Chapter 35 – Part 2


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As soon as he finished his words he walked to the door, not sparing Sierra even a passing glance.

When Bran walked past Sierra and put a hand on the doorknob of the door to his room, his tall body slightly swayed. That was because Sierra stood up with the speed of the wind and rammed into his back with her whole body.

Bran slowly turned around and met eyes with Sierra, who was looking up at him.

「All this time, since the day you sucked my blood, I wished to do this. Bran-sama.」

Blood flowed from Bran’s lips, forming a red stain on his chest.

Sierra was holding a stake made of an ash tree with both hands, which she used to pierce Bran’s heart.

「So it would seem. Your thoughts were known to me from the very beginning.」

Bran, whose heart should’ve been pierced, curled his lips in a smile. And how fiendish that smile was.

Instead of turning to dust, he wasn’t even fazed, which shocked Sierra to the very core.

With a great force Sierra was thrown to the right, and crashing into the painting of a night lake, made giant cracks on the wall. The impact was so strong that the room itself shook, pouring splinters of wood from the ceiling on Sierra.

「Having one’s heart pierced is not pleasant after all.」

「W-why…… Your… Heart……」

Sierra leaned onto the crumbling wall and asked, coughing blood, to which Bran made another terrifying smile, and slowly approaching, answered to his rebellious retainer.

「Indeed, some exceptions aside, even a royal vampire wouldn’t be able to survive after having their heart pierced. This applies to me as well. Oh, no, I’m not going to say that my heart is actually on the right side.

Do you understand why I am not wearing my mantle? Because I was using it as my guard, but I deeply understood that I won’t be able to kill that man, Dran, like this.

Thus, I decided that I will use the power and lives of the women dwelling in that mantle in another way. I’m not wearing a mantle? Oh, you are mistaken, you are so mistaken, Sierra. I absorbed everything from that mantle.

Right now, I have within me the power and lives of seven thousand women that fell prey to my fangs. I won’t perish from something as trivial as a stake to the heart. You have to drive it in with the power sufficient to extinguish seven thousand and one lives all at once.」

Stopping at a position where he was looking down at her, Bran threw the stake at her feet. Making a rattling noise, the stake rolled on the floor.

「They might be 7,000 guards, but all of them are outstanding individuals from their races. They are nothing like ordinary soldiers.

Right now, I alone can rival an army of 100,000 vampires. But I have to admit, that the truly dreadful one is that human Dran, who forced me to go this far.」

「*Cough*…… Ha, haha, Bran-sama, do you think 100,000 can win against that human?」

「Fufu, I wish I could say yes. Sierra, while I left you by my side in part because I liked the taste of your blood, the biggest reason was that even becoming my child, you still retained the will to take revenge on me.」

So he knew. And despite knowing that, he left me be. Realizing that all this time she was dancing in the palm of his hand, dreadfully heavy hopelessness overcame her.

「Although recently that will seemed to have waned, so I was bored by it, but meeting Rita and Fatima seems to have rekindled the passion for revenge in you.

While getting rid of Dramina is currently our greatest amusement, I also greatly enjoyed awaiting your revenge, guessing how you will try to do it.

To be honest, it is a surprise that you decided to take direct action, but it also can be said that I was too careless.

It was the first time you got such an opportunity, wasn’t it? And since you also had a limited time you could use to kill me, you didn’t have time to prepare instruments or a plan.

Even so, you should’ve at least went with trying to play some trick during my fight with Dran. Was my back too defenseless to resist? You halfwit. 」


Bran spoke in a gentle tone to the bloodstained Sierra, who made no attempt to reply. Of course, only his voice was gentle.

With a soft sound, Grief Maria was freed from the scabbard.

The magic sword capable of cutting or depending on the skill of the user even distorting the space, it was just as adequate for ending a vampire’s life as a wooden stake.

Along with Selina and Nelneshia, I reached Glossgrier castle. The castle gate, which just a short while ago was towering over the surroundings and castle walls that were stretching into the horizon, were now completely destroyed.

It must be the result of a clash between Dramina, who went ahead of us, and the troops of Glossgrier Kingdom, who came to intercept her, but to think it will be so thoroughly destroyed.

About half of the citadel still remained intact, but my senses told me exactly how the fight between Dramina and the forces that outnumbered her thousands of times was unfolding.

It seems that she has no intention of destroying the castle further, so she is holding back on large scale magic.

Even so, unless Bran or Giorr show up, there is no need to worry about Dramina.

「Eehm, this is the castle, right?」

Selina was unable to hide her bewilderment, since everything above the ground was completely demolished, leaving only the basic foundations, and underground facilities. The same was true for Nell as well, though she was still on high alert, she couldn’t do anything about her confusion.

Nell realized that this was done by Dramina, but she had a hard time connecting that almost otherworldly beauty with this scene of utter desolation.

