Chapter 27 – Part 1

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Editor: Ryunakama

I left the hemispheric training area ahead of Nell and Fatima, and when Selina and I were on our way back to our room to change clothes before having dinner, Selina who was beside me started to scold me.

There were some students who were using the other training ground or going to another place that moved their gaze towards us. Judging from their expression, they should be shocked that a demon, Lamia, was making a spectacular appearance in the Magic Academy. Fortunately, Selina was focused on scolding me, and she didn’t seem to notice the gazes directed towards her

Fumu, I should listen to Selina’s scolding so she wouldn’t notice anything unimportant. This is the least that I could do for her.

This serpent girl would surely get hurt if she noticed the mix of curiosity, fear, and surprise coming from our surroundings, after all.

「Really! Even if the one who applied for the match was Nelneshia-san, but the one who agreed just like that was Dran-san. How much did you think that Fatima-chan and I were worried! 」

Selina’s wrinkled eyebrows looked like they were drawn by a famous artist who put their heart and mind to those beautiful strokes. In addition, she puffed her cheeks and more sharp words came from her mouth.

I believed that I was not the only one who had the impulse to pinch those puffy soft cheeks. Fumu, I want to pinch it. Ah, but I have to control myself, yet I want to pinch it.

I tried to erase those inner conflicts and returned to my usual behaviour while replying to Selina.

「I didn’t know I’ve done something that would make you worry. But thanks to that, I got a rough indication of how powerful the students in this Magic Academy are.

I was somewhat surprised that so many prodigal students attend this academy.

Since Nell said that there is the ‘Big Four’ title here, it seems like there will be two other people with that title in addition to Christina-san and Nell. I feel like there might be a lot more things that I can learn here more than my expectations.」

Among the students who were called the Galois Big Four, there were the ‘Silver Princess Knight’ Christina-san, and ‘Ice Flower’ Nell.

I didn’t know yet who the remaining two people are, not even their names and faces. Yet, the image of a girl who had an aura of fierceness around her, like she was a demonic beast pretending to be human, floated in my mind.

One of the two remaining people should be that girl. I envisioned the girl whose name I didn’t know yet in my mind, and Selina continued to speak without knowing my inner thoughts.

「I agree that Nelneshia-san was much stronger than I thought, but I was worried that Dran-san would overdo the battle. Even if Nerneshia-san might be stronger than me, I know that Dran-san is even more powerful!」

Fumu, so it seemed like she was worried that I would overdo it and end up hurting Nell, rather than concerned about me being injured. As expected from Selina, she truly understood me that much.

「I think Selina thinks too highly of me. I’m not really that much of an amazing man, you know.」

「If Dran-san is not strong, then most of the people in this world cannot say they are strong. And you shouldn’t be too modest like that. Also it is not good to be too humble. Modesty is not a virtue, okay?」

「Hmmm, I learnt a thing from Selina, eh? I’ll be careful with my words from now on.

「It’s easy to just say it. Please put it into practise properly.」

It seemed like Selina didn’t trust me regarding these kinds of things. I dropped my shoulders to show that my heart was unexpectedly bitter.

Once we returned to our room and changed my clothes to clean ones, Selina and I left the room again and headed to the school’s main dining room. Today had truly been a day without any rest after the class was over.

Together with Fatima and Nell, we sat down in the same place where Selina and I had a meal with Christina before.

Since these two had enrolled in this magic school for some time unlike me who entered the academy suddenly, they should’ve their own eating partners already, but the reason they accompanied us might be because they were worried about me who is a new student.

As for the seating arrangement, Selina and I sat together while Fatima and Nell sat across from us.

When we arrived at the dining room, it was already filled with many students together with murmurs and chats. Even though Selina and I already had a meal here together with Christina-san when we had just arrived, I still felt a curious look pointed towards us.

Looking at this situation, it should take some time for them to get used to Selina and me.

If there would be another person with rare demons and animals as their familiar in addition to us, the human’s interest which easily changes would be focusing onto that, yet I didn’t think it would happen so often.

