Chapter 2

 Translator: Jay_Samuel

Chapter 2

A little time has passed since I died as a dragon, and was reborn as a human, I stood in a corner of the grass plain where one could see anywhere as far as the eye can see.

Although the coldness of winter still lingered a little, the warm breeze which foreshadowed the arrival of spring sways the meadows that have grown up to my knees, it was as if I was standing amidst a green sea.

In the wind, there is a faint scent of flowers.

「Dran-san, it is time we head home」

「Fumu, alright. I guess it’s also about time the sun goes down」

I looked back and the figure of a girl with red curly hair that stretches halfway down her back is reflected in my eyes.

The girl’s name is Airi. Besides Airi, four other kids are scattered all over the grass plain.

I and Airi are villagers in the small village of Bern on the far side of the continent. And not just any kids. They are human kids. That’s right humans.

Although it is nothing more than conjecture, but I already had a vague idea of the reason behind my reincarnation into a human, while I was still a baby.

During the final battle of my life as a dragon, at that time, magic that forced me to reincarnate was used.

I followed a few steps behind Airi and the other children on our way back to Bern village, where I was born as a human being.

Bern village is a remote frontier village. With a population of about 300 people, surrounded by natural thick stone walls with a moat around the village.

In the remote areas where the appearance of monsters, bandits, and Barbarians occurs frequently, it seems to be a general protective measure.

There are two double wooden gates at the entrances to the village, north and south. There are always two gatekeepers each armed with spears, swords and bows guarding the gates.

Along the way, the children were engaged in a silly chat, and in high spirits, fooling around all the way on their way back home. A human child is truly a bundle of vitality.

Having parted with the children in the central square of the village, I turned to a shabby house made of mud, wood and straw mixed with grass.

In the kingdom to which Bern village belongs, one is considered to be an adult at the age of fifteen, and in rural areas, it is customary for boys other than the eldest son to leave their homes the same year, and build a house on land given to them by the village or their parents, and live independently and self-reliant.

I turned sixteen this year and left my home last year, right now I am enjoying my life living alone.

Today I had more harvest than I thought, so I decided to drop by my parents’ house and share some things.

I gave mother some medicinal herbs and bread moss, after concluding my business I packed up and started on my way back home.
Dinner that day was the bread moss I brought back and a frugal soup made from vegetables harvested from the field with the black bread with great texture that mother gave to me on my way back.

Although it’s my usual dinner, even after sixteen years since being born as a human being, human sense of taste different from that of dragons, and several other sensations give me a fresh stimulus that does not fade.

At any rate, when I look at the moon I can’t see the hole in it, the information that is captured by my ears and nose is quite different from that of a dragon. Sometimes it makes me wonder if humans and dragons are really living in the same world.

Everything I see, hear, taste, and smell are completely different from when I was a dragon, and they are all irreplaceable experiences that I still haven’t gotten used to.

The changes in my five senses have made me experience a new world.

I offered a prayer of thanksgiving for that day, for safely obtaining food without monster raids, and I devoted myself to making wooden spears and arrows by cutting down tree branches before turning in.
One day, I decided to go to the swamp in the northwest of the village where the lizardmen had a settlement.

Although they had a friendly relationship with the people of Bern village, before I was reborn there was an unusual occurrence in the swamp making it unsuitable for life, but now they have moved to the side of the lake which is upstream of the river flowing through the village.

I thought of going to investigate the swamp and the anomalies, and had been preparing for a few days.

In the morning of my departure to the swamp, having finished preparations I was talking to my younger brother Marco in front of my house. Marco the second sibling under me resembles mother a lot with his delicate appearance that can be mistaken for a woman’s.

Still he is a boy from a remote area in a harsh environment, if he has a dagger he could slaughter one or two goblins.

I asked my brother Marco who was putting on one of the hand-me-down shirts handed down to me by my older brother, to help take care of my house and the field in my absence.

「I plan to stay overnight and return tomorrow evening. It’s just for a short while, but I am counting on you, Marco」

「Yeah, it’s okay. Big brother Dran’s field is well tended, so there’s not much to do anyway. Big brother Dran too, it’s quite a way to the swamp so be careful」

After finishing farewell greetings with Marco, I left the village carrying a leather bag filled with two days’ worth of food and water, carrying a dagger and longsword for protection.

I once walked the path to the swamp in the past, but because for the past decade or so people that walked the area suddenly stopped and it was left in ruins, so it is almost the same as walking through a wild forest.

