Chapter 3

 Translator: Jay_Samuel

The first half is Selina’s point of view.

Chapter 03

I endured wanting to cry about the unpleasant feeling of getting soaked with mud water all over my body, when I was rinsing my mouth with the water from the leather bag handed to me, I noticed that Dran was looking at me with a slightly embarrassed face.

「If you don’t wash off the mud it will be bad. You’ll catch a cold if you keep on that wet cloth. Do you have a change of clothes?」

「Yes. I left it at Mr. Lizard’s house. So I have spare clothing」

Ahem, as I said that with my chest puffed up with pride, Dran smiled again.

I don’t think I said anything strange, so why is he laughing? Is he perhaps a mean human?

「Selina is quite different from the Lamia that I know, it’s quite amusing.
Besides, Selina seemed to be confused at first when you first saw me, but it seems you have lowered your guard considerably already. To the point where I am thinking you should be a little more vigilant around humans」

After Dran lectured me, I thought about it. That’s right. Dran is a human. And I am a Lamia monster.
Then as a matter of course a human should be scared of a Lamia, to the point where even if they point their blades at them it is within reason.

「Um, well. I, I am very sorry」

I didn’t know what to say, even I have no idea what I was saying, as I was thinking about that I somehow ended up apologizing to Dran.

And then Dran slightly shrugged his shoulders. It was a very well suited gesture. Dran had a gentle light shining in his blue eyes.

It is a very calming color, like the sky on a sunny day. When I look at Dran’s eyes, I mysteriously feel calm.

How come? Dran will never hurt me, for some reason this is what I thought.

「You don’t need to apologize. I have no intention of doing anything against you either. More importantly, it would better if you changed your clothes now」

No one lives in the village of the Lizardmen anymore, and most of the houses are not very habitable because the floor is missing or the walls are broken.

Still, I was hiding my luggage in the house that had been left in a more complete shape while I looked around. It is most likely the house of the one who served as the head of the village.

While changing my wet clothes and wiping the mud water off my hair inside the house, Dran was waiting outside the house.

「We better prepare for camping soon. Let’s dry the clothes at the same time prepare meals. Well I was going to spend the night here, but I wonder what Selina’s plan is?」

「I also intended to spend the night here. Because my clan has high affinity with water, this swamp where both the power of earth and water is strong, is cozy」

It’s a bit troubling that my clothes get wet, but as I was saying this Dran who seemed convinced nodded his head and looks around.

We left the swamp then started making preparations for camp on dry ground around rocks of various sizes.

I say camping but it’s only to the extent of spreading blankets on the ground, and sleeping wrapped in another blanket.

Since it is still cold at night, I cannot put out the fire, but since it is me and Dran two of us today we decided to take turns watching the fire.

Having wrapped my whole body in a blanket and warmed up with the fire in front of me, I felt the joy of being able to talk to someone for the first time in a long while, even to my own surprise I became a chatterbox, then before I knew it I was talking about why I was travelling.

I was born and raised in the hidden village of Lamia in the Mores mountains to the North of the swamp.

It is home to many Lamias, their husbands, and the children born between them.

In that hidden village, there is a rule that lamias who became seventeen must step out of the hidden village and go on a journey in search of a husband.

I am also on a journey to find a husband according to the law.

By the time my story ends, our meal was finished, and the pot was empty.

Apparently, he has an elder brother and a younger brother, and he often listen to their stories. In addition, he often took care of younger children in the village, so he said that he was good at listening to other people’s stories.

But does that mean that I am childish? I think that is a bit rude. I mean Dran is sixteen years old this year. I am seventeen years old so one year older. I am an older sister you know?

As I was holding dissatisfaction in my mind, Dran who was cleaning up the dishes and removed the empty pot from the fire, said.

「The way she’s puffing out her cheeks, looks childish」

「Oh, did I just say that out loud?」

Oh no, I thought as I hurriedly held my hands against my cheeks, I guess my behavior was very funny as Dran secretly laughed. Geez!

「No, I am sorry. It wasn’t my intention to make fun of you. You were just so adorable, I couldn’t help myself」

「I will not be deceived even if you flatter me like that」

「Please don’t say that and forgive me. It would pain my heart If I ruined your mood」


「This is troubling. I have made Selina angry. …..Come to think of it, do Lamias have a bendable navel?」

I will not go forgiving you so easily. When I turn my puffy face to the side, Dran’s expression was like that of one looking at a spoiled child throwing a tantrum, so I relaxed my shoulders.

No…… It can’t be helped I guess I will obediently call for truce, so I don’t dig a deeper hole for myself. I turned back and looked at Dran’s face directly.

