Chapter 39 – Part 2


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After drinking Dran’s blood Dramina completely recovered from the damage she took in the fight with Giorr, and thanks to their short conversation she also regained her spirit. But as brimming with combativeness as she was, the fact that there was a huge gap between her and Giorr in terms of power, didn’t change.

Each time they exchanged blows Dramina lost in power, getting pushed back, wavering and staggering. Using technique to compensate for that proved less and less effective as time went by.


While Dramina gradually accumulated wounds that didn’t heal, Giorr was boasting an immortal body on which the wounds just kept disappearing like they were never there in the first place.

「Haha, you healed your wounds but looks like that’s all you did. This will be a mere repeat of our previous battle. You just postponed your own end for nothing. I will quickly send that human to the other world as well. You can wait for him on the other side!」

「I won’t let you. I won’t allow that to happen again. I lost my country and my people by my foolishness. But I won’t allow a repeat of that. I won’t allow you to kill Dran. And I won’t be destroyed by you as well. I refuse to lose anything again!」

「Bark all you want. No matter how much you struggle, you are destined to fall prey to my fangs.」

Never before did Dramina had so much resolve, fighting spirit, and desire to survive. Even so, she couldn’t match up to Giorr.

The merciless difference in strength was still there.

When the Glossgrier once again pierced Dramina’s chest for who knows which time, a hole opened in between her marvelous breasts, and showed no signs of regeneration.

「This time it’s over, Dramina. I will send you to the netherworld after turning you into a woman.」

Raising the Glossgrier Giorr renewed his stance, lowering his hips. He had a merciless and cruel look in his eyes, which shined with a lust that he didn’t even pretend to hide.

To satisfy his ambitions and lowly desires he first would deliver another attack, which would leave Dramina completely powerless. Dramina, who had a hole in her chest, had no means to dodge or repel that attack.

But the one who put an end to the fight between the supreme vampires, deciding the outcome, was not Giorr nor Dramina, but Dran.

Muttering to himself, Dran said.

「I’m not going to help you. And I’m also not going to intervene. But I made Dramina drink my blood. 『My』 blood.」

The incoming Glossgrier’s spearhead and Dramina, looking at it in regret, knowing that she won’t make it in time to stop the attack. Then, with Dran’s whisper, the whole of Dramina’s body shone, blazing with the intensity of the sun.

At that moment, the blood of a common human that Dramina drank, turned into the blood of the strongest ancient dragon, who if you opposed would only mean doom, even if the enemies were gods or demons.

Dramina changed to a state induced by tasting plenty of the blood that none of the vampires, including their progenitors, could even dream of seeing or smelling, let alone drinking.

Dramina, turning into the first vampire since the dawn of creation to drink the blood of an ancient divine dragon, howled. 『Overflowing power set every cell in her body on fire』 would be far too soft to describe what was happening to her.

Drinking the blood of an ancient divine dragon, a being that normally resides in dimensions much higher than this three-dimensional world, Dramina felt an incomprehensible mix of agony and ecstasy from a literal different dimension, with her whole being, body, spirit, and soul, played around by an overflowing power.



Giorr sensed the power coming from her, and although he tried to brandish the Glossgrier, was sent flying by the pressure of seven-colored radiance, and crashed into the wall of the armory sunk deep into it.

Right now, she was brimming with magic power that emitted rainbow-colored light. The power that was bound neither by the physical nor spiritual laws of this world.

Suffering from the pain and the impact of having his body almost crushed, Giorr let out an agonized groan, Giorr grasped Glossgrier, but seeing his right hand, his eyes opened wide in shock.

All of the five fingers on it were bent in different directions and showed no signs of healing. Dark red blood was dripping, while he felt nothing but a violent pain.

「Wha, impossible, what is this? What is this power, DRAMINAAA?!」

「Haah, haah, haah…… Who knows, to be honest, I’m not sure myself. But it seems I will be able to destroy you, Giorr.」

Finally somewhat adjusted to the blood of an ancient divine dragon, though still breathing heavily, she stared boldly at Giorr.

Even now the rainbow-colored light was leaking from her body akin to a heat haze, making it look like she was wearing a seven-colored angel raiment, giving birth to a fairytale-like beauty.

Looking closely, even the Valkyrios, the sacred relic, was slightly shaking, as if struggling to withstand the power of Dran’s blood.

The Valkyrios turned to the same shape as the sword on Dran’s waist.