Fumu, while I was thinking about the gazes that would surround me in my school life from now on, I heard an unforgettable golden-bell sound ringing in my ears.

On Fatima and Nell’s faces which had completely different features, there was the same shade of surprise.

「So you already made some friends! How great. I also have to learn from you, Dran.」

「I’m sure that there are a lot of people who want to be Christina-san’s friend though?」

「No, I think it’s hard for me to get along with people. It feels kind of awkward.」

The owner of that voice is Christina-san who showed her face at our large table rather than at the third year table which she belonged to.

She seemed relieved looking at the sight of me with my classmates, and took a seat right next to me with a relaxed face.

Since this is inside the school building, she didn’t have her prized magic sword Elspada on her waist. Well, even if this person doesn’t use Elspada, she could still beat one or two hundred ordinary people while humming a song.

「I just took a seat here on my own, but do both of you mind?」

Christina’s lips curved into an attractive smile, even with a slight awkwardness, and asked the permission from Nelneshia and Fatima to stay here.

「Y-y-yes. It is our honor to be on the same table with Christina-senpai!」

「Agreed. It’s something honorable.」

Christina-san laughed a little as if she was troubled with Fatima’s attitude who immediately stood up from her chair on the spot.

After all, for my classmates, Christina-san would be an unreachable flower, or even a heavenly person, which they had no chance to speak a word to, not to say to share a table together with her.

Christina-san seemed like she had already become accustomed to being treated like this, but with Christina-san’s strength and beauty, I didn’t think it was strange for two, or even a hundred students who had admiration towards her.

However, while Fatima was clearly filled with admiration and surprise, Nell was staring at Christina-san like how she was staring at me on the stage of the training ground.

Now, inside Nell’s mind, she should’ve imagined how to fight Christina-san as her opponent.

In her fictional battle, Nell might have imagined that Christina-san’s blood and her own blood would be dyed on Christina-san’s fair white skin without any impurities and on her snow-like silverish hair, huh.

When I thought about the sequence of her facial expression carefully, there was a twitch in her blue eyebrows, and she wrinkled her face. It seemed like Nell’s fight in her head was quite difficult.

Even if I already knew both of Nell’s and Christina-san’s abilities, I couldn’t help but say that Christina-san had a better ability than Nell. Apparently, Nell could objectively see the difference in their ability.

Fumu. When I leaked out a voice of assessment, Selina was talking to Christina-san without hiding her curiosity.

「Christina-san, I heard about this from Nelneshia-san a while ago, that Christina-san is one of the Big Four which consist of very strong students, right? Have you ever participated in the Magic Academy match? It seems like Nelneshia participated on it last year, and lost to a student named X.」

「Ahh, that annual convention, right? No, I just watched at that festival. I didn’t participate. I see, I thought that I have seen your face before, so you are the first year student that people actively talked about last year. By the way, why did you ask such a question? Is it because Dran is going to participate this year, or just a leisure talk?」

「I think that the academy headmaster and Denzel-san had probably invited Dran, but actually, I asked because Dran and Nelneshia had a mock battle after the afternoon class today. And then, they talked about the Big Four and the annual match.」

Christina-san who heard Selina’s story had her eyes bulge.

Fumu, it was quite lovely. Those blinking in surprise replies made Christina-san who usually acted like an adult show that she is still a girl under twenty years old.

「I understand if they talk about the annual match since it is famous, but why were they having a mock game?」

「It’s seems like it is because Dran-san is a rival student who is a genius at another school.」

「Ahh, I see. So it was because the kid from the west who defeated Nelneshia in last year’s tournament. That’s why she noticed that Dran was seen as being aligned with the West and South. I won’t say that I don’t know what her feelings are, but……」

Christina-san, who had a military like temperament, showed an understanding towards Nell for her reason to apply for a mock battle against me, yet since I just entered the Magical Academy, to challenge me to a mock battle was too hasty. There was a shade of criticism mixed in Christina-san’s eyes.

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