Chapter 23 – Part 1

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Three days after I returned from Galois Magic Academy, Bern received a letter in an unusually large envelope. It’s definitely addressed to me from the Magic Academy.

I received the letter from a Centaur delivery man when I was in the middle of my field work.

I rested my hand which was swinging the hoe, wiped my dirty hands with my clothes and then proceeded to unseal the letter.

I sit on a stump in the field and begin to run my eyes over the content of the letter.

Suddenly, I realize that my fingers are holding the letter with more force than necessary. Apparently, I am nervous.

Oh my. It looks like I’m even more tense when I’m looking at the school’s test result rather than when I was confronting the devil that I fought before.

A strange feeling bursts out of my chest after seeing that dragons could also change.

Even when I know the result beforehand, my eyes and body are somewhat full of tension.

I passed the entrance examination of the Galois Magic Academy without problem, and I managed to enroll in the academy together with the students who have enrolled in the new year.

Once I’ve been accepted to the academy, I told my friends and acquaintances that I’ll be leaving Bern for a while. All I have left to do is use the necessary magic to bring Selina to Galois Magic Academy.

After greeting Diadora, Fio, Liu Yu and Vaje, the Familiar ritual was held that evening.

As long as there is an agreement between the master and the familiar, the ritual of making a contract with a familiar should not be too difficult.

What we should do is a third-party mediation, sharing spiritual connection, knowledge, five senses and magic between the familiar and the master, and imprint the general master-servant relationship.

After asking Grandma Magul and Dina-san, they agreed to help me cast the ceremony, and it will be held in Grandma Magul’s compound building.

The floor of the compounding building is covered with a special white material, and the carpet is painted with a magical, gleaming bluish-white paint.

Selina and I stand in the center of the magical carpet, then Grandma Magul begins to cast the contract’s magic with one hand, and in the name of the God La Verta, she mentions my name and Selina’s.

When the magic starts, the circle under our feet shines on the bluish-white carpet, and the sacred words of the God of contracts floats up from the floor and wraps Serina and me. As the floor stacks up, our surroundings rotate, flicker, and become even more intense.

「I make a pledge in the name of the god La Verta. Please give these two souls, small human Dran and the cursed serpent demon Selina, the agreement of master and servant.」


I can feel the indication that La Verta, who tries to interfere with my soul, is terribly disturbed. Is it only me who has noticed it?

The original soul of the old dragon God was covered with a shell that imitates the human soul, but if it is a contract that is applied to the soul by the power of the gods, so the god should have noticed my false shell’s soul, right?

As a courtesy, I take off from my human shell, exposing my soul as the old dragon God and speak to La Verta.

Even if this is a matter through contract members, it doesn’t mean that we actually face each other, so we actually are exchanging our thoughts.

Even though I’m not very familiar with La Verta, I also never have been particularly hostile. I hope I can ask for flexibility. It will depend on the other party’s character and the negotiation, huh.

I change my consciousness from that of human beings to what I used to be as a dragon, wishing that it won’t be too difficult.

“God La Verta, who is in charge of familiar contracts.”

What replied to my call is La Verta’s thought, who is trembling under my gigantic bare soul.

Like what Mairahl said before, although my soul is weaker than before, it is still quite powerful from the perspective of God.

That’s why, after looking at the contract between human beings and the demon, to actually encounter a mighty soul that rivals God, La Verta should be feeling quite surprised, right?

“You are really… the soul of the seven-colored dragon…”

La Verta’s voice that reached my mind was as calm as the wind across the silence of the night.

This dimension is too different for the living creatures on the earth like humans, demi-human, and fairies.

If they hear the gods high-ranking voice, their soul will tremble, and they will lose their consciousness.

La Verta is a goddess who is in charge of making contracts and managing them. She also created an area of ​​her own to manage the contract signed under her name in the space between the heavenly world and the earthly world.

Since she is a goddess who doesn’t have any lower class deity, and the unique god that has her own space, she wasn’t actively involved in the ancient war that occurred between the good god faction and the bad god faction. To say it simply, she is neutral.

“That’s right. I became a human being as the result of a strange coincidence.”

“I understand. Even so, there is no problem with your contract. Do you wish for this contract?”

La Verta’s surprise after knowing my existence is gone, and she continues to play her part in the ritual.

“Yes, I do wish for it, but in the contract between me and Selina, please cancel the influence given to Selina’s consciousness. If possible, please conceal it too so that it couldn’t be seen by the others.”

“There is a problem with the contents of the contract you requested. It will be difficult to fulfill your wish.”

“If so, I would like to wish for a new contract. I will provide the magic power for the contract, so in our first contract, I want to overwrite the contents in line with my desired contract ”

La Verta responds to my request to overwrite the familiar contract that was signed through Grandma Magul to the contract I desire after a brief pause.

“Overwriting the contract … Accepted. The compensation will be too much for a human being, but there wouldn’t be any problem if it’s you.”

“You are a great help. Also, I hope you won’t say a word about my incarnation into a human being. After all, I don’t want too many disputes.”

But then, Mairahl and Caravis already know about the matter of my incarnation, and I also exerted my dragon power in the battle with Georg when I fell into the world of spirits before too.

I think it is only a matter of time until the evil god faction and good god faction are aware of my incarnation.

“I understand. After all, your existence doesn’t have anything to do with me. But from the beginning, I’m not really one who likes interacting with others..”

“You’re truly a great help. I’m grateful. But then, if you interact with others a bit more, I think you can enjoy life more. If I’m good enough, I can be your chatting friend in your spare time.”

“It’s none of your concern.”

After saying my gratitude and exchanging words with La Verta, I returned to my consciousness. Fumu, when I tried to talk to her, she was a relatively flexible partner.

Luckily, the contract I’ve asked won’t overwrite Selina’s awareness, as this would make the familiar contract signed by Grandma Magul.


As I was relieved that negotiations with La Verta ended really well, I realized that Grandma Magul has a puzzled expression on her face.

Fumu, it seems that they are wondering about why it was strangely slow even though the contract has already been concluded.

My negotiation with La Verta was done by consciousness, but it is inevitable that there would be a delay for the successful contract completion.

On the other hand, the contract magic circle had disappeared. Yet, Grandma Magul who confirmed that the white light also had disappeared, asked me and Selina to confirm our chest areas.

「Both of you should confirm it on your own chest. There should be evidence that a familiar contract has been made.」

We each look at our chests through a gap in our clothes respectively like her instructions. Before we realized it, there is a bluish-white crest symbolizing a small La Verta which is about as small as a coin in there.

「This is a testimony of a contract signed in the name of God La Verta, with the magic contact that is recognized by the Magic Academy, with a crest engraved on both of your chests.

When Dran becomes a student at the academy, this medal will guarantee that the accreditation of the academy is official. Selina should wear the medal at a place that it can be seen. If you don’t do that, no one will know that you are his familiar, and I don’t know what will they do to you.」

「If something happens to you, I will take retribution, no matter who they are. If there is anyone who hurts Selina, I won’t forgive them.」

「Dran-san! But please don’t do something excessive for me. After all, Dran-san has a lot of things that you should do from now on, right?」

「Fumu, that’s true, but it doesn’t mean that I will let anyone hurt Selina. I also won’t forgive if the Magic Academy students say that Selina being a Lamia is no good either.」

As Selina makes an embarrassed face, Dina-san lightly moves her fingers, and I feel a faint magical power running through my body.

This is the magic that is used to examine objects. Even though it’s not necessary for me since I could mostly understand various things with my intuition, but I think that it is handy for practical use and it will be a good alternative that can be used openly, so let’s learn it at the Magic Academy.

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