Chapter 27 – Part 2

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「It’s already happened anyway. And I think that is also a very good experience for me. To be able to battle against Nelneshia who has the highest rank at battling is something I never thought I can experience myself.」

「Heee… Well, I think it won’t be easy for other students to catch up with Dran as an opponent too, given your power.」

「I feel confident if the Four Strength Christina-san is saying that to me. And since Selina was watching me, I had to put up some appearance.」

「Oh my, that part of yours really never changes. Anyway, it seems like it has been a hard first day as a Galois Magic Academy student for both of you. Good work, and please take care of me as a fellow Magic Academy student, Dran and Selina.」

「Please take care of us too. Christina-senpai.」

When I answered back while emphasizing the ‘senpai’ part, Christina-san laughed at me as if she was embarrassed.

Fatima raised a voice of shock, and Nell also stared at Christina-san like when a devout believer saw a miracle.

「W-waah, t-this is the first time I’ve seen Christina-senpai laugh, Nell-chan. Will I die tomorrow?」

「There’s no way you will…… Maybe, probably.」

「You don’t sound convincing, Nell-chan.」

The words that came out of Fatima and Nell’s mouths made me feel somewhat weird, and I couldn’t accept it in my heart.

I felt that it was too much to say that just by looking at Christina-san’s smile would make someone die.

It might be because Christina-san never showed her smile at Magic Academy so far, but Selina and I had seen Christina-san’s smile a lot, so I couldn’t sympathize with both of them.

「Christina-san, since they made a reaction like they saw a rare weird creature when you showed your smile, just what kind of life did you have at the Magic Academy so far?」

「Er, I didn’t think that I would get this kind of response, but… Well, I didn’t talk to other students that much, and I didn’t eat together with anyone like this either, maybe? Hahaha…」

When I looked into Christina-san’s face from the side, it seemed like she was looking back at the time when she couldn’t interact with other people, and she laughed awkwardly.

If she had a little more positive character, she would be someone with many people gathering around her, and blooming as the school’s flower.

When I was looking at Christina-san’s awkward laughter, Selina started to speak earnestly.

「Christina-san is a very beautiful person, so I think it’s a shame if no one knows your smile. There were a lot of beautiful Lamia’s, but I don’t know anyone who can be called a beauty like Christina-san.」

Selina spilled those words full of admiration without taking any stop. The vexing air in the main dining room dissolved, and even if Selina is the same gender and different species from her, Christina-san looked like she had fallen in love with Selina.

Even if Selina has already seen Christina-san’s good looks over and over again, and being a Lamia with the power to attract different kinds of people and a rare beauty herself, Christina-san’s beauty could still take Selina’s heart deeply.

I guess someone who could use the word of greatness to express beauty would be someone like Christina-san.

「I-is that so? To hear that from a beauty like Selina makes me embarrassed…」

Even though she should’ve heard those words of praise for her beauty, Christina-san was really happy and twisted her body in embarrassment, and moved her gaze towards the table. It might be because she regarded Selina as someone she permitted to come inside her heart.

Fumu, it seems like even if Christina-san used to close the door of her heart tightly, once someone got in, she would have the tendency to become very soft towards them.

Well, it felt very nice to know that Christina-san’s smile was monopolized by us alone, though.

「Alright, let’s stop talking about me now. Let’s start eating before the food cools down.」

It seemed like Christina-san couldn’t stand the embarrassment of being complimented any more, and she turned the topic forcefully towards the dish placed between all of us.

「Fumu, if we tease Christina-san even more than this, it will be pitiful for her. Selina, let’s stop now, okay?」

「I didn’t mean to tease her though, but if Dran-san said so then I will stop saying it for now.」

Christina-san’s face became plainly relieved after hearing my interaction with Selina. I felt that that attitude is the one of the big factors that made me feel teasing her is worthwhile, but apparently Christina-san wasn’t aware of that.

After being exposed with Fatima and Nell’s eyes full of tension and happiness because they could eat with Christina-san, together with the jealousy, envy, and slight hatred that were emitted from the surrounding students, we managed to end our pleasant dinner. After that, Selina and I returned to the former storeroom in the high school male’s dormitory.

