Chapter 4 Part 1

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Chapter 04 – Part 1

Since I had decided that as I was reincarnated as a human, I would try to live as a human being, while being held in the arms of my parents, I have been making efforts to behave like people around me so far.

Although I got accustomed to living with only pure physical prowess without using magic power, as a child the moment I lose focus I end up using magic powers, and produce results that were impossible for a human child, glossing them over and concealing them was such a pain.

One instance of this was an incident in which I tried to mix magic potions by imitating a mage doctor grandma Magul living in the village when I was young.

The magic potions of grandma Magul whose efficacy is way stronger than that of the potions that I and the children of the village can make from medicinal herbs collected from the nearby grasslands, is greatly useful in the village, and the number of them sold to merchants who visit the village is exchanged for a fair amount of money.

I would like to make my family’s lives a little easier, if possible the lives of all the villagers as I was thinking this, to start helping out with the family finances like Grandma Magul I prepared a magic potion.

My heart was full of curiosity and adventurous spirit after being reborn as a human, and although the quality of my soul deteriorated, my soul, which was at the height of old age as a dragon, was, in a manner of speaking, rejuvenated.

It was impossible for me to not try this and see what I come up with. Now that I think about it, isn’t being able to face any challenge without fear of failure what being a youth truly is.

That is how the experiences I accumulate when I was young will become flesh and blood and come alive when I am older.

Well, it is important for everything to be done in moderation, for when you live a long life like mine, living in itself becomes boring.

What to do can I make a magic potion with precisely the same efficacy, as the young me puzzled over this I was about to use inspection magic on the procured materials when father found me and scolded me harshly that a child shouldn’t imitate what Grandma Magul does.

However there were an unexpected byproduct in this failure.

Grandma Magul who happened to pass by coincidentally when I was being scolded by my father, found the hollow stone and wooden stick in place of compounding tools I was using, and examined the magic potion I was in the process of making, and then decided that she would teach me how to mix potions.

There is little time just after evening farm work, but on convenient days for Grandma Magul, I visit Grandma Magul’s house so she can teach me how to prepare magic potions.

Humans, are creatures that challenge anything.

One day, after I had finished lessons and had lunch at Grandma Magul’s house, I decided to go out with a large fishing basket and fishing rod, and a longsword and dagger for self-defense after returning home.

The destination is upstream of the Belen river that flows northeast to southwest of Bern village.

Although I just had lunch, I thought about eating fish for dinner today, so I had to go fishing.

I can even catch fish from the river flowing in the village, I have built a pond and cultivated it a little, but I could catch bigger and fully developed fish upstream.

The surface of the river looks green due to the canopy of the trees extending the branches like a cover.

In the stream I notice the occasional shadow of fish, when I raised the fishing rod to cast a lure towards the rock shade where I believe the fish are hiding, I notice the burning smell of wood that came on the wind.

The burning smell of trees is somewhat unique, but in this forest there shouldn’t be any race capable of handling fire living here.

Did a goblin or orc happen to stop by to take a rest or what? If so then it is a little dangerous.

The smell is drifting from a place not so far from the river, I approached as I weave through the trees, paying attention not to make noise with dead branches and fallen leaves at my feet.

I reached for my long sword that was still sheathed, so in order to be able to unsheathe at a moment’s notice I expanded the senses around my fingers.

As I move between the trees within the incessant downpour of sunlight filtering through the trees, without taking much time I arrive at the source of the fire.

At the same time, I had no choice but to withdraw power from my shoulder down to the hand holding the long sword. The thing causing the fire by a small fountain in the forest, was an acquaintance of mine.

There was a creature with a lower body of a serpent wrapped in deep green scales and the upper body of a beautiful woman that could only exist in paintings.

She was the beautiful Lamia girl who I met the other day—

「Is that Selina」


In reaction to my sudden question, the Lamia whose back was facing me turned abruptly, as if proving that my guess wasn’t wrong, Selina’s puzzled beautiful face appeared before me.

Apparently Selina was burning fire to boil water to cleanse her body, and beside Selina is a pot removed from fire and a wooden bucket emitting white steam.

