Chapter 26 – Part 1

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The mock battle between me and Nell was going to happen even much earlier than my expectations.

When Selina, Nell, Fatima, and I went to get permission from Arneis-sensei, she didn’t show any troubled expression and granted the permission just like that.

The Headmaster, Olivier, might have already told the teachers in order to confirm my competence.

Thus, shortly after the afternoon class finished, they told me that the mock battle between Nell and me would be held before dinner.

There are a number of practise fields with various shapes available to use anytime to facilitate the offensive magic lesson in Magic Academy. Even so, the practise field we will use now is in one of the buildings where each one has an independent dome above.

In the hemispherical dome, Nell and I faced each other at a distance on the stone circular stage.

「Why is the headmaster here?」

Headmaster Olivier answered my extremely common question with her emerald eyes. Within her eyes which looked as if a craftsman with peerless skill put a processed gemstone inside, there was no emotion fluctuation on its color.

「It’s because Nelneshia and you will have a mock battle. As you know, Nelneshia is in fifth place at Galois Magic Academy for battles.

Since the exceptional Nelneshia will have a mock battle with you, it can’t be helped that this old tree is interested too, right? Also, the other reason is that you have a friendly relationship with Christina.」

「There are students who are called the Big Four at Galois Magic Academy.」

As soon as Olivier finished speaking, Nelneshia suddenly explained to me who was listening to the headmaster attentively. It seems like she didn’t want to spend any more time saying anything meaningless at this point, huh.


「One of them is me. And then, the other one is Christina-senpai who is called “The Silver Princess Knight.” That’s why, since you are related with us, you would get everyone’s attention, even with exceptional cases.」

「As expected from Christina-san. She is really not ordinary.」

My next reply is a hum of agreement.

Christina-san’s nickname, “The Silver Princess Knight” must have come from her beauty and noble atmosphere. It really suits her a lot.

After all, even if Christina-san is called a princess knight, she is not a princess of a kingdom or something like that. Her surname, Almadia, is not a name of royal families’ too.

「Does Nell have nickname too?」

「Nn, I will tell it to you if you win, since it is embarrassing.」

After saying so, Nell gripped a baton-like thin stick. It is a staff for students that they had to buy when entering the Magic Academy.

To compete with each other, there is a rule that we should challenge our opponent using the provided equipment to get rid of the difference between equipment.

After I held my cane as a response to Nell, the headmaster who looked at our preparation spoke calmly.

「Under the supervision of me, the headmaster Olivier Galois, I will allow a mock battle between Nelneshia Furen Apienia and Dran from Bern village.

The victory and defeat will be decided when either one of them loses consciousness, loses the will for battle and gives up, loses the cane, or when the judgement ring crystal is lit three times. In addition, I also prohibit attacks and deadly actions that are more than necessary. Both of you already wear the judgement ring, right?」

I glanced at the silver bracelet that I put on my left wrist. It is an equipment that is provided to make sure that unexpected things won’t happen during the mock battle, and it would summon extremely high ranking defence magic to protect the students safety.

In order to prevent theft, it will only function inside the Magic Academy, and the thief won’t be able to leave the Magic Academy while wearing this.

Nell and I checked our judgement ring, then we nodded to Olivier, signaling that there is no problem.

From the spectator seat, Selina was cheering me on loudly, while Fatima seemed like she was troubled with who she should cheer on, and ended up cheering on both of us.

The headmaster’s sharp voice dispersed the smile in my heart in a snap.

「Then, vow with both of your staff that you will fight a prideful battle. ーStart!」

Well, let’s bother you with a candid battle without shame.

Fumu, a cold air from her body immediately hit my cheeks. I might have guessed it too simply, but was the headmaster a magician with an ice attribute?

The first one to make a move is Nell. I also tried to make the first move to test the situation, but the speed of Nell’s magic use was amazing.

「Freeze Lancer」

Dozens of ice buds with a length around the same as Nell’s arm were generated around her in the blink of an eye.

That was a basic attack magic of the ice attribute that shot an infinite number of ice lances.

「Shoot, Energy Rain!」

I used my frequently used pure attack magic. Even though I’m slower than Nell, I began to chant spells at about the same time as her.

I produced pure magic arrows in a swing that was activated with the same number of Freeze Lancers that came upon me with a single swing of my staff, and I parried all of the Freeze Lancers that were just a short distance away from me.

An arrow of pure magic that draws a green trace in space, clashes violently with the cold air and causes powdered snow to fall down. The arrow made a sound similar to shattering glass, then changed the ice into a white flower which blooms fully in the air.

Nell’s lips began to mutter a chant that was composed with powerful words and spiritual rhymes that could interfere with the world.

The mystical chants for the summoning of the sorcery art in this world was reminiscent of the haunting sound with the melody that resonates with the dome, and the power contained in the words interfered with the magic that filled the space, and it shook.

Fumu? Did Nell’s soul connect with the upper dimension cloister?

「Assus Zeri Levanan Zyac! The devil across the icefield, respond to my call! Freeze my enemies with your howl, Iceberg Freeze Wave!」

It wasn’t a spirit magic, but a higher magic contract with the existence within the higher dimensions! I could feel the higher dimension creature’s wave from Nell’s soul was no different from Fenrir, who was nicknamed the Ice King.

As if proving that my guess was true, an illusion of a huge white rose appeared behind Nell.

It was impossible to summon Fenrir’s real body after all, but if it manifests itself with its original power, the stars will be locked in ice.