I proceeded through the path that leads to the swamp without receiving any kind of attack like Marco was worried about, and was able to arrive at my destination swamp sometime after the sun had somewhat passed its peak.

I gazed down the vast swampland that spreads before my eyes. Numerous grasses and trees grow abundantly by the bank, and the foothold on the ground is muddy and full of water.

There is nothing like a foul smell from the swamp, but I couldn’t feel any sign of life in the vicinity. Looking around, only the site of the village where the Lizardmen once lived remains.


I had been absorbed in contemplation for a while with my arms crossed, but my rumination was interrupted by the sound of a huge snake crawling on the muddy ground behind me.

Did a large snake that was kept by the Lizardmen remain here, I thought as I looked back.

The sight that awaited me after I looked back was, a beautiful girl with long golden hair shining brightly bathing in the sun.

There is no mistake the arrangement of the eyes, nose, and mouth is no doubt the work of a modeling genius, and her blue eyes shining dazzlingly like sapphire.

She wore a simple light blue one-piece dress, and hung a bag diagonally from her shoulder.

The face of the young lady in her late teens who still has a tinge of innocence on her face, emerges with a perplexed look, and her long forked tongue with a pointed end repeatedly goes in and out of her mouth.

Although we were both staring at each other, the face of the girl was far above mine, and from the hem of the one-piece was a huge torso of a snake with green colored scales.

The snake body that undulates is the lower body of the girl.

Lamia uh, so I muttered inwardly. A monster that exist only as female with a human face and the body of a snake.

Pioneers say it is the princess of a ruined kingdom that was cursed then turned into a monster, never would have thought that she was living near my hometown.

The Lamia looked at me, with a smile on her face, she licked her red lips with her long tongue. The glossiness of the Lamia’s lips increases further from the saliva left by her tongue

「Co, coming alone to a place like this, wh, what a careless human. Is there anyone else here besides you?」

It was such a sweet voice. But why does it sound so monotone? It seems that the base of the tongue gets stiff when tense and doesn’t move well.

「I am the only one. There is no one else」

「Is, is that so? That’s great」

In front of me the Lamia puts her hands on her abundant breasts, and exhaled a breath of relief.


Nevertheless, it does not change the fact that a Lamia is a dangerous monster to humans. I extend my right hand to the long sword on my waist and quietly clasp the hilt.

「Pl, please wait a moment. I don’t—」

Without waiting for the Lamia girl to finish speaking, I pulled out the longsword on my waist and in one breath, turned with the force of the gust on the surface of the muddy ground, and ripped through the mud arm attacking from behind.

The mud arm that extended from the muddy ground behind me divided into two beautifully, both of them turning back to mud, making a splash sound as it falls to the ground.

「—attack humans……eh?」

「There used to be a tribe of Lizardmen here, but one day the swamp began to turn muddy and they migrated to another place. I guess this is the reason they moved. It’s a Spirit of the Earth that has gone mad. Perhaps its powers may have increased over the course of time. It was a good idea that the people from the village never approached the swamp」

I felt the ground below my feet turning into a bottomless marsh, and as my body was just about to sink, I leaped through the ground that was still barely stiff, and jumped to the left side of Lamia.

「Eh, Oh, umm!?」

「I heard that Lamia can use magic, Is that true?」

「Yes we can. But, well, Lamia are creatures of the earth, and my tribe is close to water, so there’s not much I can do if the opponent is the spirit of the earth……」

「Now that you mention it, most of the Lamia race have earth affinity. Because the spirit of the earth also carries the power of water, it will be difficult to inflict fatal damage to it, fumu」

「Bu, but, you see. There are magic unique to Lamia, so I think it will be effective even against the spirit of the earth!」

「Is that so, that would be helpful. Listen I have a proposal, why don’t you and I join forces and fight against the spirit of the earth together? It would be more efficient than fighting it individually. I will be the vanguard and leave support to you, what do you think?」

「Yes, I, I may be inexperienced, but I look forward to being together!」

「That would be the words for when getting married」

「Eh, ah, ohh, I’m sorry」

What an interesting young lady, so I thought in my mind, with the longsword in one hand I launched towards the arms made of mud.

Even if I were to take a hit from just one finger of the mud arms, some of which are as big as my entire arm, it will easily break a bone or two.

The mud arm itself is not the spirit of the earth. It is nothing more than a pawn that is being manipulated by the mad spirit of the earth, and defeating it only amounts to somewhat consuming a tiny bit of the spirit of the earth’s power.

