Chapter 22

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Denzel-san let me take a large box-carriage that can fit up to six people to head towards Galois, and it is the first time I see a carriage this big ever since I was reborn as a human. Fumu, so I let out my favourite phrase in admiration.

There is the Magic Academy emblem engraved in the polished brown body parts of the carriage. Odin, the god who symbolizes magic and intelligence, together with a cane made of the branch of Yggdrasil that personifies the sun and moon in the center of the seal is carved on the emblem. I can also sense various magics are applied in this carriage, such as frame protection and weight reduction.

Fumu, when I sit comfortably on the chair and spill out my favourite phrase like usual, Denzel who sits in front of me starts speaking.

「Dran, are you not going to study before we reach Galois?」

「Yes, since I already memorized everything necessary. If I can preserve my normal mind at the exam, there will be no problem. 」

「Hee, I’m impressed that you are such a confident person, but you might still make it up now before you end up being flustered in the exam, and regret not studying harder now, you know?」

「I believe that the written exam won’t be a problem for me. The practical exam will also be somehow manageable. But I’m not sure about the interview exam. That’s what I have been uneasy about all the time.」

Shenna-san who had left the village to study in the city for some time and Retisha-san who had joined the Mylaric Church became my interview partners as a reference, but then, I don’t know if it will be useful for the Magic Academy entrance examination.

If the Galois Magic Academy has the intention to make me as a rival against the other Magic Academy that had taken one step ahead, I might not be dropped even if I fail the interview, but I don’t know what will happen after all.

The journey from Bern village to Galois takes several days. First, we take a carriage to Krause village that will take a day, and then stay there overnight. After that, it will take another two days until we arrive at Galois.

Since we have four days to spend in the carriage, I ask Denzel-san regarding the Galois Magical Academy and their students to spend my time.

And then, when I don’t have anything to say to Denzel-san anymore, we finally reach Galois.

The main road connecting Krause village and Galois is paved with stone, and there are a considerable number of people who are walking on the stone paving that look worn out after being struck by rain and wind other than us.

According to the story Christina-san told me in the past, if I’m not wrong, Galois has a governor-general in the center of its city, and five layers of castle walls are encircled around the city.

When I look outside from the window of the carriage while feeling the cool wind fanning my bangs, the high castle walls are filling my sight.

Even though the city that is full of brick buildings is blocked by the city walls, but I can see the government office, some towers, and also the upper part of some high buildings from here.

Galois city has the largest building I have ever seen since I became a human, excluding the Dragon Palace which was built with the cooperation of water dragons and mermaids.

The north gate ahead of the carriage is wide enough for six carriages to stand in line and pass side by side. A number of people with various occupations and races could be seen, such as traders carrying goods, poor looking pilgrims, mercenaries who carry swords and spears, and people who seem like adventurers.

This is the largest city in the northern frontier district, and when I increase my vision’s observation area, I can see the emotions of people living there and the waves of life surge up from the city like a heat haze.

Compared to when I used to see Galois and other huge nations, now that I was reborn as a human, everything has regained its freshness in my eyes. Fumu, I spill out a breath of my admiration.

「Well then, Dran. Even though I want to guide you around the city, you have to take the exam today after all. I’m sorry, but we will have to immediately go to the academy.」

Fumu, it’s a shame, but if I manage to enter the Magic Academy and live in Galois, I will be able to go around the city as I wish later on.

I reply to Denzel-san with an acknowledgement, and I watch the crowded cityscape from the carriage until we reach the Magic Academy.

The Galois Magic Academy is a historic learning place that was founded at the beginning of Galois city’s construction, and it is located in the western part of the city, between the first and second wall where only upper class people, wealthy merchants, government officials and senior soldiers are allowed to live.

The Magic Academy itself has a vast area, surrounded by a stone wall that is about five times taller than my current height, and there is a golden plate that is engraved with the Magic Academy emblem that reflects the sunlight.

After passing the main gate, there is a seven-storey school academy building beyond the stone paving, and it invokes the feeling of profound and lasting history.

Even though this is an academy, it gives an impression of a castle.

Considering that long ago Galois was built as a fortified city to focus on battling against demons and barbarian demi-human tribes, the Magic Academy might be built as an emergency military base long ago.

