Chapter 38 – Part 1


EDITOR: Ryunakama

With a streak of red blood running from the corner of her mouth, Dramina changed the shape of the rapier in her hands into that of a giant war hammer and brought it down onto the head of her nemesis, whom no matter how greatly she hated she couldn’t possibly hate enough.

The moment the hammer made contact with Giorr’s head, not only it, but also all of his limbs, including both hands that held Glossgrier, turned into red splatter.

Dramina’s attack was so destructive that not only did it crush Giorr’s skull, but also destroyed his whole body.

Giorr, turning into a mist of blood, emerged from it behind Dramina.

She immediately reacted, and turning the Valkyrios into a greataxe drove it into Giorr’s neck. When the blade went halfway into his neck, she was struck with the Glossgrier in a sweeping motion, which broke her spine and sent her flying to the edge of the arena under the sound of all her internal organs bursting at once.

「You have it written on your face, Dramina. 『How odd』 you seem to think.」

「Giorr, just what did you do? You are nothing like I remember you. Did you make some kind of vile pact with one of the wicked gods?」

「Kuku, don’t throw around such accusations, Dramina. Fine, quite fine. The last time I had to ally with 3 other houses to even challenge you, but now I can corner you all on my own. Feels good. Thus, I’m willing to chat with you for a bit.」

Giorr took a step forward with a blood-freezing grin.

Despite more than 50 meters of distance between them, Giorr managed to make a precise hit, piercing through Dramina’s left shoulder with his spear, scattering fresh blood.

「Dramina, I do not like when things don’t go my way. If I’m thirsty, I will sink my fangs into as many women as I’d like, drinking sweet blood, if I want to sleep, I will spend as much time in my coffin as I want, if I want to kill, I will go at it, completely abandoning my reason, if I want sex, I will violate to my heart’s desire. However, this world has beings so strong that even royal vampires, such as myself, have to be prepared to meet destruction when facing them. For example the three dragon emperors, that reign over the dragonkind, ancient giants, who survived from the age of the gods, or the old demons from times immemorial, who were created by the evil gods. This does not suit me. I absolutely cannot tolerate this.」

There is someone or something that doesn’t bow to my will. Just how much anger and humiliation caused that thought. The face of Giorr turned to that of a man-eating fiend, or maybe, it was twisted so much that it looked even worse than that.

「We, the six great houses, are the six bloodlines that can trace our lineage back to our progenitors. If we go back farther than that, we are all siblings, coming from the same mother and father.」

「So what?! Any vampire knows that. 」

Transforming the Valkyrios into a whip sword, she used it to pull her failing body from the line of attack, barely evading the incoming Glossgrier thanks to that.

「There is no one in our history who surpasses the progenitors. To become the most supreme being of this world, I decided to begin by becoming the strongest vampire. In other words, become a progenitor myself, get as close as possible to them. Do you understand what I’m saying, Dramina? What I want is to unify the separated bloodlines, and collect all of our sacred treasures. First and foremost I decided to target you, as you seemed like the strongest opponent.」

The moment she heard his plans, Dramina’s remaining right eye opened in shock. That was because Giorr’s thoughts exceeded Dramina’s understanding that much.

Unify the bloodlines? Collect the sacred treasures? Become a progenitor?

「Are you saying that you intend to become a new ancestor?! Such insolence! How dare you even entertain the thought……」

「Hmpf, you can eat shit with your fanatical reverence of ancestors. I’m of the opinion that those living today, must look forward, always striving for progress. Although back then your retainers prevented me from obtaining your blood and the sacred treasure, I already got the blood and the treasures of four other houses. Compared to you they were far weaker. Drinking their blood when the chance arose and then driving a stake through their hearts was truly easy. I lamented at the mere thought that they also were descendants of progenitors. Haha, but comparing them to you is probably a bit unfair.」

「You are mad…… If only I could honestly say that. But you are serious. You truly want to become the supreme vampire, turn into the new progenitor.」

「Haha, the folks from other houses reacted almost the same way when I spoke of this to them. Unexpectedly, you also have some pretty ordinary qualities. But you are the first one to say that I’m not truly mad.

You are correct. I’m serious. I truly sunk into madness, and truly plan to make it reality. First, reach the level of progenitors, and then eventually become an immortal standing above every life form in existence.」

「Giorr, my nemesis. How can you be so fixated on such wild delusions? How can you possibly believe that drinking the blood of members of the other six houses will allow you to unify the bloodlines, or bring you to the heights of progenitors?」

「I don’t blame you for saying this. But you surely know of this as well. The founder of our house, Verdash Glossgrier was considered the most ambitious and dangerous. Upon becoming the king, he went through his writings, which were available only to the successive kings, and learned of a certain experiment of his. The unification of bloodlines. Realizing that he had no hope of realizing that ambition during his lifetime, he entrusted it to his descendants. Although the kings before me were a bunch of spineless cowards, who were scared out of their wits by the mere idea, and stuck to keeping it a secret. How foolish. There is no need to keep the supreme blood divided into six bloodlines, but they were too afraid to entertain the idea of unifying them.」

「But at times there were marriages between different houses. So there should’ve been instances where the blood was mixed.」

In fact, there were numerous cases when a distant relative or even siblings of the kings were made to marry a member of another house for political reasons.

「Simply mixing the blood of the six houses bears no meaning. The sacred treasures dwell in the blood of current kings. What should be merged is that blood, blood of the kings. The blood should be absorbed until the victim turns to ashes. Dramina, by now, I have five treasures, yours is the last one. But even with the blood of five houses, the only one that I can use is the one that I originally inherited, Glossgrier. Every other one will be available to me only after I unify the bloodlines and gain the same blood as progenitors. Only one bloodline left to achieve my first goal. I want it. Your blood. The sacred treasure dwelling with it. The power rivaling progenitors that I will gain after drinking it. And you yourself as well. Oh, how much I was dreaming of the moment when your beauty turns to ashes.」

Giorr took a step forward.

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