Chapter 40



EDITOR: Ryunakuma

With the two at the top of the hierarchy of this castle, Bran and Giorr now truly dead, and most of the knights also destroyed, we had no reason to stick around.

Enough blood was spilled to end this fight and the destruction was far more than sufficient.

It didn’t seem like there was a need to take more lives, and I also didn’t feel like that.

I lifted Dramina who was about to collapse from exhaustion in my arms.


Startled by my soft whisper Dramina’s shoulders and ears twitched.


But my words most likely were not what Dramina was hoping or expecting to hear.

My voice sounded more seductive than I intended as I made an incredibly pragmatic observation.

「With Giorr’s death, the castle is trying to return where it belongs. The lands of Glossgrier, which overlapped with Fraupa village, are about to return to the continent on the other side of the sea. If we stay here we will be dragged along with it.」

With me pointing that out Dramina finally returned to her senses and quickly raised her head from my chest.

It seems that my whispering had quite an effect because her face couldn’t possibly turn any redder than it is now.

「Indeed, at this rate, we will soon be teleported to the Glossgrier lands. Dran, let’s escape from here as fast as possible.」

「Fumu, that’s what I will have to do, but what about you? You got your revenge. If you want to inform your subjects about that it would be faster to teleport to Glossgrier like this.

With Giorr and Bran destroyed, there should be no vampire left capable of threatening you.」

「Don’t worry about me. I’m not rushing to return to my homeland. More importantly, what are you going to do? Let’s hurry and leave this place.」

「I see. Okay, let’s do this. We have a nice shortcut here, there is no reason not to use it.」

Then, as if placing my foot on invisible stairs, or as if pulled by the moonlight, I step on empty air.

I firmly stepped on what should be empty air, and continued taking more steps, one after another, heading for the hole in the ceiling.

My footsteps, just like a vampire’s, produced no sound, as we continued to climb the stairs of the moonlight in complete silence, not interrupted even by the sound of the wind.

And going through the hole in the ceiling of the armory we ended up in the courtyard.

Then, several neighs came from the side.

Hearing the same thing as me, Dramina raised her face, red as an apple, and looked there with a smile.

It was Dramina’s carriage and the Sleipnir horses driving it that were awaiting us.

The Sleipnirs, who saw me carrying their master, were looking at me with suspicion and a threat, that they won’t hesitate to trample me if I do something weird.

The demon horses that possess intellect on par with humans or demi-humans also weren’t inferior in terms of emotions.

「These are smart horses.」

「Yes. Speaking of which, you stayed by my side all this time, didn’t you? Even before my country was destroyed.」

The Sleipnir at the head brought its snout to Dramina and gently rubbed it on her.

Dramina must be reflecting on the fact that since the day her country was destroyed those horses always stayed by her side, never leaving her truly alone.

The Sleipnirs kept giving me an incredibly vigilant look, but since I didn’t want to ruin the moment, I kept silent.

For a while the horses remained silent as Dramina brushed them, but eventually noticed that her face regained the past beauty as it wasn’t concealed by the now lost veil, they raised a delighted neigh and rubbed their heads against her.

「Fufu, thank you. So you are happy for me as well. Both destroying Giorr and regaining my visage were possible thanks to Dran. So don’t give him such a scary look.」

Looks like Dramina noticed their stare. When I looked at Dramina she shrugged her shoulders a bit with an apologetic look. Fumu, since that was cute, let’s forgive her.

「Now, we don’t have time to think too leisurely. Can you hurry for us?」

I asked the Sleipnirs. Climbing moonlight stairs with Dramina and greeting the Sleipnir’s both used time, while the moment before this caste teleports back to Glossgrier lands was drawing closer second by second.

In the worst case I can easily handle this, but looking at the Sleipnirs being so motivated after seeing their master fulfill her long-cherished desire and restoring her face, I wanted to entrust this to them.

The Sleipnir’s all turned their heads to the sky and neighed, as if saying leave it to us.

Fumu, as expected from the horses that spent so long with Dramina. They almost overflow with valor.

Entering the carriage, I finally put Dramina on the couch.

Though Dramina didn’t say it aloud, it was noticeable that she was disappointed to leave my hands, and was making a cute pout as I put her on the couch.

The sight was so lovely that it could make even an enlightened sage fall for her.

One could compare her to an angel, but from my point of view, since I knew what actual angels look like, she was way sweeter, and since the expression wasn’t made on purpose, it was even more charming.

「Don’t sulk so much. It’s unbecoming of a lady.」

「I’m not sulking.」

She quickly turned away after hearing my remark. Oh my.

You are sulking, aren’t you? But since saying it aloud would only displease her even further, I decided to keep silent and only made a wry smile.

The last time we sat on the opposite sides, but right now I guess it’s fine if we sit next to each other.

Dramina’s was very obviously sulking, but when I sat on the couch next to her, she donned a cheerful expression as if she wasn’t pouting moments ago.

Those are some huge swings in emotions. Is that it? Like Selina gets physical when she gets drunk, Dramina’s emotions go to extremes when she becomes emotionally unbalanced?

When I sat on the couch the door to the carriage closed by itself, and without any coachman, the horses began running by their own judgment, digging into the stone pavement with their hooves.

Going at their top speed from the first step, the demon horses got the carriage going faster than the wind in no time, and turning into a dark storm, flying through the castle territory, that being utterly ravaged by Dramina now had no obstacles.

Although Fraupa village was also within the area that was to be teleported, it was surrounded by the triple barrier that Nel, Lenia, and I made. The one erected by me was especially strong, blocking even the effects of time-space and karmic interference, so as long as we enter it, we should be fine.

The scenery outside the window was changing at a dizzying speed. and to the eyes of an ordinary person, it would’ve looked like a constantly changing hue of colors all blended together with the castle in its center.

Moving at this speed, with nothing and nobody in our way we should easily reach Frauma village before the teleportation takes effect.

For now, we should be fine leaving the rest to the Sleipnirs, I thought and leaning back on the couch, let out a sigh.

It was a sigh of relief that we managed to resolve this vampire incident by completely plucking the sprouts of the disaster.


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