Chapter 39 – Part 1



EDITOR: Ryunakama

Dramina rapidly awakened from her incredibly deep sleep.

Then, she realized that bits of a warm liquid were pouring into her mouth and that she kept swallowing it.

「Fumu, finally awake. Do you recognize me?」

Opening her eyes she saw the human male that she just met today. There was a faint smile on his face. Perhaps he was happy about her awakening?


「That’s right. I wish I could have come earlier……」

Dramina muttered, awake, but still hardly able to grasp the situation, she then realized that it was the blood from the cut on Dran’s palm that she was drinking until now.

Dramina moved away Dran’s hand from her mouth, but he gently brushed her head with his left hand.

「You should drink a bit more. You were in a pretty dangerous condition when I found you.」

「No, I…… Nmuh?!」

Before Dramina could make an objection, Dran once again brought his right hand to her lips and poured in the blood spilling from the cut.

Dramina tried to resist, but with her body and soul tormented to their utmost, she was craving that youthful blood brimming with vitality, which she continued to drink, with a blush on her cheeks.

In slow and unsure movements Dramina stuck out her tongue and then began licking along the cut on his hand in a hurried and erratic way.

Only when she finally moved her mouth away from his hand did she realize what she was doing, and turned red up to the tips of her ears.

Fumu, she has a cute side to her, thought Dran, but didn’t say it aloud. That was because he didn’t want to ruin the sight of the embarrassed Dramina that he found so amusing.

Dramina stood up with Dran’s help. By that time she regained the refinement and elegance of a queen which she had polished for thousands or tens of thousands of years.

「I showed you something shameful.」

「There is nothing to be ashamed about. Being born as a man it’s my duty to help an injured lady. But for you to be that badly injured, Giorr must be very formidable.」

「Such a sorry sight, and that is after talking so big about getting revenge for everyone. I won’t blame you if you laugh at my foolishness.」

「I won’t laugh. I’m just worried about you.」

Dran’s tone made it clear that he was speaking sincerely. Such a strange human, thought Dramina, and then suddenly realized. The left side of her face, which she made sure not to show to Dran, now was completely exposed.

Dramina immediately hurried to cover her face, to which Dran only went 『Fumu』, seemingly realizing what she was worried about.

「I didn’t want you to see this. It’s revolting, isn’t it? The grudge for this face is also part of the reason why I want to destroy Giorr.」

Looking at Dramina’s face, which possessed both the otherworldly beauty and otherworldly ugliness at the same time, Dran just did as he always does, and casually spoke his mind.

「Fumu, this must be hell for a lady. It must be hard, it must be agonizing. Dramina, you did well getting to where you are today. And even if one half is like that, it’s not like your charm was lost. You are a fantastic woman. 」

「Haha, so that’s how you’d reply. Thank you, Dran. It’s extremely reassuring. I’m glad to hear this. Even if you are saying this only for appearance’s sake.」

There was a warm smile on Dramina’s lips, that even she herself didn’t know how long it’s been since she last made such a face.

But they didn’t have time to continue this forever. Both Dran and Dramina understood that very well. The malice that desired to destroy this tranquil atmosphere was already right there.

Dran and Dramina simultaneously turned to the stairs leading to the surface. There stood Giorr, carrying the Glossgrier, a sacred treasure of vampires in his hands.

Probably feasting on the blood of vampires maids, he already fully recovered from the wounds and fatigue he suffered in his battle with Dramina.

「Oh, Dramina. So you already healed the wounds from our battle. This man, Dran, was it? The one that severed Bran’s head?」

「Nice to meet you, Your Majesty King Giorr. Just as you said, I am Dran. And speaking of your scion, he was turned to dust by my hand. If you desire to take revenge, then I’m willing to be your opponent.」

「Ooh! So you destroyed Bran. Splendid, you have my praise, Human. In the end, it just means that Bran was unworthy of killing me and ascending to the throne himself. I thought that he had some noteworthy features, but since he perished, I guess my judgment was clouded. Good, good.
Being immortal I have no need for a successor anyway. And when I gain the blood of all six houses it will become even more unneeded. Since it can pass as losing a valuable pawn, I guess I will kill you after turning Dramina to ashes.」

「Dran, fall back. I regained my strength thanks to you. This time I will turn him to ashes. Please be careful not to get caught in the crossfire.」

Dramina, who stepped in front of Dran, was holding a greatsword, far longer than her height and even wider than herself. The Valkyrios, which is usually hidden, fused with her soul and body.

「I’m not going to help nor intervene. But remember this, Dramina.」

「What is it?」

「I don’t want you to perish. Please, remember that I want you to survive.」

Dramina gulped. A little shiver ran through her shoulders as she was holding the Valkyrios in a greatsword form.

Dramina had to hold back the tears that suddenly swelled up.

Good grief, just what is he saying at such a moment. Really, such a strange human.

Being in a more uplifted mood than ever, Dramina renewed her stance with the Valkyrios. Let’s survive. She honestly thought so to herself.

Let’s survive this. For tomorrow. For the future. Just how wonderful is it to have such a mindset.

To think that a hope, a wish to see another day, could make her heart so much lighter, that it could give so much power!

「Understood. Dran, I promise you. I will certainly defeat Giorr and survive.」

「Good answer. Then, turn the big guy into ashes!」


「That is big talk for a loser and fodder!」

Bellowing akin to a roaring giant, he then brought down his spear at Dramina’s head.

Using the explosive power of her whole body and the rotation of her lower back, Dramina repelled the attack capable of massacring thousands at once with the greatsword.


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