Pulling himself from the hole in the wall, Giorr looked at Dramina with bloodshot eyes. Fully embracing his increasing madness he took a stance with the Glossgrier. In turn, Dramina assumed Shadow Stance. [1]

Both moved at the same time. By now Giorr didn’t care about the sacred treasure Valkyrios or bloodlines, and the only thing on his mind was striking down the enemy in front of him. That was because he was absolutely certain that if he didn’t do so, then his destruction was inevitable.

The power that Dramina gave off far surpassed Giorr’s understanding.

Giorr’s attack was going straight for Dramina’s heart.

Coming extremely close to the progenitors, that was the best and the strongest attack in Giorr’s life, in which he put all his magic, spirit, and technique.

However, the rainbow flash split Giorr in two, from the head to the groin, way before he could finish it.

Just one attack. But the attack from Dramina overflowing with the power of an ancient divine dragon, surpassed the regeneration ability of Giorr’s immortal body. The vertical line going through Giorr’s body gradually grew, without healing.

Giorr dropped the Glossgrier and using his muscular hands held tightly onto his body, which was about to split.

Meanwhile, the blood dripped from the cross-section with a distinct sound.

Right in front of him, Dramina thrust the Valkyrios into the ground, and stood leaning on it.

Dramina focused her everything on the last attack. The power being that great also caused that much exhaustion.

「Wga-t, Wgaat, what is, that powwer…… Even, ancestors, can’t compare……… Am…… I…… Going to… Perish?!」

「Face your end with grace, Giorr. I couldn’t defeat you with my own power, but even so, I finally avenged everyone. Turn to ashes, Giorr. Demon possessed by delusional ambitions!」

Pulling out the Valkyrios from the ground, Dramina slashed off Giorr’s head.

Flying through the air the head split into two slices, and with an expression of awful anguish turned to ashes before hitting the floor.

Just a moment before turning to ash, Giorr’s locked on Dramina’s face.

That was because the burn on her face, which should never have healed, being caused by the cursed fire summoned by Giorr, disappeared without a trace.

Dramina’s face that before combined the utmost ugliness with unparalleled beauty now completely returned her fair features, turning into the image of beauty itself.

After the ashes, that a moment ago were Giorr, scattered across the floor, Dramina breathed a sigh. She was finally able to get the weight that was hanging over her all this time off her shoulders.

But what came with it was not a joyful delight nor a feeling of accomplishment, but rather a thought that it is finally over and a heavy, heavy weariness.

Fusing the Valkyrios back with her blood, she turned to Dran. Though cheerful, her smile was empty.

「This power surely came from『Your』blood.」


「Another 『Fumu』? What does it mean this time?」

「Who knows. But I’m happy if my blood could help you even a little bit. That is how I honestly feel. And also, your face.」


Prompted by Dran pointing at the left side of her face, she raised her left hand and touched her face.

What she felt there was not the usual skin, that plunged her into an agony every time she saw or touched it. Now, even through the gloves, she felt that it was the same as the right half of her face.

Dramina gasped, and removing the glove, repeatedly touched her face directly. After touching her face all the way from the forehead to the base of the neck where the burn previously was, she finally realized that her face really returned to normal.

「This? Ah, so, this is also thanks to you, Dran?」

As tears flowed down Dramina’s smiling face, Dran only shrugged, also having a smile on his face.

With the tension that supported Dramina now gone, she wavered, unsteady on her feet. The rainbow light that was emitted from her body already subsided, but the backlash from using such a colossal power left her so exhausted to the point of being unable to move even a finger.

As she tottered, Dran immediately approached and lifted her in his arms. The so-called princess carry.

「You are so light. Though you only have to drink blood, it worries me anyway.」

At first, she was surprised that Dran would be seriously worried about her weight, but then she put her hand behind Dran’s neck and leaned with her head onto his chest.

Breathing a relieved sigh, Dramina looked up at Dran’s face.

With the burden off her heart, she felt freer than ever, completely dropping her guard with Dran.

The expression on Dramina’s face that looked up at Dran was almost like that of a young dreamy girl, innocent, giving Dran a peek of her most genuine form.

「Ah, it might be useless telling this to you, but this is so comfortable that it is scary.」

「Would it make it better if I tell you that I did this because it was you? Oh? Dramina, look over there.」

Dran seems to have noticed something after looking up at the collapsed ceiling of the armory, and Dramina innocently followed his gaze.

The gazes were pointed at the full moon, shining in its most beautiful form. With the gruesome fights on the ground being over, the moonlight felt to Dramina a lot more gentle than before.

「The Moon is beautiful.」

「Yes, truly so.」

[TL Notes: The shadow stance is Ittō-ryū’s name for
Similar to European the Roof stance, but the sword is held vertically instead of being inclined backward.]

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