This academy building has the shape of a pentagon, and in its large site, there are stables for the familiar spirits, a botanical garden to cultivate the plants that will be used as materials for potions, an alchemy and a blacksmith’s workshop, and also male and female dorms that might be the place I will live in the future.

In addition with a dormitory for teachers and towers for independent research purposes, there are also some other circular buildings that spread around here and there. The area is so big that Bern village would fit on the academy site many times.

I noticed a peculiar smell generated from the magical drug swirls, but it seems that it does not leak out of the institute due to the influence of air flow manipulation, air cleaning, and isolation boundary magic applied to the stone wall. Realizing that, my eyes change into dragon ones.

I still don’t know the exact rule for the students, but I can still experiment about that in various ways, so I’m looking forward to my days in this place a little bit.

The carriage stops in front of the academy main entrance to confirm the permit to enter the school, after that, it starts moving again, and finally enters the academy site.

The guards stationed in front of the main gate are all armed with magic, and there are also stone statues that lined up on the wall silently, the Living Statusーor living stone statue.

Once they cast the command to activate them, these statues will have a temporary life. With that, intruders who are trying to break in will face a bloodbath.

The strict security could be aimed at the thieves who aim for the number of treasures stored in the academy, or to the magicians who have evil purposes.

Oh well. Even if there is somebody who can slip through the guards, the teachers will surely handle them. If the situation asks for it, I also just have to defeat them on my own.

Even though the Magic Academy should have hundreds of people inside the building even at this kind of time, the place is enveloped with silence, and I can only hear some noise from faraway.

Maybe a lot of students are going back to their home for the long spring break. If that’s the case, then I can also go home during this season.

I was guided by Denzel-san, and after we passed through one of the doors to the left side of the entrance hall, we entered the main hall of the academy, and I was guided to the examination room.

Inside the classroom, there is a slightly higher platform and blackboard, desks for two people lined up in three rows facing the classboard, and also a teacher who is going to watch over my exam.

「Alistair, this kid is Dran who is going to take the exam. Dran, this is the teacher who will oversee your exam. Just ask him if there is anything that you don’t understand about the exam. 」

The teacher who was waiting for me is a man in his mid thirties, with light brown eyes filled with nervousness, a fine jaw, and a long nose. He wears a dark green robe, symbolizing that he is a magic teacher.

His light golden hair is cut short, and there is a cane that looks like a narrow conductor’s baton, with a length of approximately two arms in his waist.

Maybe because Denzel-san has a higher rank as teacher, teacher Alistair nods to him respectfully.

「Yes, I’m Dran. Please take care of me.」

「Oh, you have a good expression. I am Alistair Quornell, who will be the inspector for your written and practical exams. Mr. Denzel, can I request for your leave? I have to start this kids examination immediately.」

「I understand. Then Dran, do your best so that you won’t have any regrets.」

After hitting my shoulder to calm me down, Denzel-san heads towards the classroom door and takes his leave. Fumu, so this place is going to determine how my future goes from here on, huh.

When I’m thinking so, I feel a strong weird sense in this not very wide classroom. It should be because this place is going to be the turning point of my life.

Teacher Alistair instructed me to take a seat when I am immersed in my feelings. Then, I noticed there was a bunch of paper for my written exam and an hourglass to measure the time on the top of the platform.

There is also magic applied to the entire classroom that disrupts mental connection with familiar spirits and golems. This should be the measure to prevent cheating, right?

This is equally powerless magic for me, but since I decided to pass this test with my own ability, I will take the written test and practical test with my own true ability.

「Now you should take a seat, Dran from Bern village. I will give you a test to see if you possess the qualities and abilities that are appropriate for Magic Academy students.

The written exam consists of the basic knowledge and general education of magic learned by the middle rank. Please do your best to answer until the sand of this hourglass runs out. Please take out your stationery and prepare for the exam now.」

Following Teacher Alistair’s words, I took out my stationery from my bag that I hung on my seat, and he put a flipped question sheet on my desk.

If the senior entrance examination is based on Grandma Magul and Denzel-san’s lessons, I can answer it without any problems, but actually, I’m not sure what will actually happen too.

When Teacher Alistair looks at my preparation, he takes the hourglass and asks me.

