Chapter 4 Part 2

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Chapter 04 – Part 2


As my daily life between seeing Selina and my regular life in the village continues, strange things started to happen in Bern village.

When dawn broke, two pairs of soldiers stationed in the village and a group of village volunteers always patrol around the village, but during patrol one day and ever since, they have encountered dead animals as if put in place.

Like an offering or a tribute put in place there were traces left as if a gigantic snake crawled around the surroundings, and as such a huge snake does not live in the vicinity of the village, what in the world is this as the village adults began exchanging guesses and deductions between themselves.

This goes without saying that this is Selina’s doing.

After all, I could not think of a brilliant idea, steadily earning points is about all I could come up with.

First of all, indirectly bring something that would please the people of the village, gives them an indication of a presence and gradually create an awareness of Selina’s existence.

There were people who were leery about prey that someone with unknown identity brought, but ones like large-fanged crocodile and steel-hammer wild boar are quite unusual kinds.

Because the village doesn’t have the luxury of keeping their hands from these, the meat goes into the stomachs of the villagers, the leather and bones were processed into weapons and tools in the village, and some of them were sold to the southern city of Galois.

At times like these, it is the village chief, Grandma Magul, and Baran that could be relied on.

The village chief who has led the people of the village to withstand long livelihood in the remote region, grandma Magul with extensive knowledge about magic, and Baran who learned as much as possible about the monsters when he was trained as a soldier of the kingdom, they will probably be able to suspect from the crawling traces that Selina left, that a Lamia is in the vicinity of the village.

Even amidst the council meetings among the leaders of the village, the days where Selina and myself jointly bring down prey in the middle of the night and secretly leave it in the village continued unchanged.

Naturally, the villagers too were wary of the Lamia and increased the night patrols, built watchtowers inside the barrier that surrounds the village, burning bonfires to keep the surrounding area clear-sighted.

I was also handed the role of patrolling several times.

On several occasions I saw the appearance of Selina diligently carrying prey a couple of times.

Fortunately, Baran and the village chief were prohibited from interfering, so there was no such thing like getting shot with arrows or the like, and Selina was able to escape from the scene without being attacked.

Even after her appearance was found, the gifts from Selina to the village continued, even among the adults in the village who were told the existence of the Lamia including the village chief and Baran, there began to be a certain atmosphere of relief.

These past few days the rare dish that Selina brought up to the villagers’ tables was probably the main reason. As expected it seems negotiation is only limited to targeting the stomach afterall.

In order to live in the village without any complaints I encouraged Selina who diligently brings prey everyday, and I make time and step into the river upstream and the forest together, and continued bringing prey.

Then a few days later, when I sensed the changes in the atmosphere of the village, I finally decided to accelerate the direct contact between Selina and the villagers.

The opportunity is the time for outdoor training outside the village. The number of times to go out training is reduced in caution of the Lamia, and the lead roles too had changed to all five members of Baran’s team.

After the existence of the Lamia was confirmed, the training itself was suspended, but from the actions of the Lamia the risk was considered low, and also due to the children’s petitions it was resumed.

However considering the unlikely event, the number of children taking the training was reduced to three people.

I choose a day I will be chosen as lead and make Selina hide in a corner of the grass plains.

The fact that the Lamia only appeared at night also contributes, although the possibility of a day encounter is estimated to be low, but the tension on Baran and the others faces are strong.

Around this time, the story of the Lamia was whispered secretly among the children of the village, and there were more talk than usual, whether they had excitement or anxiety about the appearance of a demon they had never encountered before, so there were more participants than usual.

Selina already hid herself in the usual grass plains, and the objective this time is to start a negotiation of residence in the village by talking with Baran who is a powerful figure in the village, so Selina will help me who commits a blunder during training.

After arriving at the grass plains as usual I wore my long sword on my waist, I walked with a slightly swift pace and took distance away from the children, strengthened several senses and grasped Selina’s position, and then noticed the presence of foreign objects.

Animals that are usually around were gone, instead I noticed that a very unusual monster that you wouldn’t normally see was hiding in a blind spot downhill right up ahead of me.

The huge body which will reach two and a half times my height if it stood up is covered in black fur, and the thick limbs are covered in dark reddish-brown carapace.

After noticing our presence, it stands up on two legs from a position which had been poking its limbs and reveals itself from the grass in front of me.

It is an armored bear that lives in the depths of the forest east of Bern village.

