Ufufufu, Hahahahaha!! I thought there was no way you could perish, but to think you’d be in such an appearance.

Hahahaha, to be able to play with you again, there’s no greater happiness, wait for me okay, Dora-chan!!


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