Chapter 25 – Part 2

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It’s a monotone voice with no emotion or expression. If a golem and a human had a child, it definitely would end up like Alistair-sensei.

「Today, we will practice a lower-level offensive magic. The first offensive magic is to turn pure magic power into firing energy bolts which extracts, compresses, shapes, and manipulates magic. This magic is a fundamental step to best learning about the magic. That’s why we will learn again about the use of magic arrows using energy bolts with suitable attributes. Even if you’ve already learned it in middle school, please be careful while using it.」

There are many magics that could be used in combat, including for the people who would make their golem or familiar to fight for them, or people like Christina-san who would strengthen their physical abilities with magic to fight.

Alistair-sensei is in charge of magic lessons that exude our own magic from the body and make it as an offensive magic, like his explanation about energy bolts before.

The energy bolt that is an example of lower rank magic arrow is the basic of the basics that magicians should first acquire, no matter what kind of magic spell they use.

They will usually be neglected because it is too basic, but most top-class wizards would exercise this magic arrow infinitely without hesitation because it is fundamental.

「Well then, since everyone has turned their attention to you, Dran, please do it first to meet everyone’s expectations.」

「I understand. It might disappoint some people since I’m pretty clumsy with magic, but I will gladly accept since I have been nominated. Selina, I’ll be going for a while.」

「D-Dran-san, p-pwease do yo.. y-your best!」

Even though I was the one nominated, Selina was nervous as if she was the one being told to come out just now, her long snake tongue got intertwined.

「Fufu, then should Selina be the one who show the example to everyone?」

「N-n-no way!! It is impossible for me!!」

After hearing my teasing words, Selina shook her neck, her face looked as if she was going to cry.

Even though looking at how her lower half snake tail also shook together with her neck, it was a little bit pitiful after considering Selina’s feelings.

「Now then, Dran, grasp the magic flow in your body, then release the flow out through the cane. Separate them from its atmospheric power while imagining the shape of the magic arrow. Make your arrow look more vivid, detailed, and precise. It is an essential skill to project all kinds of magic by accurately imagining the phenomenon you want to bring into reality.」

Alistair-sensei didn’t just talk to me, but to all of the students too. He raised his right hand and stretched it forward, then he released his magic from the tip of the palm according to his instructions just now, and a magic arrow came out from his palm.

The green glowing magic arrowーthe energy bolt had the same thickness and length as his right arm, and the surface of the arrow had no distortion, plus the magic compression and shaping were made beautifully.

When the students who were watching let out their voices of surprise, Alistair-sensei reduced the magic power to his own body and extinguished the energy bolt.

「Then, Dran. It’s your turn now.」

「Fumu, so it’s an exercise of energy bolts and magic arrows using proper attributes, huh.」

I gently inhaled and exhaled my breath, then I pointed the tip of the cane to the front.

The figurehead build is ten times bigger with five lines side by side. The distance is around twenty steps.

I controlled my soul’s magic power with a calm mind, like a deep sea without any waves.

When I spoke my chant, not only Selina and the students were paying attention to my every move. Alistair-sensei’s iron mask also shook, as if he was surprised with the powerful words I chanted.

「The principle of the whole creation, listen to my voice!」

The general magic simultaneously uses the world’s four major elements; fire, water, earth, and wind, and the chant itself is in universal language.

「Elements that make up the world, be my arrows and shoot my enemies, Rainbow Bolt」

Considering the time and location, I should refrain from using attributes that are unknown to humans, since it would make the teachers extremely distressed, and restrain my own limit for now.

Therefore, I used seven attributes after combining lighting, ice, and light with the four major elements. This magic of combining seven attributes has its own name, the rainbow that draws a seven-colored miracle in the sky.

Seven-colored light balls generated around the tip of my staff, and they changed into my arm-like arrows in a blink of an eye. After it rotated for a while, my palm drew a beautiful seven-colored miracle that penetrated the chest of the target.

The target is a figurehead which is a cross-shaped iron rod with an anti-magic spell applied on its chest and headpiece. It should’ve prevented the students’ magic even if it took a direct hit.

However, after being hit by a magic arrow composed with my magic that I sharpened, it made a huge hole in its chest.