A magician who can summon Fenrir at full power, no matter how strong Nell, or even people other than Nell, wouldn’t be human anymore.

The force that filled the upper dimensions changed into cold air, mediated by contract and Nell’s magic, and the small particles, which completely stopped the movement of the molecules, rushed straight from Nell to me.

I dared myself to confirm the judgment ring’s prevention towards magic, so in response, I decided to let one of the crystals embed in my judgment ring to light.

A very strong magic barrier with spherical shape appeared around me from my judgment ring, and it didn’t allow even only a slight penetration of the howl of the Ice King who had engulfed me.

When the howl of the King of Ice, which was blocked by the green magical barrier was finally beginning to settle, one of the lights on my judgment ring crystal was lit.


When I sneezed unconsciously, Nell who had already begun to prepare for her next magic activation called me out.

To have a leisurely conversation in the middle of battle would make one admired by the rest of the world, but Nell and I were the people with those kinds of nerves.

From my point of view, the gods and human beings were the creators that I like the best to exchange each other’s thoughts and opinions during battle.

「You’re not good with the cold?」

「I was born and raised in a place where we could die if we didn’t warm up with each other in the winter. That’s why I’m not good with it.」

「It was the coldest place of the kingdom, huh.」

Bern village was the northernmost part of the border, which meant it was the coldest land in the kingdom. That was why it could be common sense for me to have no way to resist such magic of ice attribute before.

「That’s right. But then, this much is not cold for me.」

「Then I’ll make it colder.」


The girl who is still expressionless but apparently lacking in this emotional expression seemed to be good at oppressing others.

Anyone could see the reason why I thought so now. Nell’s white porcelain cheeks were slightly flushed, her breathing was a little quicker, and her breath heated up.

Ever since I was reborn and changed to a human, I never had someone with this kind of preference around me before.

To summon the Ice King Fenrir, she needed to use a lot of concentration and consume some of her magic power. Nell with porcelain skin who likes to oppress others had her cheeks dyed in a crimson color because of excitement had already finished preparing for the next magic.

Fumu. The enhancement of ice attribute magic by using the contract with Fenrir, reduction of magic consumption, speed up of magic casting, and cold energy conversion ability using natural magic.

If she used it together, she would have dramatically reduced her concentration, and used up her magic and mental consumption after using her magic, huh?

「You can also cry if you’re afraid.」

Nell talked to me with a gentle voice, but the emotions inside her voice were not the kindness and compassion as my classmate, but the mixed expectations of the predator who waited for its prey to cry now or never.

Are you really a human, Nell…?

I heard that there were many nobles with some hobbies and tastes that couldn’t be said to educated people, but I never thought that my classmate who was not even twenty yet had that kind of preference.

「Fumu. I was taught that a man could only cry when it was the time to cry, rather than not crying at all. That’s why I can’t afford to cry from fear.」

「I see, then I will make you cry even if I use forceful means.」

The coldness that hit my face was getting increasingly colder. This is… if Vaje was here, she would definitely pout in displeasure towards these inferior aspects of the intense-cold hell.

The sway of emotion was a manifestation of the movement within the mind, and at the same time it would directly link to the increase or decrease of the amount of magical power produced by the soul.

But Nell already took the lead for a while, so it may be the time for me to shift into a full counterattack mode.

I let my magic pass through the staff to form a blade of pure magic, the light green blade had the length of a longsword.

On the other hand, Nell immediately suspended her magic cast and condensed the surrounding water and cold air around her staff to create an ice lance that was the length of her body height.

Fumu, it seemed like she had prepared for melee combat, which was considered as a magician’s universal weakness. Then how about her actual movement!

Nell parried my magic sword which aimed at the left side of Nell’s neck using the ice lance that she held diagonally.

Nell barely blocked my attack with the blade of her ice lance, but she was unable to stand still with the weight and speed of my blow, which was different from the previous one. She took a step back, increasing into two steps, and three steps.

「Ngh, you’re stronger than my expectations.」

「If you are working with earth everyday, you will become like this too. Now then, let’s settle this soon.」

I stopped my leisurely pace and rushed to Nell at once.

Nell wrung out her soul’s ice magic from the sway of her emotions. She stared at me with a frosty gaze and began to cast another magic while hiding her mouth with her left hand.

A rudimentary yet effective technique for noticing the kind of magic that was going to be cast was by observing the chant.

I swirled the wind with the base of my staff with a swoop and accelerated it. Then, I swung my staff many times as I pierce through the wind, and following that movement, a ring-shaped pure magic was created. It rotates at high speed and attacks Nell.

If Energy Arrow was a magic that specializes in piercing enemies, the Energy Ring I just used was a magic where a circular blade of pure magic that was quickly rotating would tear the enemies into pieces.

Nell stared at the light green circular blade that could cut iron into pieces with her dark blue eyes, and avoided it with minimal movement of her body. From my view, she dodged it by jumping to the right, but this time I drew an arc and it cut Nell on the right side of her chest. When I pulled the blade to the right side, it cut through her uniform’s fabric on her right shoulder.

While avoiding the rush of the Energy Ring in a light-hearted manner, Nell continued to chant, and in the meantime I successfully closed my distance with Nell.

The third piece which turned sideways cut Nell’s thigh. The energy ring that was about to strike both of her sides was avoided by Nell with a stunning jump similar to feline animals.

It was amazing that she could move that much. I was filled with a sudden strange thought that besides being a magician, she could be an acrobat too.


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