Chapter 31 – Part 1

Translator: Kousei

Editor: Ryunakama


Leaving one of my usual lines, I grabbed the golden nuclear bomb that was on the verge of exploding with both hands, and after releasing the barrier that had been deployed around the village, I pretended to throw the nuclear bomb into the fog.

The moment the bomb left my hands and entered the fog, I teleported the nuclear bomb far above our heads, towards the stars. The purpose of pretending to throw the bomb is to deceive Selina and Nell.

I confirmed that there is no living being in the space around the teleportation destination. After confirming the light of a small explosion that occurred in the distance, which would take a thousand years to reach even at the speed of light, I let out another 「Fumu」 and a small sigh of relief.

Me aside, if there was an explosion like that, not even ash would remain of Selina, Nell, and Lenia, and the area of Fraupa Village would become scorched soil, and in the following decades, it would have been so polluted that not a single thing could live there.

When I looked back at Nell to ask more about Fatima, who was bitten by the vampire, I met the gaze of Lenia, who looked at me like an arch nemesis.

Like me, who reincarnated from an ancient dragon to a human, this owner of an inhumanly cold mind, so delighted about destruction, also wasn’t human, probably a demonic beast originally, reincarnated as a human, which, in a way, makes her one of my kind.

However, there is no sign that Lenia has noticed that I am also a reincarnate. Lenia’s black eyes are burning with anger and hatred towards me, who interrupted her fight with Bran.

So she finds delight in strife and destruction. Being reborn as a human with such a disposition she must have had a very tough time dealing with all the constraints.

I hope she doesn’t commit indiscriminate carnage and destruction to distract her destructive impulses which she obviously has no intentions of suppressing. Oblivious to such concerns of mine, Lenia turned away, and without even trying to speak with us went in the direction of the fog where Bran disappeared.

「Lenia, where are you going?」

I knew the answer, but because I was also a student of the same academy, I called out to her. I thought she would ignore it, but surprisingly she replied.

「Why should I tell you where I am going? Are you my father or something?」

「Fumu, at best I am a fellow student that goes to the same institution as you. But looking at you heading into the lair of vampires, one is bound to have a worry or two.」

「The most uncalled for worry in this world. You only have to worry about the serpent woman and the ice woman over there. Don’t get involved with me.」

「Don’t be too rash. If something happens to you it will leave a bad taste.」

I return to Selina and Nell after Lenia disappeared into the fog.

The two of them stood on the battlefield, where traces of destruction could be seen carved into the ground. It seems they were finally released from the vampire prince’s killing intent, and all their tension was gone. Sweat covered their pale faces as they hyperventilated, and their shoulders rose up and down with their rough breaths.

「Nell, you should wait until your breath returns to normal. Then I’ll go with you. Selina, please stay in the village and help with defenses.」

At my words, Selina shook her head from side to side with a sincere look. It contained a determined refusal to do so.

「No, that I can’t do. I understand that you are telling me to stay at Fraupa village out of concern for me. However, since that time when I was welcomed to Bern Village, I decided to go with you even to the end of the earth. So I’m going with you no matter what.」

「Ok, fine, I won’t say that we are going to the very depths of hell, but let’s save Fatima together.」

「Yes, we will definitely help Fatima-chan. It’s absolutely wrong for such a kind-hearted girl to suffer like that.」

I agree with Selina’s words from the very bottom of my heart.

Tonight, depending on the actions taken by Bran and his father, King Glossgrier, a vampire kingdom of ancient blood and history might perish by my hand.

「Dran, I calmed down. Let’s go now. 」

Nell, who had been trying to adjust her breathing and mind as per my advice, said with a revitalized face, albeit with some shadow of fatigue on her face.

「By the way, Dran, do you know where their castle is?」

「I already traced the carriage. If we follow it we will get to where Bran is.」

「As expected of Dran, so shrewd.」

I answered Nell’s praise by casually waving it off with my hand. After that I looked at the castle beyond the fog with my Dragon Eyes. To be more precise, I was looking at Fatima and a village girl who are imprisoned in the castle.