Since I was the only one who saw the strength of the vampire queen, their bewilderment is only natural.

「Dran, is this her doing?」

「No one aside from Dramina could do this. In the present situation, it’s hard to think that there would be someone aside from Dramina with enough power to destroy thousands of vampires and the same number of magic beasts all alone. The reason why the destruction was limited to this, is because Dramina sensed our approach, and is trying not to get Fatima caught up in this.」

「Yes, probably, if you say so, then it’s probably the case. Then we should hurry and find Fatima.」

「According to Rita-chan, Fatima-chan is confined to the room at the top of the tallest tower. Then, it’s probably that thing right in the center of the castle?」

Selina pointed with those words to the tallest of the spires that remained unharmed, proudly stretching into the night sky.

My senses also told me that Fatima is over there, so there was no doubt that that is where we should be going.

「We probably won’t see any enemies until we get closer to the undamaged buildings. Dramina wouldn’t allow them. I will be walking in the vanguard. Nell, prepare to use magic at any moment, Selina, get Demon Eyes ready. No matter if they shoot a thousand or ten thousand arrows at us, I will block them, but I want you to take care of the flanks and the rear. 」

「Yes. You can count on me.」

Sweeping every enemy along the way, we then ran quite a distance of the empty land until we arrived at the tower in which we thought Fatima was being held.

A lone tower stood in the center of the courtyard, with no soldiers in sight. That was because most soldiers from the inner parts of the castle went to fight Dramina.

I sense a few vampires, left to guard Fatima, but they are not a threat to us.

Standing in front of colossal metal doors that could be mistaken for the entrance to the fortress of giants, we waited until Nell replenishes her expended magic power using Magicite. Then, I slash the lock with my Dragon Claw Sword and push open the doors that probably required the strength of 100 ordinary humans to move.

「Fatima, we are finally here. Just wait a bit more.」

「Yes, Fatima-chan is right there. It’s pretty high, so it might take some time to climb there, and there are probably quite a few enemies inside, so we have to be careful.」

「Fumu, it’s just as you say, Selina. Don’t drop your guard and go to Fatima. I will go after you after I finish my business here.」

After I announced to them that I will be acting on my own, they turned around, about to ask what I am talking about, then, doors of a certain building to the east of us swung open and hit by the wind of pressure coming from the person that appeared from there, the two turned to me with terror on their faces.

I don’t know what kind of training he did in this short time, but his aura went up another level compared to when we last saw him in Fraupa Village. With his gaze fixed on me, he slowly approached.

Adjusting my grip on the sword in my right hand, I then address the two that completely stopped in their tracks.

「Looks like he came to avenge the humiliation he received at the village. I’m his only target. Until he kills me he won’t pay any attention to you. Go.」

「B-but, how can we leave you alone to fight someone who gives off such a terrifying presence?」

「Just as Selina says. His aura makes me lose all desire to fight him. Even you must be thinking the same.」

「Fumu, you have unexpectedly little faith in me. I alone is more than capable to deal with an idiot that is getting carried away after becoming a tad bit stronger. Rather than that, hurry up and rescue Fatima. She will probably be very happy to see you.」

「……We will immediately come back with her. So please, don’t die until then.」

「Dran-san, please don’t do anything rash.」

「Nah, I will just turn him to dust and will wait for your return sitting on top of the pile. We will see each other again soon enough.」

Selina and Nell finally backed down and went inside the tower. After confirming them rushing up the spiral staircase, I turned back to Bran.

The graceful prince of vampires was nice enough to wait for me to finish my combat preparations without even pulling out his sword. He is honorable in the weirdest places. Or should it be called his way of being polite?

「You could’ve attacked any time you wanted. I was full of openings.」

「No need for falsehood. You were fully prepared for combat all the time that you were talking with those girls. Be combat ready at all times, a spirit every true warrior must have. And you managed to reach that stage at such a young age. Wonderful.」

「I wish someone other than you said that to me.」

While I was loosely holding the long sword in my hand, standing in a relaxed manner, Bran slowly pulled out his golden sword from the scabbard.

Which reminds me, he doesn’t have that mantle with guards. Oh, he did something amazing. He absorbed the blood and souls of his guards, overlapping them with his own soul. There are many ways to absorb the souls of others, but since he is a vampire, I guess he just sucked them.

「I see, quality of quantity, huh?」

「Oh, you saw through that with one glance? Getting eyes capable of seeing souls shouldn’t be that easy. As I thought, you are an extraordinarily formidable opponent. How delightful.」

「And I’m not delighted about our meeting at all. 」

「Don’t say that, Dran. I was looking forward to once again crossing swords with you. Now, here I come, Human.」

「Fumu, there is no need for talking. Then, come at me, Vampire.」

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