Chapter 42


EDITOR: Ryunakama

Returning to the magic academy from the Fraupa Village incident, Selina and I both failed our assignment on transportation of magic flowers, due to running out of time.

Instead, for accomplishing the superhuman feat of repelling attackers of Fraupa village, we were secretly commended by the rector of magic academy and governor-general of Galois town.

Extra attention was given to Fatima, with servants of gods and people knowledgeable in medicine attending to her medical treatment, and three days after Selina and I arrived in the town, she also safely reached it.

Though the incident in Fraupa Village caused a great fuss among higher ups of Magic Academy and governance of Galois town, by now things pretty much returned to the usual everyday.

Accompanied by Christina-san Selina and I returned to the male dorm, and we were welcomed by Dana-san, who was waiting at the entrance with a somewhat troubled expression.

「Oh, Dran, Selina-chan, welcome back. I’ve been waiting for you. Oh, Christina-chan is also with you. Looks like you are getting along.」

「I’m home. You said you were waiting, did something happen?」

Dana-san shrugged her shoulders. She looked at me with the eyes that were saying it isn’t an immediate urgency, and at the same time, not something that should be left for later.

「That’s well, Dran, the executive office had a few things to say about the bath you created next to your room. Though you went through the trouble of creating it, the bath will have to be removed.」


It was Selina, who exclaimed this in reaction to the fact revealed by Dana-san. Shouting so loud that it hurt my ears, she blinked her blue eyes, and then dropped her shoulders in despair.

「No way, Dran-san’s bath is so nice.」

「Just as Selina said. I also used that bath quite often. Nelneshia and Fatima also will be disappointed. Dana-san, the executive office only gave notification? Or they took other actions?」

「Well, for now I have a notice regarding the bath, have a look over it. For details you should go to the executive office. Here you go.」

Taking the letter with the seal of the magic academy on it I checked the signature on the back and headed to my room with Selina.

「Ah, Christina-chan, this is as far as you go. Let’s not forget that this is male dorm.」

Christina-san tried to casually follow after us, and naturally was stopped by Dana-san, which was somewhat amusing to see.

Stopped by Dana-san, Christina-san dejectedly went to the girls’ dorm. She looked both lovely and pitiful, like a puppy that was scolded by its master.

Returning to my room, I first sat down, and then opened the letter. Selina moved behind me, and leaned forward, getting almost too close.

Two warm soft and round objects pressed against my back and the nape. Is she doing this on purpose or just that interested in the paper? In any case, this is quite cute.

「Fumu, looks like making a bath itself was not a problem, since I did this under permission from Dana-san, but the fact that female students are actively using it is an issue.」

「Christina-san, Fatima-san and Nelneshia-san, huh. What about me?」

「The premise was that I’ll be making it for you, plus you are a familiar, not a student of this academy. So they are turning the blind eye to this. But what happened after that is a problem.」

「So the bath we have right now will be demolished? I’m sorry, even though you made it for me.」

「There is no reason for you to apologize. And though it will be demolished, I will force them to approve creation of a new one at another location. I’m also going to leak information to Christina-san, Fatima, and Nell and get them on my side for this. The campus is huge, there won’t be a problem with building one or two bathhouses.」

「I hope so. With your speed, creating a new bath takes only an instant. It’s truly amazing
In my homeland they also used earth magic for construction of buildings and roads, but in your case both precision and speed are absurd. And control of the temperature of water as well, didn’t you incorporate the water and fire magic into the building itself? Using three attributes to erect a building all on your own is something only a very skilled mage can pull off.」

「It was all for my cute Selina.」

「It’s against the rules to suddenly say something like that!」

Selina said and pulled away from me. She sounded a bit angry, but her expression was saying otherwise.

If the first place, what else can I say if she is cute?

After that I dropped by the girls’ dorm to get Christina, Fatima and Nell as a part of a counter strategy, and with papers for the plan on Selina’s bath in my hand, we went to the executive office.

「Dran, do your best. Demolition of that bath can’t be helped, but you must wrestle from them the permission to build a new one. 」

Fatima said while walking behind me. After her followed Sierra, sticking to Fatima like a shadow.

The hood prevented me from reading her expression, but overall, the air of gloom and doom that was surrounding her seems to have somewhat faded.

I’m glad that the effects of making her Fatima’s familiar are appearing right away.

「Just as Fatima said. Without your bath we won’t be able to wash ourselves immediately after training. The bath at the girls’ dorm can’t be used outside of designated hours, and making servants prepare a bath just to wash off sweat feels bad on top of requiring a lot of time. 」

「Yeah, I agree with Fatima and Nell. I also will do what I can to help. In the worst case, I will even ask my father…」

Which reminds me, Christina wasn’t on good terms with her family. To think she would be willing to go as far as to ask them for help. Good heavens.

「Christina-san, it’s not worth going that far for this. For now, let’s go to the executive office and talk it out there. Out next move depends on their response after all.」

「That’s… true. Then, since we are going to be using it as well, we will accompany you. Though I don’t know if it will be of any help.」

「Hey, just having you by my side is encouraging.」

Answering to the urgent summon, we arrived at the doors of the executive office of the magic academy.

We came right on time written on the notice, so when we enter the room, we probably will be immediately welcomed by a staff member entrusted with this case.

Feeling four gazes on my back I gather my resolve and after knocking on the door announce myself.

In conclusion, while we weren’t able to overturn the decision for the demolition of the bath at the male dorm, we got the permission to build another bath for Selina on the academy’s territory. Although it also will be used by Christina, Fatima, and Nell…

A small grove with a lawn where one occasionally could spot students reading books during breaks was designated for that purpose.

I prepared all of the materials required to build the bath. It took me about two days of preparation with working on the land, drainage system, and designing the appearance that wouldn’t ruin the surrounding scenery.

Walking here would take more time than to the previous bath, but the academy wasn’t willing to budge to the whims of students any further.

Ultimately, the bath merely changed location, since I had permission to make another one and construct a building for it. So this should be considered a pretty lenient decision.

I could use materials from the previous one, and by using hush money, that I received for the vampire incident, I could get extra materials in the town.

As for the actual construction, it could be simply done by me, just like the previous time. But the conditions for the drainage are a bit different this time. Previously, I could send it directly into another dimension, but this time I had to install a purification device and send the drainage into the net of underground waterworks of this town.

I started my work when the sun only began to rise, and by the time the bell announced the long break at noon the previously empty area, that had nothing but a bunch of materials lined up, now had a splendid cabin with a bath.

Students that were occasionally passing by were stunned by the bathhouse that rose out of nowhere in just half a day.

Since it wasn’t really of inconvenience to anyone, I wish they wouldn’t pay it so much attention.

Sitting on the sheet spread on the lawn in front of the completed building I was eating lunch, prepared by Dana-san, accompanied by Selina and five mini golems that I made for construction.

But this series of bath-related events lead to unexpected consequences.

In the magic academy, outstanding students often receive nicknames from the students or teachers which reflects their personality, appearance, or their favorite magic.

For example, Christina-san’s nickname is 『Silver Knight Princess』 , Nell’s 『Ice Flower』 , Lenia’s 『Destroyer』, and the last one of the academy’s big four, who I’m yet to meet is 『Golden Flame』.

For better or worse, I gathered a lot of attention from other students by having a Lamia as my familiar, fighting on par with one of the big four – Nell, and being on good terms with Christina-san.

Construction of the bathhouse was a feat way too unusual, rumors of which instantly spread among the students, earning me the following name.

『Dran of Bath』, the hell is this?

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