Chapter 23 – Part 2

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Editor: Ryunakama

「The contract of the familiar is completed without any problems. Since the contract of the familiar has been made, there won’t be any complaints for you to take Selina to Galois.」

Fumu, it seems like there are no problems anymore. Just in case, I confirm the end of the ritual with Grandma Magul.

「Is this the end of the ritual to sign a familiar contract?」

「That’s right. Even though it took more time for who knows what reason, there is no other problem in particular. Since you also already passed the test, now you only have to go to the Magic Academy with the carriage my stupid son has prepared.

Selina, since you are a Lamia, you might find a lot of unpleasant things in Galois, where humans and demi-humans make up the majority of the residents, but you’ll always have Dran beside you. But if you have a hard time, just come back here.

Selina is an excellent student, and she is like my fourth granddaughter to me. Well, Dran, don’t lie with what you just said. If there is someone who hurts Selina, don’t falter no matter who they are. This is your teacher’s order.」

「Yeah, you don’t have to say it.」

After hearing me declare so without any hesitation, Selina starts to fidget bashfully again, and makes cute gestures.

After saying our words of gratitude to Grandma Magul and Dina-san together, we left the compound building, and Selina and I walked shoulder-to-shoulder on our way back home.

The sun is starting to set on the horizon in the west, and our surroundings start to darken, like how a curtain of darkness descends.

The white petals of the pretty flowers that are swaying gently, the fruitful crops that are ripening, the stream of brilliant water that is flowing constantly, even the houses that are made with piled up stones with the roof that is made of rattan and wood board are dyed in dim colors, as if we are lost into another world.

In the middle of the sky changing from the daytime into the nighttime, Selina pulls the collar of her white blouse and glances at the familiar mark engraved on her chest. After that, she stares at my face.

I could see her supple skin that looks like white wax tinged with faint red dim light.

「With this, I can go to Galois with Dran-san. I am very happy. I would miss being away from everyone in the village, but it would be more lonely if Dran-san is going to leave me.」

Selina might be unaware of the things she said, but with this kind of time and circumstances, it does sound like a pick-up line.

If my soul’s age was younger, I might have fallen in love at Selina’s words. To be honest, my mind was shaken greatly after looking at Selina who smiles with a slight blush.

Truly, this serpent girl sometimes behaves unexpectedly. Even so, that’s why being together with her is always fun.

「Fumu. Selina, those lines are a little――no, it is really a killing phrase. I was about to fall in love with Selina. 」

Selina stares at my face with a blank expression as if she doesn’t understand what I mean, and stops her movement.


「As I thought, you really said it without any consciousness, huh. I thought Selina was not especially good at attracting other races for a Lamia, but after all, Lamia is still Lamia. You keep tempting me like breathing.」

It seems that the nuances in my words slowly enter Selina’s heart.

As she gradually understands what I was saying, her skin peeking from her clothes slowly turns red, even to the tips of her ears.

Fumu, I wonder if she will start to watch her future behaviour with this. It is not good for a girl in marriageable age to frequently mislead the opposite sex after all.

In Selina’s case, there is also the characteristic of the Lamia tribe which may lead to a misunderstanding. There are also teen boys and girls in the Galois Magic Academy, so maybe I should keep a tight surveillance of her Lamia characteristic that may tempt other races.

「A-Ah, Err, Dran-san! I… I don’t really mean it like that… It’s not like, I’m thinking of tempting Dran-san, or something like that… Uhh, ahh…」

「I’m not angry at all. After all, I am Selina’s friend. You just have to keep that in mind when we are at the Magic Academy later on. If a pretty girl like Selina is whispering sweet words, most people will easily fall madly in love with you there.」

「Ahhh, b-but Dran-san doesn’t fall easily for me, though…」

It sounds like Selina wants me to fall for her, but… Fumu, I should think about this properly. If this is my misconception, I will become a self-conceited person here.

「Fufu, it’s because I have matured in some parts a little bit more. I might not be able to be tempted by any succubus-like species anymore. I’ll just say it in case, but I’m physically healthy, the problem is just my mind.」

「Isn’t Dran-san still sixteen years old? You are even younger than me, yet to say something like te… t-tempting… Uuu…」

「I think it would be better not to talk about it if you’re embarrassed. And then, Selina, there’s one more thing I have been thinking about.」

Selina who hides her face with both of her hands in embarrassment opens her fingers timidly and peeks through the little space at me, and inquires about what I am saying.

「What is it this time?」

Looking at Selina who is completely vigilant of me, I speak about what I am thinking truthfully while laughing a little.

「Thank you for telling me that you want to go to Galois together with me. Thank you for even being my familiar for that. I was very happy when Selina said that you would go with me. As expected, I feel somewhat sad to go to Galois alone, and leave my family and my trusted friends. That’s why, I’m very grateful to Selina. Thanks to Selina, I won’t be alone at Galois, and I can feel at ease.」

「Dran-san… You don’t have to thank me. I asked for it because I want to stay together with Dran-san. That’s why, I didn’t do anything spectacular for Dran-san to thank me like this.」

「I was truly saved because of that unspectacular thing. That’s why I thank you.」

「Fufu, is that so? Then, I should just obediently receive your word of thanks, right? If I could help Dran-san, I am already satisfied with it.」

「If Selina is happy, then I am happy too.」

「Err, Dran-san. Can I make a wish of you?」

Selina looks like she has decided something, and I nod as a response to her question. My gratitude to Selina is real. Even with the character of this girl she won’t ask me something big, but I still intend to agree with Selina’s request with all of my capability.

「Can I hold your hand?」

After saying that, Selina moves her left hand to me flusteredly. Her beautiful fingers and palm that are not scratched or stained are waiting for my reply.

「Are you alright with just holding hands? We will soon reach the fork in the road, so we can’t hold hands for too long.」

「It’s okay. I just want to hold your hand now.」

「I see. It really sounds like a lovely request Selina made.」

I hold Selina’s hand firmly, and while holding hands with Selina who is smiling joyfully, we go along the way toward each other’s house. The sun was sinking to the horizon, and the shadows of Selina and me holding hands stretched out on the ground.

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