Chapter 38 – Part 2



EDITOR: Ryunakama

A trance from being drunk on his own ambitions showed on his face, and yet every nerve on his body, every cell of his was focused on the battle. Were a bolt of lightning to drop on him the next moment he probably would’ve repelled it with an attack of his own.

Dramina took a slightly deep breath. She felt the cold blood, sent by her unbeating heart, course through her whole body, bringing new energy and strength.

「Even your current self is a bane of all living things. Were you to suck my blood and obtain my sacred treasure, you would become such a stain on our whole vampire race, that we won’t ever be able to atone before our creator or ancestors. Giorr, now I’ve gained another reason why I have to destroy you. Tonight I will put to an end your dreadful yet foolish delusions.」

「You have the spirit, but can you actually do that? As you surely have noticed, after merging, though still incompletely, five bloodlines, my power surpasses yours. Though they hailed you as the second coming of progenitors, you have only the blood of Valkyrios coursing through your veins. You are no match for me!!」

With an angry bellow, Giorr broke his confident step befitting a monarch and charged at Dramina.

The Vampiric Demon King, that had the five bloodlines within him, terrified even the darkness, wind, and the moonlight itself.

The tip of the Glossgrier tore Dramina’s veil and revealed the burned face that was hidden beneath it.

Back when Dramina’s kingdom was destroyed, her face was burned by Giorr, and since then remained in this rotten state, refusing to heal.

Sent flying through the air, Dramina tried to create a foothold through magic, but slightly before she could do that, Giorr finished the chant for his spell.

Magic?! Dramina changed the Valkyrios into the shape of a shield, hiding behind it, and exerting her body and mind, braced for the incoming attack.

Though Giorr spoke only the name of the spell, omitting the chant, he employed an unbelievably complex technique of weaving his magic power itself into the spell, to substitute for a chant, giving it the same effect as a poem-length incantation.

The arrogant and vulgar vampire demon king was an extremely capable warrior, and at the same time, he was almost as capable as a mage.

The Glossgrier worked as a catalyst, amplifying Giorr’s magic and reducing the burden much better than even the legendary staff capable of artificially creating any life form.

「Geo Gravion!」

Feeling the pressure on her whole body instead of just the shield and hearing the name of the spell Dramina realized that it was the spell rivaling time-space magic in the difficulty of control, the fact that owed to there being only a few mages capable of using it. Gravity magic.

While she was still flying through the air, Dramina felt as if an invisible hand of a giant pressed her into the ground.

With a thunderous rumble that reached Dramina’s very core, she sunk into the floor, immediately creating cracks in it, evidence of its rapid destruction.

「Guuh, di-dispel…」

「It won’t be that easy, even for you, Dramina. Here, thousandfold, two thousand, three thousand, five thousand.
How much more can you take? Drinking your blood after you turn flat might be fun as well.」

A black magic circle appeared under dramina, and the next moment, Dramina, was assaulted by 5,000 times increased gravity, just as Giorr said.

「Kuku, so you refuse to take a knee in front of me even if it kills you. How stoic. If only you were weaker, you could have had an easier life and an easier death. You are only shouldering extra hardships for no reason.
Now, I’m going to make it even heavier. Show me how you will endure it. And then turn into a soup of bones, blood, and flesh. And when you try to regenerate back, I will sink my fangs into your neck. Here, ten thousand!」


The pained groan was crushed and the blood she vomited became a splatter over the magic circle as she was smashed by ten thousand times increased gravity.

「Looks like your bones crumbled. Did splinters of the fractured bones puncture your stomach? Cut your lungs? Your mouth is full of blood.
How about trying to drink that blood? It might lessen the pain? Now, what will you do, Dramina? I will be utterly disappointed if this is the end of you.」

As she was getting crushed moment by moment, Dramina moved her lips. By now every inch of her skin was either torn or drenched in blood.

From the movement of Dramina’s lips, Giorr realized that it was an incantation. While surprised that she tried to use magic in such a situation, he used magic power amplified by the Glossgrier to erect an extremely sturdy protective barrier.

Not even mentioning that Giorr is immortal. By now he can easily take an attack from a high-ranking royal vampire and regenerate it without a problem. Just what is there to be afraid of?

The arrogant expression of Giorr, who calmly observed Dramina, changed when he noticed that the chant of her spell is the same as the one he used.


「O, moonlight, tearing through the deepest darkness, tears of the moon, fall from the heavens and bind this one to the earth, Geo Gravion!」

Two spells overlapped with each other, more than doubling the pressure on Dramina, and in turn, the magic circle collapsed, unable to withstand that burden, turning into billions of light particles.

Following that, the gravity that was contained by the magic circle now fell upon the arena, and gradually increasing, soon destroyed it.

But it did not stop at destroying the arena alone, the sudden spike in gravity formed a peculiar sphere centered on Dramina. The orb, that absorbed even the light itself, began greedily swallowing everything in the vicinity.

「Grrr, an abyss hole?!」

Abyss hole, a phenomenon known only to a few mages and sages, that reached the very essence of magic. Also called a black hole, a supergravity prison.

The black surface destroyed everything nearby, and less than some moments later only the black sphere remained hanging in the air.

In that time the sphere devoured 80% of the arena, which if seen from the above probably would’ve looked like a crescent by now.

Standing on the edge of that arena Giorr glared at the spot where Dramina was supposed to be lying, and immediately moved his gaze below it.

The abyss hole caused a great cave-in, opening a hole to the castle’s underground areas. And it seems that Dramina just fell there.

A number of large veins bulge on his temples at the thought that he just let the supreme prey that he was chasing all this time escape. He was about to jump down after her, but suddenly dropped to one knee.

Letting out a short groan, Giorr then made a bitter smile.

「Aah, I guess I should say as expected of Dramina. After all, she is a terrifying woman. Dealing so much punishment to my body, despite me being that close to the progenitors…」


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