「Are you ready? You won’t be able to leave your seat during the examination. You also can’t leave your seat to pick up dropped things. Needless to say, I will immediately stop the exam if I find any cheating, and your admission will definitely fail. Do you have any questions?」

「No, you can start anytime you want.」

「Very well. Then, let’s start now.」

The blue sand in the hourglass which has been turned over begins to fall without any delay.

After that, I finished the written exam, practical exam and interview exam as he instructed, and Teacher Alistair guided me back to Denzel-san. I believe I made enough responses for each test.

Suddenly, Teacher Alistair faces towards me and calls out to me while still standing in front of me.

His voice makes me remember the cold winter across the gray clouded wilderness, and it sounds somewhat uninterested.

「You are a very interesting student. You just took a written test and practical test, yet just now, when you’re walking with me, your footsteps’ rhythm and breathing haven’t changed at all since you arrived at the school. I have never seen such a student before.」

「Footsteps’ rhythm and breathing? Alistair-sensei has such good ears.」

「Now then, is that answer truly from your heart, or are you just feigning friendliness?」

I wonder if he used auditory and sensory strengthening or actually perceives the floor vibrations to notice that my breathing and footsteps didn’t change at all.

If it’s the former, then he used a basic technique of strengthening physical magic using magic power, if it’s the latter, then I can say that he has a strong point in wind related magic.

「Even when I pointed out your condition, you’re not even affected. Mr. Denzel already told me about you before, but I am now convinced after I met you directly. Even though my words are harsh, I just want to say that you are unusual. I’m saying it with a good meaning, though. If you manage to enter this academy, other students will surely feel the pressure with you as their rival.This might not be a fun school life, but the situation might change as much as you like depending on your efforts. There are many things you can learn besides the school lessons. There are also many things you can do at the Magic Academy.」

「I don’t think it would be a good idea to disclose that kind of circumstances to the students who are going to enter this academy, though. 」

I think Teacher Alistair may have somewhat exposed the internal affairs too much, though.

From his words, he didn’t treat me as a young boy like my outward appearance, yet he still talks about his hopes for me after entering Magic Academy. I wonder if he is praising me or not.

Even when I replied to him like that, Teacher Alistair continued his words again with his back to me, without being affected at all.

「Be relieved. I said it because I think it’s alright to say so to a student like you. That’s what kind of judgement I have towards you.」

Teacher Alistair seems like he has a pretty shrewd personality, but maybe he is kind of similar with that Elf’s academy head too, huh.

However, there were plenty among the gods who had shrewd personalities too.

Since I have a lot of experience associating with these kinds of guys, you can say that it feels easier to deal with their counterparts.

As I thought, spending time in this place called Galois Magic Academy should certainly let me forget my biggest natural enemy that gnawed at my life and heart.

I smile after reflecting upon that solid premonition.

When I arrived at the entrance hall, I could see Denzel-san who looked unable to calm down.

「Hm, looking from your appearance, it seems like there was no particular problem in the exam, huh. You worked hard, Dran.」

「No, I just did everything I could. Now I can only leave my luck to the gods above.」

Even though I said that, in my case, I shouldn’t leave the results to the gods on a large scale.

The reason is because they are quite capable of overdoing the influence, and the people with such circumstances in this world could only be counted with one hand including me. Maybe I should pray that the current language I use hasn’t reached Mairahl instead.

Denzel-san makes a mixed expression after looking at my calm attitude.

「Denzel-san, now that the exam is over, what else should I do?」

「Nothing, that’s all you have to do at the Magic Academy for now. You can go home now. But I don’t mind too if you want to take a look around the school.

The carriage to return that I prepared is already at the main gate. You can ride it back home. I will stay here for now. Ah, there are also souvenirs I put on the carriage, so please give it to everyone later.

When I look out the window of the Magic Academy, the blue sky when I came has already been dyed orange.

I’m really thankful to Denzel-san who has bought souvenirs and taken care of me without any need of money. With that, I decided to accept Denzel-san’s kindness honestly.

「I understand. Thank you very much for your kindness.」

After saying goodbye to those two teachers, I went out from the entrance hall, and took the carriage that had been arranged by Denzel-san to return back to Bern village.

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