There were some voices like ‘I can’t believe it’, ‘So it’s really true?’, or statements that showed that they couldn’t accept what just happened in front of their eyes. While it was filling up the space, only Selina alone cheered for me.

「As expected from Dran-san! Amazing!!」

She complimented me with a smile full of joy, both hands clapping energetically for me. This snake girl really makes me relax every time I see her.

After that, even though the students after me managed to somehow clear their minds, the magic arrows practise was filled with success and failure under Alistair-sensei’s direction, and the lesson finished without any trouble.

When Alistair-sensei declared the end of the class, the students went to the school building, but there was a girl who stayed behind and looked at me.

The girl who was staring at me intently is a half head shorter than me. Like Fatima, Berg, and Zenon, she is my classmate.

She has blue hair that flows down to the nape of her neck, her legs with gentle lines hidden in knee-length black tights, and by looking at her elegant waistline that connects her ample upper body with her lower body, I’m sure that she has a well-proportioned body.

I felt like I had seen her amber eyes that don’t have any haze on them before, not here, but somewhere distant. Her refined nose, thick lips, and other strange features don’t make her look weird at all.

Before I could ask the girl who overlooked me blankly, suddenly there was a small shadow running from the school building, together with a familiar voice.

「Dran~ Have you finished your lessons~?」

It is Fatima. Hearing Fatima’s footsteps, who was running with a relaxed pace, I loosen the nervousness within my heart.

「Nell-chan, what happened to you~? Ah, Dran, I’ll introduce you. This is my friend, Nell-chan!」


「That’s not quite right. My name is not Nell, but Nelneshia Furen Apienia. The Nell is from Nelneshia.」

Since I knew that she should’ve known my name and face at the time of my self-introduction, I replied to her by politely introducing myself again.

The amount of magic I could sense from Nell is one of the best from all of my classmates. This tall girl will be a great sorcerer in the future if she can maintain her calm attitude even in battle.

「This is the second time, but I’m Dran. Please take care of me this year.」


Fumu, it seemed like she isn’t the type to say much, contrary to Fatima. Even if they were an uneven pair if comparing their loudness, yet I felt that to be able to become great friends like this is pleasant too.

「Y’know, Nell-chan is a very good student! She was chosen as one of the players in last year’s match. She is also my best friend~」

Nell agreed to Fatima’s introduction which she said without stopping to take a breath, and whispered without changing her hazy expression.

「It was a humiliation. I lost to X from the west.」

X? Is that the name of a genius spirit magician from the West Magic Academy? Since Denzel-san didn’t tell me about the details, this is the first time I heard his name.

「Then, do you have any business with me, Nell-san? Ah, can I call you with Nell-san?」

「I don’t mind. You can also talk to me like how you talk with Fatima. What interests me is whether you are really so strong to the point you match X? I also saw your magic just now. It was amazing.」

「Fumu, it means you want to try seeing my ability? Is a match between students allowed?」

「Y-you can’t Nell-chan. Dran is our classmate, so you have to get along with him. They also won’t permit mutual pupils who want to have a mock fight for something thoughtless, right?

I know that Nell-chan regrets losing to X-kun, but you shouldn’t apply for a match just because Dran might have the same power with X-kun!」

「Fatima isn’t curious whether Dran is the person like the rumor or not? Also, I just want to make sure of Dran’s power. I won’t hurt him.」

「W-well, I am curious, but it’s not good to do this kind of thing suddenly, okay?」

「I will get the academy permission properly. If I get permission to use the arena from Alistair-sensei, we’ll fight. Are you okay with that?」

「Fumu, it sounds like it’s not impossible, plus since I came here to know about the vast world, I guess it’s okay. But since I don’t know anything about a mock battle, and I also don’t know what I shouldn’t do, It makes me feel worried.」

「We will do it following the academy rules regarding matches. There won’t be any familiars, it’s a one-on-one student fight. You can summon a golem or spirits during the game, and it’s okay if you make them join the game in advance.

If the opponent gives up, faints, or loses their cane, you win. Of course, anything that hurts the opponent more than necessary and killing is absolutely prohibited. Since this is a mock duel, we will have to get the permission from the academy and a teacher who can use healing magic.」

「Fumu, I understand. If we will need to apply for a permit, then we won’t battle today, right? I’ll be glad if you can tell me the time and details later.」

「Nn, got it.」

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