Chapter 34 – Part 2

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「Dran, what is that carriage? No matter how you look at it, that’s not any decent carriage. And also, this magic power, it’s several levels above that of Bran. Is it by any chance a carriage of his parent or something?」

「Your doubts are the most reasonable, but such worries are unnecessary. Fortunately, I didn’t have a taste of their fangs. Selina also should feel that there is no change in the link between us.」

「Ah, right. I’m Dran’s familiar, so I would sense if he became a vampire. Yup, Nell-san, Dran-san is the same as before. He is still a human.」

Selina’s testimony and me revealing the skin that had no bite marks slightly lowered Nell’s caution, but she still remained ready to start combat at any moment.

Even if I wasn’t bitten, there still remained a possibility of being controlled through hypnosis. Nell understood well the dangers of going against vampires.

「Then what is that carriage?」

「It’s indeed a vampire’s carriage, but this one is an ally. Though it might be hard to believe.」

Of course, Nell and Selina wouldn’t accept my words so simply. As I was about to open my mouth, wondering how should I explain this to them, a sound came from behind me, the one of someone stepping down the ladder and then on to the ground

It was very obvious to me how everyone’s attention and eyes that were pointed at me until a moment ago, now were directed behind me. Following their example, I also turned around and saw two figures there.

Of course, the footsteps of only one person would be heard. Dramina was the strongest and most elegant of her silent kin, vampires. She wouldn’t be so clumsy as to raise a sound of footsteps even on the verge of destruction.

The one who broke the silence of the place where even time itself seemed captivated with Dramina’s beauty was Rita, who was holding hands with her.

Finding her father and brother among the villagers that stood dumbfounded, Rita called out to them with eyes that looked like she was about to cry.

「Father, brother!」

Though they were captivated by Dramina, hearing the dear voice of a family member they came to rescue, they came to their senses, and with wide-open arms welcomed Rita, who let go of Dramina’s hand and ran up to them.

「Ooh, Rita, Rita?」

「Are you really Rita?」

「Yes, yes, it’s me, Rita!」

Seeing parent and child shedding tears of joy, other villagers and also adventurers, along with Nell and Selina who came with the villagers, calmed down and looked at them fondly.

The one who brought tension to this warm scene was Dramina, who looked at this scene of reunion with a smile but had a bit of envy hidden in her heart.

In front of her was what she won’t be able to obtain, no matter how she wished for it.

「Though only by chance, I took your daughter who was captured by Glossgrier under my protection. I’m glad that I could safely return her to you.」

The soft voice of Dramina startled Nell, who among everyone present was on the highest alert. The shock from her beauty still remained deep and strong, and on top of that, Dramina’s voice had notes in it that made it obvious she was truly happy from the bottom of her heart about Rita’s reunion with the family.

「Are you a vampire? Who on earth are you?」

「Fumu, Ah.」

After giving a single nod, Dramina looked my way. Looks like she noticed that she said it in the same way as I would. I looked back at Dramina and 「Fumu, fumu」replied with a couple of nods. There was no particular meaning to it. I just felt like doing so.

「Pardon my rudeness. I am Dramina Peyorir Valkyrios. Just as you guessed, I am a vampire. However, I’m in an old feud with the Glossgrier… the ones who are attempting to do you harm. Their enemy is almost equal to an ally to me. I hate allowing things to go their way, and above all, I couldn’t forgive them tormenting the weak, as such I decided to save Rita. It’s a great relief for me to safely deliver her to your side.」

Nell, Selina, and villagers turned their gazes back to me and Rita. I guess they want us, who were present there, to tell them if her words are true or not.

「It’s just as she says. She was protecting Rita before I found her. And she also brought us here on her carriage.」

「Ehm, it’s true. The knights of that castle were chasing after me, and when I thought that this is it, this person appeared. And, ehm, she also let me rest on her lap.」

「Fumu, we safely got Rita back, so I think it would be best for her to go back with everyone from the village. The monsters on the way here are already exterminated, and the soldiers probably will be too preoccupied with me and Dramina to deal with you.」

「Do as Dran says. I will be leaving to destroy Giorr, cutting off his head and impaling his heart. Leave the rest to me and go back to the village.
I promise none will ever be abducted or have their blood sucked, and the girl called Fatima will also be saved by me.」

I didn’t reply. I already gave my answer to that inside the carriage. What was needed now is the reply from the two, who as I mentioned in Dramina’s carriage will be coming to rescue Fatima.

「We appreciate your suggestion. Everyone, please go back with Rita.」

「I also think that is the best choice. Adventurers should escort everyone back to the village, while we will head to Fatima-chan’s rescue!」

As Nell and Selina exclaimed, overflowing with fighting spirit, the villagers, young and old alike, showed conflicted expressions, fighting between the guilt of leaving the situation in the hands of such young girls, and the relief of not having to deal with this horror anymore.