Well then after saying this much I guess anybody can imagine, right now, Selina who is cleansing her body with hot water and a hand towel while warming up her body with fire is, obviously not wearing clothes.

In her birthday suit, a completely naked figure. I am pretty sure it will be cold, thanks to the fire and hot water and the wet hand towel she doesn’t seem to be trembling.


It seems to me that Selina was surprised to see me here, Selina tried to call my name in her surprised state, but she noticed she wasn’t wearing anything and she let out a little scream.

Without realizing I let out a sigh of admiration. The impression of being exposed to true art or say true beauty filled my heart.

「Wow, so beautiful」

What came out of my mouth was the most common word. I should be ashamed of my lack of vocabulary.

「I, I am very happy for the compliment, but what are you looking at so boldly! Please look the other way!」

If I did not do as Selina asked she looked like she was about to use magic, so I did as I was told and turned away from Selina.

Shortly after Selina finished changing clothes, we faced each other again and I listened to what she has to say.

「So Selina why are you here? If you were seeking contact with humans or demi-humans, then you would be heading further south was what I thought」

Although Selina looks to be in a bad mood, but it is not so bad that she could not answer my question, she tried to answer with a sullen face, but for some reason she was hesitant to talk.

「I also wanted to do that but……」

「What’s wrong?」

「As I thought it is a little scary to meet with human beings I mean, I will end up flinching and shrink back, you know what I mean……」

「Like you will hesitate when it matters. I thought I heard you say you were prepared or something」

「I certainly said so. In that respect I cannot defend myself.
So while I was feeling hesitant I thought about Dran, while thinking if I will ever meet you again I found myself wandering around this area the whole time. Because Dran seemed like someone I could consult with」

「You were looking for me? I thought I would like to see Selina again sometime too, so I am so glad to see you like this」

「Are you serious?」

「Yeah it is true. Wow, so you looked for me huh. In that case, Selina」

「Yeah what is it?」

I felt Selina turned her sight towards me, I then turned to Selina and proposed this. If I do not at least propose something, there would be no point in Selina going through all that trouble to look for me.

「Would you like to come to my village in order to get used to humans? I will make all the necessary arrangements I can from my end so you could live in the village. If it seems like it doesn’t suit you, then you can always move out.
They may be wary of you at first for being a Lamia, but we use anybody, even a bedridden parent, that is the style of the villages in the remote region.
With Selina’s gentle personality and your ability as a Lamia, you will be helpful and will be accepted immediately」

「I will live in Dran’s village?」

My proposal was unexpected for Selina, which makes her blink in surprise, so I laughed at Selina who already gives off an innocent look, but now made it much more stronger.

「That’s right. Do you not want to live with us? If I am with Selina I am likely to live happily」

「I also think it would be fun if I am with Dran. If that happens, it would be lovely. And also……」

「Also? Do not hesitate, tell me」

「Actually, because the essence that Dran gave me recently was very delicious. It was the first time I had an essence so tasty that it made my body healthier.
I hoped a little while looking for Dran, if I will ever be able to feed on your essence again」

Apparently Selina seems to be a glutton, as she confessed while feeling embarrassed of herself.

「It is my pleasure if you liked it. If we start living together, I will be able to feed you essence anytime. Just like this」

I released my left hand away from the fishing rod and held it towards Selina, after staring at my left hand, Selina shyly grasped my left hand.

After waiting for it, I switched to the Dragonkin essence and once again through the hand I let Selina suck it.

When the Dragon’s essence flows through, Selina loosened her cheeks as if wrapped in springtime haze, an ecstatic expression appeared on her face. Fumu, that’s it. There is a limit to how exceptionally effective something can be. This is very bad, unless the concentration is diluted a bit.


While pondering Selina’s entry plan to be accepted into Bern village, I was participating in a regular training drill in the village.

The training is for the village children and one that is commanded by the stationed soldiers in the village and adults, to give them real fighting experience against wild animals and weak monsters living in the outskirts of the village, and to learn how to handle weapons in the village. Today is the former.

When it comes to the remote regions where monsters are prevalent, even if it is a weak 10 year old, learning how to handle weapons is a matter of course.

When a village is attacked by a group of monsters, a child who can connect an arrow to a bow and strike is more useful than a child who is frightened and trembling at the back of the house.