With incrustations with the hardness of iron in various parts of its gigantic body well exceeding that of an average bear, a thick claw-footed blow easily breaks the trunk of a tree.

It is not even in league with ten or twenty goblins, it is a powerful demon that can easily bite one to death.

Death is inevitable if a human unexpectedly encounters it, but why is this thing that lurks deep in the forest and seldom shows itself near human villages here?

I heard the voice of Baran and the others shouting “run away” from behind me.

It is a natural reaction for one who doesn’t know my true identity.

Baran and the rest should be able to deal with it well enough, can I defeat it without having to use the power of the dragon?

While pulling the long sword on my waist and making a screeching sound, while glaring back at the armored bear looking at me with menace, I thrust the tip of the long sword at the beast in front of me.

At the moment when the armored bear who flexed his hind limb tried to swiftly jump at me, a dazzling light almost scorching obstructed its vision.

The essence of the light is an energy bolt which is formed from pure magic power in the shape of an arrow and then released. It is a basic offensive magic.

The energy bolt that struck directly on the right flank of the armored bear turns into a spray of green light, and blows the armored bear away while cutting some flesh through the fur of the armored bear.

I looked into the direction where the magic was released from, and at the same time Baran and the others also gazed in the direction where the energy bolt was released.

And then, I found Selina who showed up within the grass plains. A Lamia girl who is so beautiful yet a mysterious monster, who has a princess as its ancestor upon whom a curse was bestowed which transformed her from a human to a half body of a repulsive large serpent.

The armored bear that was blown away by a direct hit from an energy bolt, due to its massive fats and fur and magic power, it was saved from being mortally wounded, it got up quickly, boldly howls and rushes towards Selina who showed a determined attitude.

Selina did not flinch from the menacing roar, as she moves as if sliding through the grass plains and then guards me, stopping the armored bear that was about to dash in its tracks, entering a new chant of offensive magic.

As I hid behind Selina, I touched a part of Selina’s serpent lower body so that Baran and the others would not see, and then transferred a part of my magic power.

When the armored bear got within a short distance of Selina, her chant ended.

「Thou principle behind the earth, Hear mine voice and become the spear that pierces through the enemies that blockest mine way: Earth Lance!」

A triangular golden magic circle is drawn on the ground, and a circular magic circle is drawn on each vortex surrounding the armored bear running on the ground with its four feet, and a spear of the earth with a sharp tip is extended.

Selina’s Earth Lance which was reinforced by my magic power skewered the base of the forefoot of the armored bear from the left and right, pierces the abdomen diagonally and while getting wet with red blood, three spears intersects in the back of the armored bear and stops.

Still the bear was not killed instantly, so Selina evoked magic that would serve as the finishing blow.

「Thou principle behind water, Hear mine voice and become the blade that cuts the enemies before me: Water Edge!」

When Selina’s left arm that stretched toward the sky is directly swung downwards, the magic water blade which condensed the moisture in the atmosphere, follows the trajectory and reflects the sunlight and glitters brightly as it is released.

The armored bear skewered by the three spears made of earth was miserable, as it turns out its head was vertically cut off with the water blade, finally ending its life.

As Selina ascertained the death of the armored bear, and makes a long sigh at the same time the awe-inspiring disposition disappears, turning to look at me who was behind her lower half of the serpent, our eyes met with each other.

「Are you hurt, Dran? I’m sorry, I should have noticed that the bear was lying there sooner」

I restrained my voice so in the unlikely event I would not be asked by Baran and the rest, I briefly gave Selina a word of thanks.

「I have not even a scratch. I have no fault with you. Besides, it’s not bad to be saved by someone sometimes」

Though the armored bear was somewhat unexpected, this is where it actually begins.

As Baran ran past me towards the dead body of the armored bear, Bern village stationed unit surrounded us with me and Selina at the center, each bearing their weapons so as to be able to strike at anytime.

「Get away from that child, Lamia」

Before Selina said anything, I showed myself from behind Selina and stand in a position to shield Selina.

「Baran, she helped me. I do not want her harmed」

Baran glanced behind and looked at Leticia. Asked if I was bewitched by the demon eyes or not. Leticia immediately shook her head.

「Move away, Dran. Sure, it may have helped you, but a Lamia is a powerful monster. I cannot trust it so easily」

「I was not brought up to repay favor with harm. Whether be it a monster or a human. There is no change in the fact that I was helped. So, I will not move」

The one who precipitated the situation was Selina who was behind me, where she put her hands on my shoulder and began to speak in a gentle voice.

