Chapter 37 – Part 3



EDITOR: Ryunakama

Stopping in front of the stairs Dramina basked in the fiendish aura of Giorr that was awaiting ahead and muttered to herself that the time finally came.

Just a little bit more until she can avenge her people and her country. Quite a few times she found herself wondering, what she would feel at this moment.

Will her hatred grow even stronger? Or maybe her sorrow will become even deeper? Or maybe she will be seething with rage?

As it turned out, none of those. It was exhaustion that overwhelmed Dramina. It was a bit surprising that she felt no surge in anger or grief, which could have served as the source of strength to carry out the revenge, but at the same time, she somewhat expected this.

「Giorr, I hate you. I definitely will bring your demise. And upon doing so, I also will bring punishment for failing to protect my subjects and the country to my foolish self.」

Yes, it was just as Dran suspected, upon exacting her revenge on Giorr, she was planning to destroy herself, having no more attachments to this world.

Eventually, Dramina reached the top of the stairs. She ended up in an open space. No walls, no ceiling as well.

Dramina’s gaze was fixed on the giant of a man in the middle of the stage, who was waiting with his arms folded. That was Giorr.

His lips were curved in a warlike grin. He felt no exhaustion from the fight with Lenia at all. Facing this smile, even the most ferocious predator would realize that it is they who will be eaten here.

「It’s been a while, Dramina. Your beauty didn’t fade. If the moon turned into a woman it probably would’ve looked the same. Though there is only half of the face.」

The words of Giorr sounded like something one would say to a friend, but beneath that friendliness was contempt.

「You are also just the same. The same haughty tone. The mere sound of your voice is unpleasant. The only thing I want to hear from you are screams of agony before you perish. 」

「What? Ahahahahaha, is that how you are speaking now, Dramina? Your tone has changed a lot from your previous cold and prideful unwomanly manner you had before. Ah, I see, I see, you are feeling responsible for losing your country, that’s why you changed, to punish yourself. Good grief, what a troublesome woman.」

「I said that your voice is unpleasant, Giorr, did I not?」

Dramina took a step forward. That alone completely changed the mood.

「Hmpf, such an impatient woman. I don’t like women that rush men. Well, it’s not like I want to renew our friendship.

Then, time to teach how vain your hopes to fulfill your long-cherished desire were. I was looking forward to the moment when I can torment you as you grovel on the ground so much that I even saw it in my dreams.」

Dramina moved at the same time as Giorr. Both of them were unarmed, but weapons soon appeared in their hands as both of them simultaneously shouted.

「Light of the moon, engulf me in your infinite love, the Valkyrios!」

A scythe materialized from nothing in Dramina’s hands, the handle like the dark of the tranquil night, and the razor-sharp blade, beautiful as the moon itself. Meanwhile, Giorr…

「Light of the moon, pass through me, the Glossgrier!」

Unlike Dramina’s scythe, the pike in Giorr hands, from the butt end to the spearhead, was absolutely black, reminiscent of the darkest of the abysses.

Both of the weapons were the origins for the six houses and the base for the names of the countries. Sacred treasures bestowed upon them by the progenitor, regal symbols handed down from the ancient times.

The symbol of the current king and at the same time the proof of the nobility of their bloodlines.

Dramina made her move. And so did Giorr. As it would be expected from royal vampires, both made no sound and cast no shadow. With only the moon watching over them, the first act of the play began in complete silence.

And the moon witnessed, the crescent blade track half a circle.

The Valkyrios mercilessly swung by Dramina with all her agility and explosive strength severed Giorr’s head. At the same time, Glossgrier pierced Dramina’s stomach and ripping it went all the way through, flying out of her back.

Both attacks were fatal. But both of them continued without even a moment of hesitation. The red line on Giorr’s neck disappeared, while the hole in the stomach of the queen of vampires was already closed by the time the spear left her body.

While Dramina moved swiftly and nimbly, Giorr matched her movements with the ferocity of a carnivorous beast.

The crescent blade severed Giorr’s head, cut off his arms, slashed his torso, and mowed down his legs.

The spear of darkness pierced Dramina’s chest, tore through her stomach, and opened holes in her legs.

The exchange of death, repeating many times over.

All of those attacks were made with the intent to destroy each other, this is the fight of immortal undead. A ghastly, eerie, and yet bewitching dance of death.


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