The castle of the Kingdom of Glossgrier is an overwhelming mass of huge gray stones, stacked atop each other seamlessly.

In the room at the top of one of the towers over the castle, was a human, whose breath, compared to that of a vampire, sounded like a storm, and the one half turned into a vampire, whose breath was more of a gentle breeze.

It was Fatima and the girl from Fraupa Village.

Fatima, who was bitten by the Glossgrier’s King, Bran’s father, had two holes about the size of a little finger on the nape of her neck and was lying on a bed with a canopy and a complexion like a pale bloodless person.

Next to the bed where Fatima was lying, a pale village girl was sitting on a chair made of gold, platinum, and ivory.

She was a girl with black hair that grew to her shoulders, tanned skin and round eyes like black balls. She is Rita, and she’ll be 15 years old this year.

「Are you alright?」

「Uh, oh, I’m okay. But, Fatima-sama, Fatima-sama is too pitiful.」

「Well yeah, even I can’t laugh about this. I didn’t even imagine that a Vampire would suck my blood. I already got bitten so it can’t be helped, but I’ll try to make sure you make it back to the village safely, Rita.」

「No, don’t worry about me, I just hope that Fatima-sama will never become a bloodsucker…」

「Become a bloodsucker? That’s quite a thing to say. We don’t know who might be listening, so be careful with your words.」

Rita’s voice, which sounds close to screaming, was interrupted by the voice of another person who opened the door silently and entered the room. As expected from a vampire, the steps on the carpet didn’t make any noise, the candlelight containing the fragrance lit on the chandelier did not cast a shadow on the floor.

Rita looked at the person that entered the room with a frightened face, while Fatima seemed to be languid, perhaps due to blood loss.

It was a girl, clad in a gray robe knitted from a thread of peculiar silkworm, whose thread was stronger than steel.

「Good evening, Sierra-san. 」

With a smile and a small laugh, Fatima welcomed the guest. Even if she was speaking to the vampire who sucked her blood, Fatima always seems to take such an attitude.

「Good evening, Fatima. You don’t look so good. I was once like that, so I understand it well. But waiting beyond is an ecstasy that I could never have imagined when I was human. You will know what it feels like to literally be reborn. That’s not scary. It’s so wonderful」

「Well, it’s a nice invitation, but I still want to be a human. I still want to grow up a bit more. 」

「Yes, but that’s up to His Majesty to decide. You’ve already been bitten, so you can’t refuse. His majesty is kind to his favorite maids and court ladies, so he will take care of you when you become a vampire. 」

「If that’s the case, I want you to be gentle now too.」

「You are still human now, so that’s impossible」

「Whether it’s a human or a vampire, isn’t it a gentleman’s duty to be kind to girls?」

Fatima was seriously asking that and Sierra had to resist the urge to smile.

「The greatest kindness to races other than vampires is to turn them into a vampire. 」

「Well then, Sierra, could we let just Rita go home? I’ll stay here, so let Rita return to the village safely.」


At the same time as Rita made a sad voice, a small wrinkle appeared in Sierra’s eyebrows, which disappeared before Fatima and Rita noticed it.

「That’s impossible too. She was brought along because there’s something that we have in store for her. And I was a little bit worried about telling you this too, but I’ll say it. Just earlier, His Highness, Bran-sama, went alone to Fraupa village, and he returned home with an injury on his hand. His Highness fought with Nelneshia and someone called Dran in Fraupa Village. Fatima, it seems your friends haven’t given up on saving you.」

Then, after showing small signs of worry over what she should say, Sierra said this next.

「You have good friends, don’t you?」

But they are just a bit reckless, or so she said to herself in her heart.

「I see, Nell-chan and Dran. Then, Selina is probably also with them. So you came to rescue me, Dran. And even you Nell-chan…」

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