Chapter 35 – Part 1

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Editor: Ryunakama

「I have heard of the vagary human lot heading towards my castle, but to think they would be allowed to step foot within the innermost of my fortress. I will have to take the heads of the guards and put them on display.」

「Relax, I’ve already done that for you. They likely already turned to ashes under the rubble. Or perhaps you are disappointed at being unable to behead your subjects?」

「Ooh, you dare speak of such cruelties. I shouldn’t be deceived by your appearance as a young maiden. How dreadful you are inside.」

「If you are calling yourself a king, then take place at the head of your subjects and yell at them to follow you dropping to hell. I will assist you in meeting the gatekeeper of the underworld.」

「A fool. Wasting my time with your lowly rubbish is a grave sin.  At least quench my thirst with that red blood flowing through your veins. After this, I shall have the greatest and the most delightful fight of my immortal life. Let us replenish our spirit before that battle.」

「Haa, you can’t take even a speck of sunlight.  No matter how much you celebrate your immortality, you can’t take a step under the sun. That alone makes you inferior to your fodder, humans.」


The first move was by Lenia. The giant hand manifested by thought, which she used against Bran, now was thrown at Giorr from the front.

Compared to the fight with Bran, the narrow corridor could hardly be called a suitable place for Lenia to fight with that giant psychokinetic arm.

But that monstrous arm was a manifestation of Lenia’s will for a slaughter.  Different from a normal arm of flesh, this one could be created and dissipated by Lenia’s will, and to some degree, it was possible to control where it would appear.

This time, Lenia manifested a single claw with about the same thickness as a log. That alone gave enough destructive power to level a two-story building.

「Oh, the image of such density is quite unusual. But, that’s about all to it. Weak, feeble.」

Bran mainly used his guards to deal with the mind arm, but Giorr used his own body to take it on.

Bringing one hand out of the cape, he caught the tip of the invisible claw, and without any noticeable strain, not even mentioning taking a step back, effortlessly stopped it.

Giorr’s grip strength, sufficient to crush an iron pole like a flower stem, Giorr’s outstanding physical strength as a vampire, rivaling that of a thousand men, immortal cells composing every bit of his body and fiendishly cruel soul that produced enormous magic power. All together contributed to this feat.

「My son burned with rivalry for the human known as Dran, but showed no interest in anyone else. Even my child, by all means, inferior to me, paid no heed to you, and you dare challenge me!」

Forming a fist with his empty right hand he then with much vigor threw it at Lenia.

Lenia’s eyes, shining with a faint light of seven colors, from the magic power poured into them, caught the incoming fist charged with tremendous magic power.


Lenia tried to counter it by summoning five invisible orbs made of her desire for destruction. The pressure from Giorr’s fist and the mind orbs exploded somewhat closer to Lenia than Giorr, creating sizable cracks on the floor and ceiling, causing a downpour of the small rubble.

「Fufufu, I see, not bad for a human. but for a former magic beast, not that impressive.  It doesn’t seem like you gained sentience by reincarnating as a human, so you probably were a pretty powerful beast before that. How pitiable.」

「I don’t need pity from a parasite!」

As Giorr didn’t even try to hide his pity, arrogance, and disdain, Lenia used anger to fuel herself, and soon the magic power emanating from her small body grew even wilder.

Giorr’s smile remained unchanged even under the scorching hot wind coming at him.

When the hallway where the two were finally collapsed, unable to further withstand Lenia’s offense, which became even more violent, the two rushed outside, knocking away the debris.

(Yes, look down on me, insult me. Enrage me even more, fan my anger.  This will become the key to set me free.  That’s how it must be!)

At that time, Lenia felt a pulse of her soul, so violent as if threatened to burst out from her chest. A bit more, just a bit more.  Just a bit more and I will be able to escape from this prison called human flesh.

However, this wrath-filled hope of Lenia was then betrayed by Giorr in the worst possible way.

「I thought to have an aperitif before the main dish, but it seems like the game dragged out for too long. At this rate, Valkyrios will arrive, and we will end up fighting in a boring place. That will spoil the fun. You are formerly a beast. Then it is only logical for an animal to face an animal.」

Giorr said in a bored tone, then raising his right arm parallel to the ground he swung it down.

Lenia prepared to block the air blade, summoning both psychokinetic beast hands and crossing them in front of herself, but the attack didn’t come, instead, the blade hit the stone-paved floor under her feet, creating a hole.

「You bastard!!!」

「Fufu, little girl, become a feast for the beasts deep down in the ground where even the moonlight would not reach you.」

Confirming that Rita was saved by Dramina and then delivered to the villagers and the family that came to her rescue, Sierra let out a sigh of relief in her heart, so it wouldn’t be noticed by anyone.

Summoned by Bran, Sierra entered the prince’s room after receiving permission, and upon doing so got on one knee and deeply lowered her head.

Bran, who stood in the middle of the room, gave Sierra a passing glance. An overwhelming aura was emanating from his whole body, filling the room with an eerie atmosphere that to Sierra felt like it was freezing her skin.

「I have returned, My Lord.」

「Everyone perished, huh.」

「They met a formidable enemy.」

「That goes without saying.  Otherwise, Father wouldn’t be so afraid.」


Sierra couldn’t help but doubt the idea that Giorr was afraid of something.

「That’s right. Even I can’t say this in front of my father, but the only person in this world that my father fears is the last queen of Valkyrios.

She is the closest one to the progenitors even among the six houses. Perhaps her birth could even be a will of the divine. A nonconforming superior being, a level above every other house. The last time they somehow managed to defeat her after a long fight only because of assistance from other houses and the turmoil in her heart, created by the massacre of her people.  But right now her heart is burning for revenge and she has nothing to lose but her own life.  Thus, one has to recognize that this is going to be a completely different battle. There is no way to describe the current situation, where we were attacked before every preparation was completed, but as unfortunate.」


「But right now, Father is in this castle.  Were it the father of the past, he would have had to bet on a one in a million chance to win. But the current father is not like his past self.  He destroyed both those that assisted in taking down Valkyrios and those that remained neutral.  Right now, he is the one truly worthy to be called the second coming of progenitors. One can say that Queen Dramina came to present her royal blood to Father.」

「If Bran-sama says so, it must be true.」

「Hmm, however, there was no day when I was so thoughtfully forced to realize my inexperience.  I don’t think that I lack in any way compared to the heads of the other four houses. But compared to my father or Queen Dramina I’m one or two ranks behind.」

Bran’s words showed his firm determination to one day overcome them, and at the same time, unconcealable admiration for the two. Sierra found that seemingly conflicted mental state amusing.

But what felt the weirdest to her, is that Bran was not wearing the blue mantle that he always had on him.

And she also couldn’t see it anywhere in the room. That mantle, made out of the skin and souls of many women, that fell prey to his fangs, was the biggest factor that supported Bran’s immortality and combat ability.

「I know my limits. Queen Dramina shall be entrusted to father, while I will take care of my own revenge. Dran, a formidable enemy, for a mere human, but soon I will sever his head and drink blood from his heart after gouging it out of his chest. He seems to have entered the castle, so I have to personally face him.」

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