Chapter 15 – Part 3

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Editor: Ryunakama

「Yeah, quite a lot of time passed until you got reincarnated. Like, just a little while ago, you came down to the demon world and messed around, didn’t you? Thanks to that, I just realized that you’d been reincarnated. And then just a little while after that, I finally found you due to my love and obsession for you」

「Fumu, if you’re able to say things like that, then you must be doing as well as you always have. On earth, Mairahl is the winner in terms of power and influence level, but that doesn’t seem to have much to do with us. But anyway, you changed your appearance again?」

「Fufu, that’s right. After all, I rule over all of destruction and oblivion」

Caravis retracted her neck and spun around on the spot. This time, her hair turned red, spitting out real flames, and her skin took on a bronze tan as well.

「I can even forget my own self. I’m always forgetting what my true form looks like. I’m like a scatterbrain who forgets about her own past schemes, and destroy them in the future with own hands」

Then she spun around once more. At the tips of her flaming hair, human faces appeared. What was even stranger, was that not a single one of the faces were duplicates, they were each different.

Her bronze colored skin was dyed into a poisonous-looking deep purple color, and a bunch of eyeballs of varying sizes opened up on the surface of that skin.

「It’s because I’m like this, that I might just end up forgetting about the world and accidentally destroying it. If everyone’s not careful, the world could just disappear from right under their noses, you know?」

Upon spinning around a third time, Caravis returned to the form of the beautiful goddess with the black hair and golden eyes which she had first shown to me earlier. Good grief, she’s as restless as ever, this goddess.

「You can stop playing your tricks now. Caravis, my old friend, for what reason have you called upon me? If it’s to rekindle our old friendship, then I gladly welcome it」

I could see that my old friend was full of energy, because in response to the question I had calmly asked, she landed on top of the end of my nose, then hung upside down from it in a relaxed position as she opened her mouth to speak.

What does this goddess think she’s doing, making herself at home on top of someone’s nose?

「Whaat, there’s only one answer, my beloved Dra-chan. Oh, my detestable Dra-chan」

Caravis stood up from her upside down position, and in a single moment, she moved closer in front of me as her smile deepened.

「Ahh, Dra-chan, Dra-chan!
You’re the dragon who surpassed the evil gods that bring fear and despair everywhere! For years, for infinity, for eternity, for a perpetual amount of time, you are my sworn enemy that killed me countless times, and my beloved friend who entertained me just as many times!!
I will always wish for your destruction. When I close my eyes I see the vision of you on the brink of death!! I have wished all this time for you to still be alive.
If you aren’t here, then a cold wind will blow through my heart, ahh, I was so sad, I was so miserable, Dra-chan.
The fact that you were reborn, that I am able to meet you again, it fills my heart with overflowing joy! It’s absolutely bouncing with delight!! My heart is aching with hatred! I’m being driven by the will to murder you!!」

Ah, Caravis, my friend, and my sworn enemy. So this is your wish. This is what you’ve always wanted to do to me.

「Dra-chan, this time for sure, you will be absolutely destroyed by my own hands! I will give you a destruction so complete, you won’t even be able to rest in the Underworld. The only one allowed to kill you is me, the only one allowed to destroy you is me!!
I hate that you’re still alive, Dra-chan. I’m happy that you’re still alive, Dra-chan. Ah, I love you, Dra-chan!! From the goddess of destruction and oblivion, this love is for you!」

Having surpassed even the climax of her joy and hatred, Caravis was now revealing her true nature as an evil goddess, and suddenly attacked me from all sides.

It was like the entire world itself was closing in to attack me, but I simply muttered my usual response.


And then —-


「What, Dra-chan, aren’t you super strong! I thought you got weaker after being reincarnated!?
I went all out, and there’s not even a single scratch on you!!」

「Even if you say that. If I’m fighting against a great goddess like you, then I have no choice but to go all out too」

「But that’s just weird! Aren’t you way too strong!? When I fought you before you died, I didn’t stand a chance back then.
But, but, you purposefully let yourself get killed by humans, then on top of that you get reborn as a human, so I thought maybe you lost your nerve, and so maybe, just maybe, I can pull this off; wouldn’t anyone think like that! So then why are you still so strong! Dra-chan, read the mood and get weaker already!!」

And so, I was one sidedly overwhelmed by Caravis, who kept on hitting my nose repeatedly with her fists as she spoke.

「Well, for today, I was able to confirm that you still have so much power, so a frontal attack is useless on you, and I guess we were also able to catch up and rekindle our friendship. I had a painful time, but the things I gained from this exchange were much more plentiful, and made it worth it」

「You couldn’t help but interrupt my peaceful sleep either」

「Sorry, sorry, Dra-chan. Here, as an apology, this is a kiss from a goddess」

As soon as she said that, Caravis began to plant warm kisses onto my nose with loud squelching noises.

If I take her actions at face value, it seems like this is just an act of gratitude, but in this case, she is the type of troublesome person who doesn’t even know what she herself is thinking sometimes, on the other side of that smile.

「I get it already, so stop making that sound. It’s a little indecent」

I picked up Caravis from the top of my nose, pinching her as I held her up to my eyes, so I could look at her directly while I chided her.

「Really, you need to start behaving a little more suitably for a goddess already」

「But that isn’t like me at all. Fufu, but I really am happy that I got to see you again after so long, you know? When Mairahl was deciding on your strengths and weaknesses, I knew I really wanted to go up against you again.
Well then, Dra-chan, I guess it’s about time to say farewell for today. Just because you’re lonely, doesn’t mean you can cry, okay?」

「I might shed tears of happiness because you finally left」

「Ahahahahaha, you’re as merciless as ever, harsh~~. Well, whatever, let’s meet again soon. By~e」

As Caravis said that, she blew a kiss at me, and then her figure disappeared from between my claws, where I’d been holding her.

Ever since I met with Mairahl, it’s been a while since I was able to meet up with any other gods that I knew from my past life, but it looks like such meetings, including this one just now, will be packed full of trouble. I couldn’t help but sigh as I thought: the word known as “peaceful” is still a long way off for the current me.

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