I mow down the arms of mud that attack me like a snake leaping at its prey with the longsword containing the magic power of the Dragonkin.

The magic power of the long sword instantaneously negates the power of the spirit of the earth that was controlling the mud, and the arms return to mere mud.

As the speed at which I slashed the mud arms and the mud arms reviving remained almost unchanged, the chanting of the Lamia girl with her magic power began to shake the surrounding atmosphere as the stalemate continues indefinitely.

「Thou cursed demon serpent that floweth through mine body, come out now, arise and bestow thine curse on mine enemies, Jaram!」

A curse that transforms the body once given to a god into a serpent is materialized by the chanting of the Lamia girl, and the phantom of a transparent huge serpent appears between the mud arms it regarded as an enemy, and the phantom rapidly takes on substance and distinctly raises a voice of menace.


It is a 「Fumu」 that expresses the feeling of astonishment.

There is a peculiarity in species-unique magic, in the sense that its power is determined to be magnificent as it is difficult to use, but the magic power of this Jaram is even higher than I thought.

Before the cursed huge serpent disappeared, all the mud arms that had been attacking us were all knocked down and returned to the ground.

In the absence of a new appearance of mud arms, the Lamia girl relaxed her tension, and seeing her relaxing her attention from the side, I felt compelled to tell her that it was still too early to feel relieved.

「Do not relaxed just yet. It seems the spirit of the earth is finally interested in gracing us with its presence」

「Ye, Yes」

While I was feeling impressed, what an obedient girl, the power of the spirit of the earth rapidly increased around the center of the swamp, and the surface of the water, which was dark and muddy, rose like a mountain, and the spirit of the earth which was the lord of the swamp appeared before us.

At the top of the mud mountain, there was a projection that could barely be seen, an upper body of a human being, and there were several hollows and an upsurge that could be distinguished as the eyes and nose on its head.

「Please distract the spirit with magic in a way it won’t hit me」

「It, it is dangerous」

The mad spirit of the earth stopped its approach once it reached the shore from the center of the swamp, it extended two arms from the body of the mud and directed it at us, and fired mud shells from the tip towards me.

The mud bullets, which contain the power of the spirit of the Earth, are launched two, three and four in succession.

The mud and water that make up the spirit’s temporary body are everywhere in this swamp, so even if I scrape it little by little, there will be no end.

In that case, the quickest way would be to destroy the core of the spirit with a single blow.

「Oh thou serpent living in mine blood, with thine poisonous fangs come pierce through mine enemies, Jadooku!」

Behind my back, the powerful words of the Lamia girl resonated, and the phantom of the serpent appeared once again and coiled around the large body of the spirit of the Earth, and the fangs peeking from its large open jaws are thrust vigorously into the huge body of the spirit of the Earth.

From the translucent huge serpent’s fangs, I could see a purple liquid dripping, it was obvious that the liquid was a cursed compressed poison spell.

Even for the spirit of the Earth that has turned into a mass of enormous spirit power, it seems that cursed poison bestows a certain effect, and the large body of the spirit of the Earth begins to tremble before my eyes.

I realised that the eyes that I could only see as a hollow of the mad spirit of the Earth, certainly saw my face.

I don’t know what the thoughts of the spirit that has been dyed in insanity is, but stripping it of that temporary body as soon as possible, and sending it back to the spirit world is for the best.

The spirit of the earth took a humanoid shape and from the joint of the imitated part, it fired countless spears of mud at me with the intention of skewering me. I filled my longsword with magic power that emitted a bright white light, and cut the humanoid part in two from the head down.


Hearing the voice of the Lamia girl’s cheers, along with my sympathy for the Spirit of the Earth, I braggingly uttered my habitual phrase.


Now that we have eliminated the cause of the problems in the swamp, the harmony in the spirits power will resolve the stolen flow of time.

As if aiming for that moment of relief, the giant body of the spirit of the Earth which was split in two, returned to the original mass of mud, and turned into a muddy tsunami which swallowed both me and the Lamia girl behind me.

Just before being swallowed by the brown waves covering my field of vision, I covered the surface of my body with magic power, eliminating the possibility of my clothes and skin getting covered in mud, and by the count of seven, the mud wave subsided.

As the muddy water lever returns to about ankle deep, I was wondering whether the Lamia girl was safe then turned to look back behind me,

「Eww, the mud got into my mouth. Ugh, my clothes, my hair is soaking wet…….」

Unlike me she was covered in mud from the head down, even the beautiful golden hair and clothes got soaked and there was the figure of a Lamia girl dirtied with mud.


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