Chapter 32 – Part 2

Translator: Kousei

Editor: Ryunakama & Pink Tea

「Ouch, It hurts. 」

Rita was forced back to consciousness by the pain all over her body, even so, she tried to sit up.

There are many small cuts and bruises on her feet, cheeks and neck, while her torn clothes were covered in dirt and leaves.

When she looked up, she realized that she had fallen from a great height off a steep cliff. It was amazing to her that despite the fall she had no broken bones.

Looking around she saw nothing that could’ve softened the fall, and it also doesn’t seem like she could break the fall by hitting a branch.

Rita didn’t know that a gray wind blew just before the fall, which softened most of the impact.

「I have to go, I have to help Fatima-sama. So that’s why in this kind of place…. 」

Rita moved her aching legs, ignoring the wail of her body that told her to take a rest. Every step she took made her body recoil with an agonizing pain, which would make one want to simply lie down and wait for the end.

Nevertheless, the desire to save Fatima and the fear approaching from behind was much greater than the pain, so while she moved at a snail’s pace, she still kept advancing.

As usual, she couldn’t see a thing because of the surrounding fog, and she felt like she could hear the sound of hooves approaching from behind her, and because of it, Rita’s heart kept racing.

「Haa. Haa. Haa」

Annoyed even by her own panting. As if her heart was about to burst, and her eardrum was about to be torn because of the heartbeat, Rita was even amazed at her toughness as she still did not die.

But those thoughts disappeared when she saw the shadows of the three horsemen standing in front of her. A knight in armor that is whiter than the white fog, a knight in a glossy black armor, and a knight in a gray armor.

There is no explicit murderous intent compared to the purple knight, but it still gives off the cold feeling that stiffens the whole body just by seeing it. It is due to the negative aura of the high-ranking undead and the difference in the spiritual energy.

If she were lacking in spiritual tolerance, she would faint just by being exposed to this aura.

「No, No, No, I, I still have something I want to do, a lot of things I want to do. I don’t want to die, I don’t want to die yet, uh, uh, huuu…… 」

No matter how lucky she is, there was no way for her to survive. Knowing that, the last thread of tension that kept her going, snapped.

Then the fear that had been contained up to now has broken through and overflowed, and large drops of tears began to spill from her eyes.

No, no, while repeating the words, like a child that knew no other words, Rita couldn’t move even one step, and broke down on the spot and then collapsed.

Strangely, the three knights didn’t move even an inch. It’s not like they were pleased to see Rita’s pathetic appearance, but Rita couldn’t see that at the time.

Rita noticed something was wrong, as the knights all got off the horses gallantly, and the knight Gorcos in white armor tipped with unlimited fear and respect.

「Welcome to the kingdom of Glossgrier. The one who inherits the most precious great blood. Our Lord has longed for your arrival. 」

Rita finally realized that their gazes weren’t directed at her, but rather, fully focused on someone behind her.

At the same time, puzzled how she didn’t notice it until now, but she finally felt that there was something behind her. Like a mountain range that reaches above the clouds and extends beyond the horizon, like a night sky, that cannot be reached no matter how much you stretch your hand, there was something tremendous.

How could she not notice it? Perhaps it’s because it was too big. A drop of rain falling into the ocean would not be able to understand how big the ocean is right? A piece of dust cannot possibly understand how vast is the land lying beyond the horizon.

The owner of that giant presence, so colossal that it felt like it’s a part of the world itself, replied to Gorcos. A woman’s voice, resembling a sound of a golden harp strung by a master musician, unrivaled in both heaven and hell.

「Spare me your fake courtesy. I am a fool that having my country and people destroyed by you, escaped the ruin and continues to live in disgrace.」

「But it does not change the fact that you are still one of the Six Founders, like our Lord. Your Majesty, The 999th Monarch of Valkyrios Kingdom, Dramina Peyorir Valkyrios.」

「From the mouth of a knight of Glossgrier, who destroyed my country, it sounds only like an insult.」

Rita followed the irresistible urge, and still on her knees, looked behind her. As soon as she looked back she saw a never-before-seen incarnation of transcendental beauty, truly a being not of this world.

A nose that tens of thousands of poets can praise exhaust all the words they have and will still have to fall into despair at the futility of their efforts. The crimson lips, for a chance to taste which giving away one’s own soul sounds like a fair trade. The primordial flame, which was burning at the beginning of the world, may be burning in the same red color as these eyes.

The black dress reminiscent of the starless night sky, greatly bulged at the chest and buttocks and surprisingly thin at the waist.

A slim waist, so delicate that one might think that it can break from a careless touch, had what it took to captivate the hearts of men.

The red ribbon wrapped around the neck was decorated with a bluish pale green diamond as big as the eyes, even though it still loses from the beauty of its owner, but still, it emits a beautiful glittering light.

The hair stretched long enough to reach the waist was silver with a faint purple color.

What was strange to Rita’s eyes was that the left side of the face, of this beauty so fair she should send the beholder into a trance, was hidden by a veil of the same black fabric as the dress.

The veil was tied with a golden ribbon. It is a ribbon made by processing gold itself into a fibrous form instead of dying the silk thread.

It was unknown to Rita, but this beautiful woman who hid half of her face was the guest that the Kingdom of Glossgrier was trying to meet with all their power, the last vampire queen of a country that had been destroyed by Glossgrier.

Suddenly Dramina bowed down and raised Rita’s right hand with her left hand. It was an action showing concern for Rita.

Rita felt that it was almost a sin to touch the hands so delicate that they seemed like they could melt from mere contact.

「Chasing the innocent, taking away dignity, even taking away a life. Are you still repeating this abominable savage ritual? 」

Dramina’s voice was filled with a genuine indignation. Gorcos and the two other knights could not reply.

Being of the same species, they were able to sense the difference in their ranks, realizing that the one in front of them is on the same level as their revered master, which left them petrified.

「O little girl, go down, and then close your eyes and cover your ears. What is going to happen now is not what a girl like you should know..」

Was it a measure to prevent Rita from seeing the tragedy she was about to cause?

She guided Rita behind her, then Dramina let go of her hand. While her hand, being undead, was as cold as that of a bloodless corpse, Rita still thought that there was a kindness to her.

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