Chapter 24

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I once again arrived at the Galois Magic Academy, which is located between the first and second layers wall of Galois that boasted its identity as a formidable city. While being swayed in the carriage, I handed a metal card with a small diamond-shaped blue crystal embedded on it at the main gate.

It is an identification card that proves that one is a student of the Magic Academy. The student’s information is recorded in the embedded crystal, and the written information is automatically imprinted on the surface of the card.

Now, there is my name, grade, and student number, also it has my familiar Selina’s name and face on the card.

Of course, there are students in the magic school now.

They wear the school uniform which has white as the base color together with the embroidered school emblem sown on the crest, while the sleeves and collar are embroidered with golden black in the borders.

The boys are wearing the same colored trousers, and the girls are wearing the same colored long skirts. The color of their tie and ribbons are the identification of their grade, and the color for my grade, the second grade of senior high school, is blue. My student card crystal also has the same color.

Inside the Magic Academy, some of the students have animals like dogs, cats, deers, crows, and other small animals following them. Without any need to confirm it using mental connection, I can easily deduct that those small animals are the students’ familiars.

Instead of heading towards the main gate, the carriage went towards the men’s dormitory. When it stopped in front of the four-story senior high men’s dormitory, we got off and took all of the luggage off the carriage.

There was a plump woman waiting for us, her hair had a mix of white on it. It seems like she is the employee and the dorm mother employed in the Magic Academy.

「You are Dran, right? I am the dorm mother in charge of the men’s dormitories, Dana. Welcome to the Magic Academy.」

Dana-san has greyish brown hair that she tied as a bun on the back of her head, and she wore an apron with several pockets on the practical scarlet uniform. It should be the uniform for Magic Academy’s female employee, huh.

「Please take care of me from now on. I am Dran, from Bern village.」

「I am Selina, a Lamia. I will be under your care from now on.」

「Un, both of you are kids who can greet others properly. Usually, the familiars stay in the private stable or dormitory together with their master.

Well, it might be a problem to let you live together with a Lamia, but since both of you have settled a familiar contract, I believe that it will be fine.

The room itself is large enough, but it will be faster if you see it directly. First, let’s put your luggage in your room, then I will guide you around the dormitory and school building.」

After Dana-san gave us her instructions, we finally went inside the men’s dormitory. The dormitory was made with stone, the same as the school building and is well-maintained.

Since the people who have successfully graduated from the Magic Academy have guaranteed futures, plus with the good-terms with the upper-class people, they could spend their budget to furnish the dormitory that students will use every day.

Right after we enter the men’s dormitory, there is a counter that manages the people who want to enter and go out of the dormitory. There are also some people who are in charge of the men’s dormitory like Dana-san.

「There will be meals three times a day. There is a dining room in the men’s dormitory, but most of the kids usually eat their lunch and dinner in the school building’s large dining room. The dormitory dining room is the room at the left side of the previous stairs.」

Since I will have my meals with Selina, we will definitely stand out even while eating, huh.

It would be fine if I take several portions of meals from the cafeteria and bring it back to Selina who waits in the room, but I want to make use of the cafeteria as much as possible. After all, I want to make as many exchanges as I can with the other students. That’s why this matter is quite troubling for me.

Dana-san didn’t bring us to the second floor, but after walking through the hallway, she went to the right side of the entrance, moved to the corner and walked straight ahead. She guided us to a large warehouse-like door.

The warehouse has a deserted aura, and its door is several levels lower than the other boys’ rooms.

This is probably the only room in the men’s dormitory where both of us can live together securely.

「This is the room for both of you. The room was originally a storeroom, but since I was told that both of you will live here, the things inside have been transferred to another place. Inside the room is also supposed to be clean already.」

Dana-san said so while looking somewhat apologetic. It seemed like she was feeling guilty for letting a Magic Academy student who is entrusted by their parents to live in the place that used to be a warehouse.

I’m not familiar with living in a room with stone floors and wall, but since I used to live in a cave with nothing else during my time as a dragon, I don’t really mind it.

I could quickly confirm that this room was originally a warehouse after entering it. There is a large wooden board window that makes a sense of cooped up on the end wall, yet inside the room is very wide, so it should be unlikely for us to feel cramped even when living together.

「Ah, you have put your luggage away, huh? Then, you’ll be guided to the school now. Let’s stop at the store on the way and get your uniform there. If there are any problems with the size, please inform them immediately. After all, if you don’t wear the uniform when you attend the class, it won’t look good. 」

「All right.」

「Also, I’m sorry, but I won’t be the one guiding you, since a girl you are acquainted with said that she wants to do it. She should be waiting at the entrance now, so let’s go.」

There is only one person that comes to my mind when I’m thinking about a student who is my acquaintance. The elegant figure of the silver haired and beautiful-looking magic swordsman, together with her radiant smile I saw at the night of the banquet started to occupy my mind.

My guess was quickly affirmed after we reached the entrance.

The beautiful girl who struggled through the battle against the demons in Ente woods just a few days ago was waiting for us at the entrance, with most of the men’s attention directed towards her.