However her eyelids were closed. She of her own volition seals the Lamia’s powerful weapon which is the demon eyes, and shows by her actions that she meant no harm.

「Thank you for protecting me. But it is just as that person says」


「It is fine」

As Selina said that she pushed my back, I started walking towards Baran while looking back, and was caught on the shoulder by Leticia.

After quickly examining my body and confirming I have not even a scratch, amongst the tension filled atmosphere, Baran stepped forward while keeping a stance for a crushing blow, and asked Selina.

「O Lamia. Is there no mistake that you are the one that has been delivering prey to the village recently?」

「Yes, there is no mistake. I am the one who has been sending presents to your villag…….ouch, ah, I bit my tongue…….」

It seems she was so tense that she bit her tongue. Tear drops were welling up at the tip of Selina’s closed eyelids. Hang in there, Selina, so I sent my best support in my mind.

Baran gave an obvious cough, forcibly breaking the tension that was loosened for a moment.

「Uhohon!……ah-, why do you such a thing. Why did you help the child from the village?」

「Well, it is because I wanted you to let me live in the village. I was living with my parents, but following the rules of my clan I left my home and I have been on a journey since.
「But travelling alone was somewhat lonely, I won’t stay forever. Just for a while is fine I would like to live with you.
「And I helped this person because I thought it would be pitiful if he was killed. My father is human, and is in good relations with mother so I have no intention of harming humans」

It seems that it was the right call to advise her to drop the unsuitable tone of expression she learned from her mother, it is not fitting on top of it being a bit high-handed.

Aside from the tongue bite at the beginning, it has been going fairly smoothly since.

All that Selina speaks is the truth. Even if it wasn’t me that was attacked by the armored bear, Selina would have stood up bravely to try and protect the child.

While Selina’s fervent speech continues, suddenly Leticia, who was standing in a position defending us three children, unexpectedly started twitching and trembling, and suddenly bends her knees and folds her fingers and begins to pray to Mairahl.

Baran continued to keep his eyes on Selina, but noticing Leticia’s sudden behavior he raised his voice.

「Leticia, what’s the matte…….」

「Ba, Baran! Th, this is serious, It is an oracle from the great Mairahl」

「You say what!?」

「………Ah, how could this be? The great Mairahl has informed me as thus.
「The Lamia in front of us is not an evil monster, it is of the same life living on this earth, we should live together, she says」

「Wh, Mairahl said that?」

「Yes. Without a doubt this is a miracle of judgment. It must be an oracle」

I felt I could see the Mairahl smiling mischievously. I guess I owe her one. I unconsciously displayed a bittersweet smile on my face.

Now having encountered the nature and remarks of the Lamia, in addition to what was told by Grandma Magul in advance, furthermore the oracle from the great goddess.

Now that an extraordinary miracle that most people may not see in their lifetime has occurred, having the Lamia live in the village is fate, Baran and other people in the village have no choice but to consent to it.

After returning to the village, Baran gathered not only the village chief and Grandma Magul but also the adults in the village, and started discussions about Selina’s treatment.

Even after several days while the discussion persists, Selina diligently kept bringing prey to the village.

If there was a change, it would be that the work that was being done sneakily in the middle of the night is now being done boldly at daytime.

And villagers who come to see the rumored Lamia, Selina waves at them while smiling, showing polite and friendly attitude, and when it is time to leave she bows her head in a polite manner.

Then at the end of the discussion to decide Selina’s treatment, a conclusion was reached five days later.

In conclusion, it is tentatively accepted that Selina is not a dangerous monster, and will be monitored for a while, and decided she would live in a storeroom not used by anyone in the village.

Telling that to Selina, Selina entered from the north gate with a very nervous expression on her face while Grandma Magul and the village chief followed by villagers of Bern village watching over.

Scary, spooky, while the villagers were surrounding at a distance as if staring at something scary, I stepped forward from the line of people, and stood in front of Selina without stopping at the voice of my father and Baran, and while the surrounding people watched while holding their breath, I said to Selina with a smile.

「Welcome to Bern village. Your presence is well-received」

「You can call me Selina, Dran. Thank you very much for defending me at that time」

Selina, who responds to me also smiles, and the sunshine and blue sky congratulates us.


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