Chapter 37 – Part 1


Translator: “Pink Tea” Editor: ”Ryunakama”

The place where Lenia was dropped by Giorr was a colossal dungeon, ten kilometers in radius, that was located 300 meters under the castle Darcroa.

Calling it a stable would be far too outrageous.

The reason being, all of the magical beasts kept there consisted of more than one creature, combined through the means of sorcery and surgical operation to form chimeras. They weren’t even kept in cells, forced to constantly fight each other to sate their hunger.

Lenia ended up right in the center of that stable, which at the same time served as a cruel coliseum and a giant prison.

「Haah, haah, haah, How vexing, for me, the magic beast created by the great goddess of destruction, to face such disgusting and crude fakes. How unsightly.」

Lenia didn’t lose her unique power, and looking over her surroundings with a gaze that could be called the materialized bloodlust itself ground her beautiful white teeth in indignation at this humiliation. Then, suddenly the encirclement of chimeras broke at one spot.

The chimeras standing in front of Lenia pulled to the sides, seemingly frightened, and soon, from the darkness that couldn’t be eliminated with just the faint moonlight, a giant chimera showed itself, shaking the ground as it walked.

Every time it stepped on the ground with its thick limbs, its claws sunk into the metal floor. Each of the black scales covering its colossal body shone with glitter akin to that of polished steel. Though their function was unclear, it also had countless protuberances stretching from the body.

A chimera with a dragon as its base.

「A lowly chimera, you couldn’t possibly be thinking of trying to eat me? And a dragon? A dragon on top of that? You dare stand before me in that dragon form?!」

As Lenia stood up in a rage, the chimera dragon simply swiped at her with its right leg.

It seems the chimera had no particular desire to eat Lenia while she still had some resemblance of her original appearance, and was fine with feasting on her flesh after she was squashed into bloody mush.

But feeling a strange sensation under its paw, which the chimera dragon used to pulverize all opponents until now, be it chimera with every muscle fiber of its body made of metal or be it half stone half organic chimera, the look in its eyes changed.

The feeling it now had under the paw that until now crushed everything, was an overwhelming pressure, impossible with Lenia’s small build, and a feeling of hitting something massive.

「How maddening, annoying, infuriating. You bastards, that disgusting parasite that made you, myself, who on top of being killed by humans was now born to them! I’M GOING TO KILL EVERY SINGLE ONE OF YOU!!」

The front leg of the chimera dragon was ripped away with a snapping sound and was flying through the air, spinning.

The chimera dragon’s four eyes widened in surprise, but the next moment, the head, which should’ve been protected by sturdy scales, strong muscle fiber, and the skull, was grabbed from below and crushed like an overripe fruit, scattering red blood, flesh, and bone fragments around.

All of it was done by something similar to the beast hand that Lenia created through psychokinesis, but still somewhat different.

The arm of a giant creature which suddenly appeared which in no way lost in size to the chimera dragon quickly dispatched the chimera.

While the form was still the same, instead of being half-transparent, it now had bones, nerves, veins, and muscles.


An explosive roar spread through the surroundings with Lenia at the center blowing away both mountains of chimera corpses that piled up in surroundings and the chimeras, frozen by the sight of their boss’s sudden death.

In the midst of magic power raging like a storm, a shadow gradually materialized over Lenia.

The colossal body which was of a comparable size to that of the chimera dragon was a color which reminded of pure white snow.

From her back grew four membrane-like wings while her whole body was covered in scales, which would be more accurate to be called shells, or rather, armor, while on her shoulders, chest, and forehead seven different colored crystal orbs were located.

That is the form of Lenia’s soul. The original form of this beast created by a god.

The enraged soul finally broke out from the shell of the flesh and using the soul memory as the blueprint brought out the true form of her soul from the plane of ideas, recreating the giant of magical beast coupled with its divinity, by using Lenia’s magic power as the fuel.

Lenia, who had completely lost her sense of reason, didn’t even notice that she regained the appearance from her previous life, something that she was dreaming about, and simply attacked numerous chimeras.

What began from there could be described with one word – massacre.

While each of the chimeras were strong magic beasts, possessing several special traits and abilities, none could oppose Lenia, who just crushed the chimera dragon that reigned supreme over them for such a long time, with one attack.

Only after ripping each of the seven heads of the giant hydra that possessed heads of a lion, tiger, wolf, cyclops, innocent-looking girl, bat, and fish, and tearing its body apart was she finally able to calm down.

「?! Fufu, hahahaha, AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! I see, I SEE, finally, I got it back! My body, my wings, my limbs, my tails, my power! Yes, this! This is me. A loyal servant of the Great Old One, the sword and the shield of the evil god! You lot, you did a great job of assisting me in regaining my power. As a reward, I will use that power to kill you. Feel honored to be trampled under my feet, HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! That’s right, I also should express my gratitude to that insolent king of vampires, the boss of parasites. Now, that I regained my true power, I should teach him who he made his enemy, and after making him regret it and beg for his life, turn him to dust.」

With a loud clang, the metal floor sunk after Lenia stepped on it.

Facing this incarnation of terror and death, chimeras, that surrounded Lenia, began pulling back in fear.

Of course, Lenia had no intention of sparing even a single one of them. She finally regained the power and body that she so yearned for.

When her tenth step resounded like thunder through the place, she abruptly stopped.

She suddenly lost her spiritual perception of a divine beast, while the power that was circulating through her body rapidly faded.

By the time the worst possible scenario popped up in her head she already turned back to the lovely doll-like girl of incredible beauty.

「Wha… Im-Impossible. I finally, finally regained my power and body, and I have to return to this vessel?! Damn it, could it be that I could break out only temporarily?」

On top of that, though she wielded the power of a divine beast only for a short while, the rebound from that almost completely paralyzed her human body with exhaustion. Dropping to her knees, she didn’t have enough strength to even maintain the balance and soon dropped to the ground face down.

「Damn you, damn you, DAMN YOU DAMN YOU DAMN YOU! I finally regained my power, and now I have to become feed for such lowly animals at such a place?!」

But at the time, neither Lenia nor chimeras noticed that Lenia’s rampage destroyed a part of what should’ve been an indestructible ceiling, allowing the moonlight in. And that just now, someone jumped down from that opening.

「Judging by the power I sensed a short while ago I thought that you could be left to your own devices. But now I see. It wasn’t released completely. As someone in a similar situation, I can’t help but sympathize with you. Looks like you are in trouble?」

It was Dran. Though he came to her rescue, it’s not like she asked him for that, so the look she gave him was close to that one would give to an enemy.

「What? Similar situation? What are even you talking about.」

「Don’t mind that. It’s not a big deal. But it seems you are in no condition to lift even one finger. I’ll take over this. It will be over shortly, use that chance to rest.」


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