Chapter 15 – Part 2

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「For me, I am most curious about what stories you know of the spirit gods and the very first Yggdrasil tree」

「I’m fine with anything. Christina’s singing was nice, but your storytelling is fun too」

Seeing Marl’s innocent happiness would always cause anyone who saw it to smile.

「Of course, it’s a given that a Wood Elf would be interested in hearing stories about spirit gods or Yggdrasil. I’ll keep that in mind for next time. By the way, how is it going in Cywest and inside the forest?」

「Yeah, we’re doing fine. We’re being sent a lot of people and other things from the other clans, and the purification of the forest is proceeding smoothly. Plus, all the people in the village are really interested in Bern Village, so they’re always fighting over who gets to come visit」

「Fumu, even though both places can be considered as remote areas, I’m sure the inside of Ente Forest is like a different world compared to here. It probably draws the attention of young people in particular. Luckily, the village people here were only confused in the beginning, and quickly changed into a more welcoming atmosphere. It would be good if future negotiations with incoming merchants turn out well」

「From Galois, Olivier has been collecting information using a messenger, so isn’t it fine, in a way? The other people who also left the area agreed to help as much as they could」

「I see, in that case, Olivier is really unmatched」

「If she invites you to come enroll in the Magic Academy, it’ll be impossible for you to refuse, you know~」

Warming her body by basking in the sunlight, Selina was in a good mood as she said that. Unable to deny her words, I could only groan.

「It’s exactly as you say, Selina. It’s true that there is magic knowledge and status that can be gained at the Magic Academy, but I don’t want to be separated from the village for long periods of time, and I also don’t want to be separated from you either, Selina」

As if she was feeling drowsy due to the warmth of the sun, Selina was starting to nod off. But when she heard my words, her tail stood up on end, and her eyes widened. Could it be, did I say something to catch her attention?

「Yes, that’s right! Will I really have to be separated from you, Dran!?」

Selina came crawling over to me as if she aimed to cling to me, and bewilderment clearly rose on her lovely face, as she peeked at my face.

「Yes, most likely. I’m probably the only one she will invite, so I can’t just bring you along with me. I’m sorry to say this, Selina, but it’s already difficult for you to just walk through town in plain sight because you’re a lamia. The humans see you as just a powerful monster who will harm them, so if I bring you to a big city like Galois, it will surely be a danger to your safety 」

「But, but, you’re able to bring me along through Bern Village now, and I’ve become friends with the villagers too; that’s all thanks to you, Dran. The reason I’m not so scared of humans anymore is because of you, and I haven’t even returned the favor to you at all yet. If I am separated from you now, then that would just be too sad. I don’t want that」

The sight of Selina’s face and tail drooping down despondently tormented my heart greatly.

「Selina, we’re just talking hypothetically here. I haven’t yet decided if I will actually enroll in the Magic Academy or not yet, so we’re getting ahead of ourselves a bit. But I’m happy to hear you say that, Selina 」

「Ah, really, is that so? So you haven’t been officially invited by Ms. Olivier yet then. I’m sorry, I ended up getting carried away by my assumptions」

「It’s fine. Everyone makes assumptions and misunderstandings. It’s just that you have to look for your future husband, so do you want to try visiting Galois someday, since there are plenty of men of other species living there? As for me, putting aside the Magic Academy, I’ve always been interested in going there」

「Um, certainly, I would like to go to a city as big as Galois, but I’ve been wondering whether I should keep on searching for a husband or not……」

Taking a sudden reversal from the sorrowful face she’s had until now, Selina began to squirm while looking somewhat embarrassed as she peeked at my face, then quickly lowered her gaze, only to look back at me, going back and forth nervously.

Her voice became so quiet at the end, I could barely hear it anymore, but…… hmm.


After I parted ways with Selina and the others, I returned home and ate dinner with my parents and my siblings. I really felt fulfilled and satisfied as I settled into sleep, knowing that another tranquil day had gone by peacefully.

However, in order to regain my energy for another day of living life to the fullest tomorrow, I should have been able to fall asleep easily, my consciousness losing itself into the darkness. But instead, my consciousness remained clear as my mind was brought to a world different from reality.

「To think someone could infiltrate my dream. It might be a god that rules over dreams or sleep, but even if it is, they shouldn’t be powerful enough to enter my dreams so easily……」

I was standing still in a space where a blank whiteness spread out as far as the eye could see, while taking on the form of my old body: the Ancient Celestial Dragon with six wings, white scales, and rainbow colored eyes.

「At times like these, will a demon come out, or will a snake come out, which one was it……」

「So you’ve heard of that proverb. Wow, it’s been a while, Dra-cha……」

When the shadow of a woman appeared before my eyes, without missing a beat, I immediately released a breath attack that contained a blend of all types of magic power.

Oh no, in that single moment, I ended up releasing a really powerful breath attack…… no, well, it should be fine, it’s her, after all. The true identity of this woman is —-

「How cruel. Isn’t throwing a rainbow breath at me the second we meet way too much? Jeez, if you’d done that in the real world, it really would’ve done a number on me, you know」

「No matter which world we’re in, even if I hit you with enough power to blow you away, you would never be destroyed by it. Sorry, we were still fighting each other the last time we met, right? It was so long ago, my memory’s gotten a little hazy, so I just attacked, unintentionally」

「Unintentionally? Please don’t go blasting off attacks capable of destroying whole worlds unintentionally. If I were anyone else, I would’ve been in some serious trouble, Dra-chan」

「I’ll apologize once again. I’m sorry. And yes, it’s been a while, my friend and my worst enemy, Caravis」

She was the one who had infiltrated my dream, and pulled me into this strange world that existed in the boundary between truth and falsehood. She was the strongest among all the evil gods, and was one of the pillars of the First Gods; the Goddess Al La Caravis, the one who ruled over destruction and oblivion.

She had rich, rippling black hair, and skin so pale, her blood vessels could almost be seen beneath her skin. Her blood red lips were constantly in a twisted smile, as if she were always laughing at someone. Her shining gold eyes seemed to pierce straight through any gaps or weaknesses, as if trying to pry through and expose everything within the other person’s heart.

「The only one who can call my name with such affection is you, Dra-chan. Ever since you were reincarnated, I’ve been looking forward to seeing you again.
At any rate, it’s really strange that I can still call you Dra-chan even now, just like I did before you were reincarnated. Fufufu, there’s still a lot in this world that even a god like me doesn’t know」

As Caravis said that, she stretched her neck towards me, bringing her head so close to me, I could feel her breath on my face.

「Now that you mention it, that is true. But you did a good job finding me. Well, you did, but sixteen years and some months have already passed since my reincarnation as a human」

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