Chapter 30 – Part 3

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Hearing that name, I checked a certain shelf in my memories and pulled out the contents.

「One of the Galois big four. There are two barriers around the village, one is Nell’s and the other is hers?」

「Yes. She was at the village to get rid of the monster that appeared in the vicinity. It was thanks to her that the casualties among the villagers were kept to the minimum when the village was attacked for the first time. Though it didn’t help Fatima……」

「That is another lovely nuisance. Is it my fate today to be interrupted time after time again?」

As Bran said this with a sigh, Lenia made the most villainous grin possible, like she was overjoyed to find a toy that she wanted for a long time. The half doll-like face only made this expression even more unsettling.

「Vampires’ royalty, huh. Are you a son or something of that guy that came to the village earlier? He ran away before I could destroy him, but maybe if I destroy you, he will be angry enough not to run away the next time?」

「You are running your mouth too much. I can’t dismiss this as a woman’s nonsense, this calls for a few corrections. First, father didn’t run away. It is an old tradition to drink the blood of the woman visiting her for several nights. It was only for his respect for this ancient tradition that he left this village. And another one, destroying me is what is called impossible. For someone of such meager strength to even think of defeating me is absurd.」

「A dirty parasite who cannot sustain his immortality without sucking blood, it is you who are talking too much. Taste for yourself how absurd the idea of destroying you is!」

「Nell, what was Lenia’s favorite spell and nickname?」

While being on guard for Bran shifting his attention back to us, I ask Nell, who stood behind me. Although she was in the process of channeling magic power in order to be able to immediately respond to any development, she nonetheless responded to my question right away.

「Her specialty is thought magic, and her nickname is 『Destroyer』!」

Thought magic is just as the name would suggest is a school of magic that uses the mind to interfere with the world.

The magic that I usually use relies on words of power, chants, runes, mystical symbols, and my own magic power to affect the world around, while Thought Magic is based on concentration and the image in one’s mind.

The magic that utilizes a will far surpassing that of an ordinary person to bend reality to one’s own convenience. Acquiring this magic is extremely difficult, the most important factors here are inborn talent and a strong belief in the own picture of the world, somewhat bordering with delusion, which limits the number of users.

As if an invisible snake suddenly appeared, the ground cracked, starting at Lenia’s location and going towards Bran. Telekinesis, huh. But for it to be this strong.

Bran made the guards deal with the destructive thought that crushed everything in its path.

Two huge arms emerged, both thick as several logs. No doubt the arms of a giant.

So even giants, who depending on race could reach a hundred times the size of a human, were among the slaves to the vampire prince.

The giant arms swung down a giant war hammer at the incoming wave of telekinesis. Producing a deafening boom and a tremendous shockwave, that blew our hair.

「How conceited can you be to dream of defeating me with such circus tricks.」

「Is that so? Then how about this!」

As Lenia kept approaching Bran, two beast arms, just like that one earlier, appeared by her sides. The grey arms were covered in scales, and here and there had bristles growing, while 5 fingers on each hand had thick and sharp claws.

I faintly remember seeing something like that in my previous life, or not?

The beast arms, even bigger than the giant arms that just negated the telepathic shockwave, this time were met with 100 arms each, 200 arms in total, all holding shields.

Depending on their race and era, the shields that the guards held were different in form and appearance, but all of them formed a shield wall, completely blocking the ominous claws.

「A coward that can’t take a step without a bunch of guards.」

「My, you point out stuff that hurt.」

Looking at Bran’s wry smile, it seems the vampire prince was aware of that point.

As the shield wall and the psychokinetic beast pushed back at each other I felt a significant surge in Lenia’s magic power and presence. Though they weren’t visible to a human’s eye, my eyes managed to notice three lumps of energy that appeared right in front of Lenia.

Colorless and shapeless lumps of mental energy. The mind of Lenia focused solely on destruction became colorless and soundless destruction directed at Bran.

Lenia’s relentless attack continued, creating craters around Bran as he defended against them, gradually transforming the surroundings into a terrible spectacle fitting for her nickname.

Even so, she couldn’t break through the defenses of the golden sword and countless guards, and eventually, I understood that Lenia’s magic power, which appeared to be inexhaustible, would run out first.

Looks like, despite her nature, Bran is a bit too much for her to handle. Arriving at that conclusion, I gripped my sword and charged into the midst of the explosions.


Evading explosions generated by Lenia’s thought, I slash at Bran with the sword. Bran immediately noticed me. While warding off Lenia’s attacks with the guards on his left side, he turned to me his golden sword, guards on the right side, and his attention.

As expected, he chose to block my attack with the golden sword. The golden sword and my Dragon Claw Sword, that was shining white with my magic power, clashed, creating a tremendous shockwave.

But the collision and contact of the two swords lasted only a brief moment. Bran certainly didn’t expect that his sword, swung with superhuman strength, would be deflected in such a fashion.

With the Grief Maria thrust up, I swing at Bran’s defenseless neck.

The sword went through the muscle and bone like through butter and easily slashed off his head.

A red line appeared across the neck of the vampire prince, but before it would erupt into a fountain of blood, Bran pressed down onto his severed head with the free left hand, pressing it to the neck. The next moment, the red line disappeared as if it was never there in the first place.


As I let out a somewhat impressed voice, Bran spoke in a somewhat hoarse voice. His vocal cords probably didn’t connect properly yet.

「To think you are this strong. I misjudged you.」

He should be in intense pain from the magic power that I put into the sword, but Bran smiled, without showing any hints of suffering.

They say that the species known as nobles put on airs, trying to never show weakness in front of the common people, and it seems that the same was true even among vampires.

I almost want to praise him for being this good at pretending, but it can wait for after I turn him to dust.

「There won’t be a second time.」

Aiming to hit him in the heart this time, I change the stance. Though Bran made an impressive display of being able to put back his severed head, will he be able to sustain his immortal life with a sword in his heart?

However, I couldn’t get the answer to that question. What I got instead was an arrow from Bran’s carriage.

The carriage was supposed to be empty but looks like it had some kind of spell on it, that made it automatically protect the owner when it sensed the danger. Or perhaps the carriage itself was some kind of a golem or magical construct.

What’s really sly about this thing, is that it didn’t shoot at me alone, but included Selina and others into the list of targets as well. For the moment that I was distracted protecting them, striking down the countless arrows that covered the whole sky, Bran escaped inside the carriage.

If only he showed at least some hesitation, feeling shame to show his back to humans, the food, that he held in such contempt, but he had none.

「Dran, I will remember to repay you for my head by killing you instead of turning into a slave.」

「Then I will remember to turn you into ash. Fumu.」

「You have an unusual way of talking. Dran, Nelneshia, if you desire to save your friend Fatima and the girls taken from this village, then make your way to our castle. Though you are not the visitor we were expecting, we still will show you a hospitable welcome in our own way. If you survive this.」

Probably even before Bran finished speaking, a part of the carriage swung open, and something jumped at us from there. A metal rectangle with a golden color. Does he have a thing for gold?

As that thing was stretching into a rod form while flying through the air, the white fog enveloped the carriage.

Perhaps the fog had space transcending properties, but the moment the carriage was swallowed by it, I felt it teleporting all the way to the faraway castle.

As I was about to chase after him, having no intention of letting him get away, I realized what the thing that was thrown at us was, and had to abandon the pursuit.

The golden object created a rectangular barrier that covered us and Fraupa Village, while some kind of recurring reaction of matter with matter seems to have begun around the object, due to the teleportation into an incompatible environment.

If my memory serves me right, that was the way the ancient humans called this phenomenon.

Nuclear fusion.

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