「I give up. It seems I am childish. Also, Lamias too have navels. Our body changes from around here to snakes」

I touched part of my body wrapped in blanket with my hand. On a human female, it is slightly above the knee. From there down is a snake’s body.

Then after I talked about my mom and dad’s favorite food. And talked about the present I got for my birthday, Dran also talked about his family.

Dran seems to be from a family of five including his Father, Mother, Elder brother and Younger brother, but he seems to have left home and is now living alone.

Unlike us there is no need to go on a journey, even if you’re still in the same village the fact that you have to move out of your home is terribly sad, is what I thought.

「Does Dran not feel lonely?」

「Saying I don’t would be a lie, but my family home is a short distance from my place, but at my age I can’t openly claim that I’m feeling lonely. I think Selina is more praiseworthy. Not only did you leave your house but you are also travelling on your own. I am sure it is so disheartening and hard to bear」

「Hehe, well it is something that I have been told since I was little, so I was ready for it. And because it’s a journey to search for my husband, I have to properly confirm with my own eyes」

「I see, Selina sure is a strong girl」

As Dran said that with a gentle smile, the calm expression on his face was kind of lovely.


The next morning, as the sun was just rising from the horizon, I decided to leave the camp, while Selina was still asleep.

Fortunately, Selina never woke up even as I continued fiddling with her tail. I was surprisingly enthusiastic about it myself, and in the end, I didn’t get a wink of sleep last night.

Because the Lamia race are half snake, they are weak in the morning, and their movement is dull until the body warms up.

Therefore, I put in more firewood so that the fire would not be extinguished until Selina got up.

I have no reason to remain in the swamp anymore, since I have been able to find and solve the cause of the swamp anomalies and obtain Loot.

I also told Marco that I would return to the village today, so I think maybe it is about time I left the swamp.

「Selina, I will be returning to my village soon. So the question is what is your plan from here on out?」

「Oh, well, I heard that there is a human city to the south, so I will keep heading south so as not to get found out, and continue my journey in search of a husband」

「Hm, I think you already know but it is quite rare to meet people like me who are willing to interact with a Lamia. So do not approach carelessly. It’s risky after all」

「Yes. My father and mother also warned me several times. It would be nice if everyone was as kind as Dran」

「The fact that Selina is a very kind girl is something anybody will realize once they interact with you, but that interaction is quite a challenge.
A Lamia’s lifespan is longer compared to humans. You should start by slowly getting to know more about humans and other races without rush」

Yes, I will do that, seeing Selina nodding in agreement to my words, I held out my right hand to her.

Selina looked at the right hand I presented with a slightly surprised face, but soon she smiled softly and shyly holds my hand after showing a little hesitation.

Selina’s smile was warm and gentle, like a flower bud choosing to blossom unexpectedly.

After making up my mind I give Selina another souvenir, and through Selina’s soft hands, I transferred plenty of my essence to her.


Thinking that a dragon’s essence would be more refined, I transferred it to her, but it surprised Selina a little.

Come to think of it, she may have eaten a human’s essence when she was still in the hidden village, but she most likely never had a dragon’s essence before.

That was careless of me, she was so surprised that her tail straightened up, and then I started laughing at Selina whose eyes were turning black and white.

「Sorry about that. That must have surprised you. I will be going now, I wish you all the best in your travels」

「Eh, oh, yes. Dran too stay well」

「Thank you. You will certainly find a nice guy. I believe so」

We released each other’s hands, and then I turned in the direction towards Bern village and move my feet forward.

I walked until the swamp became smaller, I looked back and found Selina still there, noticing that I was looking back, she started waving with all her might.

I also laughed and waved back at her. Selina kept seeing me off by the bank of the swamp until she could no longer see me.

Good grief, what a lovely Lamia.

On my way back to Bern village after leaving the swamp, I slaughtered two giant spear fallow deer with twisted horns halfway along the road, and hung them on a rod of reasonable length and thickness then arrived at the north gate of the village.

As I showed the familiar gate keepers the giant spear fallow deer carried on my shoulder, we had a casual chat and started laughing lightly, while I have this worry building deep within my chest that wouldn’t disappear.

After parting with Selina at the swamp, halfway along the way back to the village, in my head is Selina that was deceived by a bad human held in shackles inside a prison, being used as a spectacle, a state so clearly highlighted emerging through my mind so much that I can’t help it.

Considering Selina’s capabilities as a Lamia and her extraordinary power and sorcery, it’s probably not bandits or adventurer wannabes and all those other misfits, but Selina who is just too good a character.

I wonder if she’s alright, is she fine? She’s okay right, so I kept worrying in my head.

I was thinking I have really grown attached to Selina, but that’s not it.

I have completely become attached to Selina.

I don’t know if Selina and my path will ever cross again, but if we should ever meet again I will treat her with care, I swore and returned home.


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