Chapter 41 – Part 1



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The carriage drawn by demon horses safely reached Fraupa village before the teleportation of the castle’s premises back to the lands of Glossgrier’s realm finished.

The fog surrounding the village dissipated soon after Dramina and I arrived. Due to the time of the day, the surroundings were still concealed under the veil of darkness, but with the familiar scenery returning, everyone in the village shouted in joy.

In part due to the impact of Dramina’s regained beauty, but the villagers couldn’t accept or comprehend our explanation of the situation at first, and so we had to repeat it over and over again, but since it was quite important, we persistently kept at it.

Since Dramina was a vampire, just like those that attacked the village, the villagers found it hard to believe our story, but Rita’s testimony became a huge boon to Dramina’s reputation.

As the result, Dramina lent adventurers and the son of the village mayor her horses to relay the news of the current situation and the attack that occurred in the village to Galois town. In order to make the situation known to the higher-ups as soon as possible, they were also given introduction letters from Fatima and Nell, the daughters of influential nobles of this land.

The Sleipnirs didn’t like the idea of allowing anyone other than Dramina to ride them, but eventually calmed down after Dramina brushed and soothed them for a bit.

Though the incident was already resolved it would still take a few days for Galois town to gather enough forces to respond to the vampire threat, and encircle the village.

Being unfamiliar with the world outside the village, what I could think up on the spot was pulling enough personnel from the troops to block the roads leading to the village, solicit help from experienced high-ranking priests from the surrounding temples, since we are dealing with undead here, and lastly calling on trustworthy adventurers that can deal with such situations.

Then, to keep control of the flow of information, bribe or warn needlessly observant merchants to avoid confusion from unnecessary rumors.

Finally, in order to prepare for the worst possible scenario, send express messengers to the capital and major cities of the northern region.

From what I managed to find out while I was attending the magic academy, Galois town’s garrison consists purely of professional soldiers.

Unlike conscripts that would be called upon only in times of war, they are active both in times of peace and war, so gathering necessary troops should not be that difficult.

No, even attempting to estimate the necessary force might eat up time.

For now, we decided to remain on standby in Fraupa village, awaiting the response of Galois town, to which Dramina also willingly agreed.

Since the villagers were against having the vampire’s carriage remain inside the village she was going to wait in the forest nearby, but it can be called inevitable.

As for Rita, she was doing pretty well, running around the village, since the day she was rescued.

That was because although she was abducted, her living conditions and meals were incomparably more luxurious than what she had in the village.

The combination of Glossgrier’s riches and Sierra’s care.

As for Fatima, who half turned into a vampire, she was confined to a single room, unable to get up from her bed due to extreme weakness, muscle stiffness, and was undergoing medical treatment at the house of the village mayor.

While Nell and Rita were constantly at Fatima’s side, Selina and I were patrolling the surroundings to alleviate the worries of the villagers and spent time helping with odd jobs around the place.

Eventually, we decided to all gather and check on Fatima together.

Since it was about the time when twilight began shrouding the place, Dramina could also come along without having to cover her skin, so it was just perfect.

While the villagers already were used to Selina, a lamia, Dramina, a vampire, was still a strange sight to them, so when she walked through the village they stopped, freezing in place, while Dramina’s beauty overwhelmed their minds.

Since they aren’t making any ruckus it’s, well, not a big deal. Ignoring them is probably the best approach.

Reaching the village mayor’s house, we were greeted by Rita, who was nursing Fatima without leaving her side even for a moment.

Though it is called nursing, it was mostly to the extent of giving a helping hand with exercises, so Fatima could regain her freedom of movement, helping her maintain hygiene, or assisting with meals.

Since Rita just changed Fatima’s clothes, she was carrying a basket with the clothes. Noticing us, she broke into a smile.

「Hey, Rita. How is Fatima doing?」

Rita answered my question with the same smile.

「She is getting better. I think she soon will be able to walk around normally. Seeing you will probably give her additional strength.」

「This is good to hear. Even so, sticking to Fatima’s nursing all day long isn’t good for your own health. Don’t push yourself too hard. 」

Dramina spoke these words with a gentle smile. Perhaps because she was rescued by her, Rita didn’t show even a hint of fear towards Dramina, and had a very merry disposition towards her.

Dramina seemed happy about that, so their relationship can be called quite a good one.

「Yes. Then, I have washing to do, so I’ll be leaving.」

After seeing off Rita, who left for a watering place, we knocked on the door to Fatima’s room and after getting a response stepped into the room where Fatima and Nell were awaiting us.

Out of consideration for Fatima’s half-vampire state, all of the curtains and shutters were closed, preventing any sunlight from getting inside.

Sitting on the bed that was moved to a position where no sunlight could reach it even if the windows were open, Fatima was reading a book in the light of a lamp.

From the fact that she needs lamplight despite being a vampire, it was clear that she was turning back to human.

Well, there might be an aftereffect of slightly enhanced senses and intuition, but that much will be actually useful in everyday life.

「Dran, Seli, Your Majesty Dramina.」

「No need for your majesty. Just Dramina is fine.」

Fatima was already used to our visits, so she simply put the book that she was reading on her knees, without closing it, and made a very Fatima-like smile, one that soothed the heart of anyone who saw it.


Nell was sitting on the chair beside Fatima’s bed, and was peeling a red fruit called an alpo.

Nell refused to leave Fatima even for sleep or meals, acting almost like a mama bear, that strange maternity combined with a small Fatima beside her gave off an interesting impression.

The room had two empty chairs, which I offered to Selina and Dramina.

Selina refused, saying that she can just coil herself so she doesn’t need a chair, but even with a snake body she still can sit on a chair and it would be more comfortable, so her refusal was declined.

It is unbecoming of a man to sit at leisure leaving women standing. This is what my esteemed father taught me.

「Fatima, you look better today. In a day or two, you will probably almost completely return to normal.」

「Ehehe, I’m sorry for worrying you. 」

Fatima laughed in a slightly embarrassed manner.



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