As everyone wavered in their feelings, one of the villagers timidly asked Nell.

「But Nelneshia-sama, with you alone……」

「It’s alright, Miss Valkyrios also seems to be going to fight them. We alone should be enough to use that opportunity to rescue Fatima. So don’t worry and return to the village. This way we also will be able to fight without worrying about you.」

「Ehm, Nelneshia-sama, then please at least let me tell you what I saw inside the castle.」

Rita, who was being hugged closely by her father and brother, seemed to have realized how she can help, and nervously spoke up with an expression full of resolve.

Realizing that the further course of action was decided, Dramina returned to the carriage, unnoticed by anyone but me, and gave Sleipnirs an order to head to the castle.

As the horses turned their heads, the sounds of Dramina’s voice, sweeter than any melody, reached my ears.

『『Then, I will be leaving at this. To find you here tonight was not what I expected to happen, but I pray for your safe return.
And to ensure that, I promise that I, with my own hands, will bring destruction to Glossgrier and anyone following him.
Rita, today you met a great misfortune, but you have siblings, father, and your comrades from the village, who have enough courage to head to your rescue even to the lair of vampires. You absolutely shouldn’t forget how heartening that is.
And you Dran, were truly a pleasant young man. I didn’t laugh as much as today since that night. Thank you. Thanks to you my last night was truly a pleasant one. I pray that luck will favor you. Then, this time it’s truly a farewell.』』

She whispered in a very lonely tone as the carriage departed.
The last night, huh. So she came fully prepared for mutual destruction.
Losing the country, losing her people, and now revenge is the only thing left in her life. Or perhaps, after finishing her revenge she is planning to enact a judgment on herself and depart to the realm of the dead.

After parting with Dran and the others, Dramina acted as swiftly as possible.
Aside from some subjects of Glossgrier Kingdom only a handful had enough power to oppose her.

Dramina, who ordered the Slepnirs to gallop at full speed, followed her thirst for revenge and kept relentlessly hurling offensive spells with a vast area of effect at the castle, which gradually came into view as she got closer.

Giorr, the father of Bran, who was repelled by Dran, kept occasionally showing up before Fatima, repeating words and deeds that were seemingly aimed at breaking her will.
Once again leaving the prison tower after talking to Fatima, Giorr then let out an impressed『Ooh.』without even trying to hide his admiration for the unfolding spectacle.

This is the man that didn’t spare even a word of praise for his knights when they massacred enemy forces 20 times larger than theirs in numbers.

What so impressed Giorr was the fact that this castle, colossal enough to accommodate the great city of the northern frontier, Garoa, and still have plenty of space left, was literally half destroyed.
The destroyed parts were thoroughly demolished. The walls and castle gates that were built with the assumption of withstanding an attack of a pack of adult dragons, were leveled without a trace.

「Her Majesty the Queen seems to be quite angry. Right now… Over there, huh.」

Giorr turned his gaze to the building to his right. One of the hundred-story armories. 500 Vampire soldiers and 4,000 homunculi that rushed there, were blown up along with the building.
From the floor of the first floor, rushing to the 100th floor appeared a beam of magic power, pale white like the moonlight.

The brutal magic current, that blew up the armory, didn’t spread to sides and instead went straight into the night sky, piercing through the fog, shooting for the moon shining in the night sky.

Merely one spell from Dramina brought annihilation to the armory and 4,500 inhuman troops.

「That is how my enemy ought to be. It has to be this way, or there is no value to you. And that Bran, getting infatuating with a mere human. Which means that I am the only one who can face Valkyrios. The battle between the King of Glossgrier and the Queen of Valkyrios has to happen on a stage suitable for that.」

As soon as he finished speaking, Giorr began acting. Though he walked in a comfortable long stride, he traveled through the castle like a wind.
Soon after he began walking he sensed another building getting destroyed along with the lives of his subjects, but Giorr did not pay any heed to that anymore.

Moving through the castle in which nothing could escape his notice, he reached a spiral staircase, and when he stepped on it, he turned around to the castle wall behind him which was just destroyed in an explosion. There was no panic or hurriedness in his movement, quite contrary, his measured and confident movements and appearance were brimming with dignity befitting a king.

「I thought that it was a bit early for Valkyrios, but it seems we have a brazen intruder in our castle. Sneaking in using the opportunity created by Valkyrios’ attack, how insolent.」

As Giorr said in an annoyed tone, the little shadow hidden by the cloud of dust replied in an equally arrogant tone.

The voice that anyone would find lovely, evoking an image of an emotionless doll-like girl, had uncannily malicious undertones to it.

「The hell are you? A mere tick that can’t sustain his immortal life without sucking the blood of others, and you dare speak to me in such a tone? Fumu? Are you a relative of Bran? You have a similar aura. Where is that little shit? I have to turn him to dust as soon as possible.」

Finally clearing up, the dust revealed the reincarnator that chased after Bran alone. Lenia.

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