The sound of the bell that signalled the end of dinner time echoed on the site of the Magic Academy which was already covered in the darkness of night. The people who still walked through the school building where the only light source at this time were lampstone and moonlight on a regular basis were the security guards and teachers on a night watch, magic creatures for security, and students who went to their lover’s pillow despite the ban.

Inside our room which has the largeness as a redeeming feature, I sat on the bed while Selina relaxed her serpent lower body on the carpet and cushions that were stacked on the stone floor.

Selina had only finished bathing earlier, and her body had warmed up slightly.

「Selina, I am sorry, I couldn’t get permission for you to use the public bath. Even though the large public bath was luxuruous, and it would be certainly effective to relax your mental and physical fatigue…」

Selina’s beautiful hair looked like real golden threads, woven by the hands of a god, and she used a large cloth to wipe the water droplets that were trickling down.

Selina’s slightly scarlet skin, welcoming cheeks, and slightly wet blue eyes, together with her appearance that was always full of magical colors would definitely melt any iron heart in this world, no matter how hard the iron was.

If other male students were to see Selina now, they would lose their fear towards demons and their aversion towards half person half snake creatures, while being overwhelmed by their lust.

「No, I don’t deserve using it after all. Also, Dran-san had prepared a bath for me, so it’s okay. Please don’t worry so much. On the contrary, I am the one who should feel sorry.」

Wearing the student’s thin nightclothes, Setina wiped her hair and smiled at me, and I couldn’t find a word to reply to her.

The public bath was open after the dinner to the Magic Academy students and teachers, which used a large amount of hot water to fill the large bath. They also prepared some bath salts from several kinds of herbs and fruits.

In Bern village and other general villages, we took a bath in a spring or river, or even just rubbed our body with damp cloth.

With the cost needed to boil water together with how we need to find clean water, this kind of bathing was a truly tremendous luxury.

This bathing habit originated from the bath culture that had been shared to the general public in the western Roman Empire, and it was transmitted to our kingdom about a hundred years ago.

During the past hundred years, it had been seen as a form of wealth to some of the upper class such as kingdom nobles and wealthy merchants, and that could be the reason why bathing facilities have also been installed at the Magic Academy where many noble children attend.

Certainly getting rid of the sweat and fatigue of the day by soaking my body in warm water after cleansing the body has a dramatic effect on healing my mind and body, yet I couldn’t stay unbothered without thinking that this was too luxurious while being soaked in the yellow water to my shoulders.

By the way, this large public bath was also included inside the women’s dormitory, but of course only the students and faculty members of Magic Academy could use this facility, and the staff and guards used different bathing facilities.

Unlike large public baths that required a large amount of money to maintain, the bathing facilities for labor and personnel employees were steaming baths that can be used with relatively inexpensive maintenance.

A large pot filled with fire-heating stone would be put in the center of a closed room. After applying some water to the stone which would burn with a touch, the room would be filled with heat vapor to make one sweat. It was a bath in the form of heat.

But for someone who was neither an academy student nor staff like familiars, which one should they use?

Yes, for Selina, who was the feared demon from Lamia species, she didn’t have the permission to use either the public bath or the steam bath.

In the first place, I couldn’t appeal to the Magic Academy side that much, and I could only get permission to let a Lamia, who had the power of enchantment to captivate others, live in a male dormitory, but not use the bath.

However, Selina has delicate nerves and likes cleanliness so much that she rather cleanse her body even if the weather was a little cold during her journey to find her husband after she left the village.

Even if I brought some hot water to the room, she could only cleanse her body with bathing powder and cloth, but it should not be enough.

Even though Selina is a girl who had a lot of patience and wouldn’t complain, I couldn’t just leave it like that since I knew her personality already.

I worked with Dana-san and the Magic Academy’s office, to get the permission to set up a private bath for Selina in the space adjacent to the back of my room.

So after I finished the construction of the bath, Selina could then immediately clean her body using the bath, and got a pleasant hot bath like others.

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