It’s Christina. Even though it has only been a few days since we met each other, Christina who wore the Magic Academy uniform seemed even more beautiful in just a few days, and she had a different impression from when I saw her at the village.

When she noticed us, a smile which was similar to a blooming rose blossomed from her face, and she brushed up her silver hair that was long enough to reach her waist with her left hand.

「Hey, it’s been a while. Dran, Selina. It’s good that Dran looks healthy as usual. Selina also looks pretty as usual.」

Selina made her charming sweet smile in response to Christina-san’s words which were full of affection.

Selina should be relieved being able to meet an acquaintance after walking around the dormitory nervously, right. This alone really makes me feel gratitude towards Christina-san.

「Christina-san, it’s been a while too. I’m glad that you look healthy. I’m also happy that we can meet again.」

After Selina bowed her head down to Christina-san, I followed by bowing my head lightly too.
「Like Selina said, what’s important is that Christina-san is healthy. You look very nice in the Magic Academy uniform. But I actually really want to see you wearing a skirt.」

Yes, Christina-san was wearing the same pants as male student’s. Her advantageous beauty is hidden in her pants, and I feel very disappointed when I couldn’t see it.

The girls with skirts usually wear regular socks, long socks to the middle of their thighs and boots. There are even some who wear stockings. If it’s Christina-san, the graceful lines on both of her legs will definitely captivate everyone’s eyes no matter what.

Christina-san smiled as a reply towards my honest words, as if to hide her embarrassment.

The students around the men’s dormitory who have been staring at us distantly let out a voice of surprise after looking at Christina-san’s smile.

Fumu, now that I think about it, when Christina-san first came to Bern village, she also gave the impression of a cold and unattached atmosphere, so it should have been the same at the Magic Academy.

It will be surprising to see such a Christina-san smile with such a bright and positive aura.

When I thought that Christina-san would only smile when something is related to Bern village, I felt a sense of pridefulness and superiority.

「You really didn’t change, did you. I like moving around, so it will be inconvenient for me to wear skirts. Since we can’t keep chatting at the entrance, I’ll guide you around now, okay? Please follow me. 」

Christina-san’s silver hair blew in the wind after she started walking forward, and the sand-like silver hair shone glimmering under the sunlight.

Not only her dazzling silver hair, but Christina-san who is a peerless beauty herself glows brightly.

The enthusiasm, suspicion and jealousy from the surrounding students was so strong, and their gazes were piercing my skin painfully.

Christina-san guided us around joyfully, but as I thought, even with a familiar medal hanging on Selina, there were still several glances towards her who is a Lamia. The surrounding gazes could be said as unfriendly, and my heart hurt when the girls near me sometimes looked uncomfortable because of it.

Looking at their conversations, they are spiritually not different from two human girls, and one can easily know that they are friends, but then in the first place, it will be hard to have the courage to talk with demons, so it can’t be helped.

I started thinking of the possibility to manipulate all of the Magic Academy students’ minds, yet before I can make something from those evil thoughts, Christina-san who didn’t know the conflict in my mind called me.

「That’s all for the academy’s main facilities. I think what’s left are the offices. Do you have any questions for now?」

I tried to ask Christina-san, who is asking me while folding her arms which make her body shape into a graceful line. I thought of coping and burying the enthusiasm difference in our surroundings, and I had other things I have to ask Christina-san.

「Most of the people passing were looking at Christina-san, so you should be popular here, right? Denzel-san also said before that Christina-san is a great student, and your swordsmanship and magic while battling in Ente Forest were amazing.」

「I’m happy with the praise, but I don’t really want to attract other people’s gaze that much. It’s not pleasant to be seen like a rare decoration, and I think I’m not that amazing either. I feel that what other people think of me is totally different with my own self too.」

Looking at Christina-san’s slightly gloomy face, I sighed instinctively.

She has the face of a person who doesn’t find the value of raising their status and fame. That gloomy face doesn’t fit Christina-san, who is just a young girl that hasn’t even reached twenty years old.

「Fumu, expecting selfishly, envisioning selfishly, being disappointed selfishly, and even hating selfishly. They were common human responses.」

「I wonder if it’s like that? Still, you shouldn’t think of it that much. Even though you have an occasionally mature atmosphere and clear vision, you still get confused since you’re not used to it, right?」

「Fumu, well, it’s quite hard to change my mindset and atmosphere, I’m sorry for that. Ah, but Christina-san also had quite a different atmosphere from when you first came to Bern village to when you left, right?」

「You’re right… Everyone was quite surprised when I came back to the academy after that. They said that I was brighter than before. I don’t think that I had a dark atmosphere before, though.」

I smiled towards Christina-san who shrugged her shoulders and said so.

After that, we returned to the men’s dormitory after she guided us around, and I carried a paper bag with my summer and winter uniforms, together with the shirt and necktie. We waved goodbye to Christina-san after we promised to meet again at lunchtime, and with that we parted ways.

I left my family and Airi in Bern village, yet as an exchange I could meet Christina-san even more. My heart pounded, and it was filled with happiness.

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