Having arrived at the north gate of the village fortunately I was able to avoid being late for the gathering time and joined my elder brother who had arrived earlier. Speaking of which, today is the day elder brother participates too.

When elder brother noticed me, he crossed his arms in a posture saying good grief, and then sighed.

My two year older elder brother Dylan boasts a toned body, with a stout facial appearance similar to father, under short-cut black hair.

Because elder brother resembles father so much, I always think that myself and Marco resembles mother, or so I always think about these useless things.

「You are late, Dran. Though you’re not late, don’t make everyone wait」

While completely agreeing in my mind to elder brother’s warning I replied with a short answer.


To me who lightly lowered my head, elder brother could no longer say anything further than that.

A strange junior brother like me different from other children, what does this senior brother think of me, I occasionally get the impulse to want to peek into his mind, but because I feel that disrespectfully peeking in others minds is one of the most despicable acts, that impulse has been killing me so far.

「Alright, Everyone has gathered」

Having confirmed my presence being the last person, a soldier from the kingdom serving as the commander raised his voice.

It is usual for two or three adults to lead about six, or seven of the village children in the outdoor training.

This time’s commanders are myself and brother Dylan, my childhood friend, and the last two are, the captain of the soldiers stationed in the village Baran, and a priestess of Mairahl, who is also a combat priestess Leticia that was dispatched to our Bern village.

Baran is originally from this village, and is a strong warrior clad in muscular armor that just keeps pushing up the iron breastplate that he is wearing.

A chin that looks so solid that the one who hits it is more likely to raise a scream, with a beard neatly arranged.

Sharp eyes that are reminiscent of birds of prey, but when it sees the children of the village in peace times, they surprisingly gleam in a gentle light.

Now then another one is Leticia, this is a young woman who I believe is about twenty years old, she has a very gentle calm atmosphere though not glamorous.

She is good-natured with good disposition, well-liked by everyone in the village because of her extensive knowledge.

Originally in the village there were no priests or monks or the kind so from back then they’ve been sending petitions to the temple and the kingdom that even if it is one person they could send, so they were heard two years ago a small church was established in the village and the one that was dispatched was Leticia.

Her indigo hair is cut neatly, and put together at the back of her neck, the appearance of Leticia slouching on her waist is gentle, quite unlikely to be able to fight much.

However, only a plain white Mairahl clergy is allowed to wear the priest garment that has received blessing, and the leather armor that she dons, the circular shield on her left hand, the iron staff fastened on her waist belt, and necklace, dressed from the top in the religion’s crest, are all often used.

Already in the past two years she began living in Bern village, Leticia too also handles fights with the likes of monsters fairly well.

「Today as usual we will be facing piercing rabbits and big-legged rats, but do not get careless just because it is an opponent you are used to. While watching the movement of your opponents carefully think about the optimal move and strike」

Before the training begins, Baran unfailingly always gives this warning to the six village children who then obediently responds by saying roger.

It is simply fun for kids to hold weapons and use them, and even saying that it is fine to take the game they get from training home, is so that the village children can look forward to the training.

As for me, it is a good opportunity to enhance my physical abilities as a mere human being without using enhancement magic, and also gain combat experience so I am feeling extremely grateful.

Having arrived deep at the back of the grass plains, where we often visited gathering medicinal herbs and such away from the village, where children dare not tread alone, we were divided into three-man groups in search of piercing rabbits, big-legged rats and the ground-running birds.

We the commanding team in order to be able to step in immediately in case of an emergency, we are moving into positions where all the children can be in sight.

I was watching my childhood– if I say it like that, then all the children from the village will fall under that category –so, among them Albert, who is especially close and his company, and I was absorbed in the work of watching over them.

Then we ended the training according to Baran’s call, and gathered the results of each one’s training and hunting together.

Fortunately there was no accident that would have produced a wounded person, so Leticia didn’t get to do anything and I bet the person who is most pleased with that is none other than Leticia.

While I myself felt relieved that no one was injured among my acquaintances, on the other hand, I was also deliberating on the plan to get Selina accepted, that can’t I think of something better because it’s too plain.


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